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Distributor Presentation La Pozzi


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With great satisfaction we present to you our Commercial Proposal for distribution of the La Pozzi Professional

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Distributor Presentation La Pozzi

  1. 1. DISTRIBUTOR PRESENTATIO N LA POZZI Come and be part of our winning team!
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION La Pozzi Professional Cosmetics offers the professional cosmetics industry, innovative products, cutting edge technology and natural extracts, with the proposal to allow hair to be with a smoother effect, natural aspect and perfect shine. With great satisfaction we present to you our Commercial Proposal for distribution of the La Pozzi Professional Products.
  3. 3. MISION To offer solutions using products as well as services for the beauty industry and the health of the hair. To grow solid and with an open vision, to conquer new markets and satisfaction of our clients. To keep growing in innovation and creation of professional products with quality that may not cause harm to the professional hairstylist nor the client. At the same time allowing the clients to be satisfied with the hair and products that offer the results she is looking for. VISION Provide high quality products in our distribution, satisfying different types of consumers, to be recognized as a Top Brazilian Brand and internationally in the hair industry. Make people happier by promoting beauty and high self- esteem. DESCRIPTION
  4. 4. DESCRIPTION Principals We preserve transparency in all of our relationships and customer service through honest negotiations. Research for solutions that are trustworthy and effective with high quality levels. Develop and value a professional team with sinergy. COMPETITIVE DIFFERENCE Our main difference is connected directly to our capacity in creating innovative products.
  5. 5. At every chance that we have, we aim in offering 100% satisfaction to our clients, simplicity in the buying process, flexibility in closing a deal, shipping and training to our international clients to guarantee a stronger growth of the company as well as to you our distributors. OBJECTIVE OUR TOOLS : • Comercial Visits; • Technical Visits; • Events and training; • Expansion • E-mail marketing; • Referrals
  6. 6. TARGET AUDIENCE Our objective is to always reach new clients and partners. • Distributors; • Hair Salons.
  7. 7. OUR INFRASTRUCTURE PHYSICAL STRUCTURE: Strategically located, storage process, preparation and computer dispatch to streamline orders fulfillment. In addition, the operation and logistics system will offer services that will best suit the client. Variety of Products: We offer all types of innovated products such as Progressive Smoothing Treatment, Home Care lines, Finishing products, leaving our customers always aware and informed of the new releases. Gifts: To get people thinking in La Pozzi, we offer banners, bags, folders within many other options that is given to each distributor as bonus according to each buy.
  8. 8. La Pozzi, nationally established in Brazil in every state we have opened the international department. With our products already in Ontario Canada, Beverly Hills California, Chicago Illinois and Miami Florida. We have a special plan for our first 30 North American Distributors. NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION
  9. 9. MARKETING E SALES • Promotion and sales strategy; • Customer relationships; • Outdoor, Busdoor; • radio; • Google Adwords campaign; • Point of Sale material; • catalogs; • Beauty Hair shows industry; • Promotional gifts; • Banners; • Magazines; Marketing Sales SUCCESS!!! + =
  10. 10. MARKETING La Pozzi Professional has a specialized marketing team thats works in developing all the necessary marketing materials. • Folders; • Personalized bags; • Banners; • Technical and sales support; • Company Email; • Marketing in Social Networks You have full support from our company to give you the help in your own business, to guarantee even more your success.
  11. 11. COMUNICATION We are present in all the main social networks offering more exposure of the company for our distributors. We offer all the support you may need for a better customer service.
  12. 12. TRAINING
  13. 13. METHODOLOGY Training is offered to our clients in order to be qualified in sales and qualified technically to be able to guarantee results. We offer training in order to qualify you and to make sure that you will be able to sell as well as to demonstrate how the product works correctly.
  14. 14. PRÉ-REQUIRENMENTS • To be registered with La Pozzi Professional; • No financial requirements; • Have active clientele (100 active clients); AS A DISTRIBUTOR YOU WILL HAVE AN AVERAGE COMMISSION OF 45%PROFIT GREAT PROFIT! PLENTY OF ADVANTAGES !
  15. 15. PROFILE A La Pozzi Professional Distributor has an entrepreneur profile that is in search of his/hers financial independance. Requirements: • Know how in sales; • The ability to deal with people; • Investment Capital.
  16. 16. DUTIES ● Be an intermediate for the company; ● Training of your team if necessary; ● Exchange products; ● Assist the representatives: info on new releases, updates on price list and others; ● Taking order requests when necessary from the representatives. Begin now your own business!!!
  17. 17. Become a Distributor La Pozzi Professional, the achievement of your objectives and the realization of your dreams is our success. Wide range of innovative and quality products; • Products with high turnover; • Advertising in major media and events; • High profitability; • Personal fulfillment; • Staff growth; • Extra income opportunity; • Exclusive promotional material; • incentives; • Sales support; • Support in promoting events; • Commercial and technical training; ADVANTAGES
  18. 18. BENEFITS ✓ 45% commission on sales; ✓Bonus rewards based on goals; ✓Business Cards (*); ✓Support Material; ✓Training; ✓Company Email (*).
  19. 19. INVESTMENT To start your work as a Distributor for La Pozzi Professional, the initial investment with the 1st order is of $10,000.00 to purchase products for resale and material needed for support.
  20. 20. COMERCIAL POLITICS PAYMENT PLAN: ● BANK TRANSFER ● There is no minimum investment after the first buy; Bank Information Caixa Econômica Federal Ag 1243 C/C 2070-1 Op. 003 CNPJ: 11.025.058/0001-06 Shere Distribuidora Ltda. DELIVERY: Based on international sales and the location of the client, it can take up to 4 weeks but as little as 5 days. Depends also on shipping and handling for each country.
  21. 21. Waiting for you to join our team!
  22. 22. International Department