Digital marketing strategy final presentation


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Digital marketing strategy final presentation

  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE • Adults age 30-50+ looking to buy their first homes or looking to refinance the homes they currently own • Adults mid-20s looking to buy their first homes, depending, on financial situations, looking for homes post- graduation and upon getting into their respective careers
  3. 3. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS • Increase in: • Sales • Social media interactions/followers • Mobile app downloads • SEM/SEO Google AdWord search Also, Google Analytics
  4. 4. TACTICS & TOOLS • Social Networks and Technology are key tools in campaign: • Facebook • Instagram • Vine • Twitter • SEO/SEM • Google AdWords
  5. 5. TACTICS & TOOLS • FACEBOOK STRATEGY • Consumers receive 20% off any furniture store if they or on the Quicken Loans page. • If they share and recommend the page to my friends, they will receive an extra incentive which includes a 4% APR fixed mortgage rate.
  6. 6. TACTICS & TOOLS • TWITTER STRATEGY • Campaign will be called, “No Pressure, All Quicken Loans” • Users who follow the twitter account of the Quicken Loans Company will receive a 40% off at any furniture company • Users who make a tweet regarding the “top crazy things not to do when moving in your first home”, proceeded with the hashtag “NotAtQL” (#NotAtQL), will be entered to win free home insurance
  7. 7. TACTICS & TOOLS • INSTAGRAM AND VINE STRATEGY • Users will post pictures/videos on “what not to do when purchasing/moving in your first home” • Same hashtag and chance to win free home insurance as twitter strategy • Will show the trendy and “hip” side of the brand to users as it will be entertaining to users
  8. 8. TACTICS & TOOLS • Google AdWords • Ranks Number 8 for top ad word spending and digital marketing, under the domain • Daily digital marketing spending is 169,657.71. We will continue to implement the 170,000.00 budget on AdWord spending • Ad words will include: • “home loans” • “buying first home” • “refinance mortgage” • “lower mortgage rate” • “reward” • “cheap” • “affordable”
  9. 9. THE BIG PLAN • Collaborate with phone company Samsung • Deal will entail that Samsung invest in Quicken Loans, and anyone who has a Samsung phone (Samsung ONLY) and download the Quicken Loans phone app will be able to purchase home insurance and home mortgage loans reduced at 7% APR. • A chance to collaborate with a major company, doing something that isn’t done often in the marketing business.
  10. 10. BUDGET • Overall budget will be $500,000 • Large portion will go toward collaboration with Samsung company
  11. 11. SUMMARY • Quicken Loans will be using the campaign slogan “No Pressure, All Quicken Loans” • Campaign focuses on the guaranteed ease and affordability that the company will provide customers with when trusting them with their home buying decisions. • Through the various social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram, the company will become popular and more recognizable in generation of technological advances • Collaboration with Samsung company is innovative and has great potential • With great risk comes great reward!