Media & Digital Revolution (Benoit Thieulin, La Netscouade)


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Keynote speaker : Benoit Thieulin at the 4M Regional Forum (Tbilissi - November 15th, 2013).

Benoit Thieulin (@thieulin)
Managing Director - La Netscouade
+33 1 44 74 36 71 | @LaNetscouade

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Media & Digital Revolution (Benoit Thieulin, La Netscouade)

  1. 1. Media & Digital Revolution Innovation - Trends - Future Benoît Thieulin - 2013 Regional 4M Forum - Tbilissi, 15th November 2013
  2. 2. "We knew what we were doing" The origins of the Internet Vinton Cerf The Arpanet team
  3. 3. "We knew what we were doing" The origins of the Internet This story doesn’t start anytime …but in 1968… It doesn’t start from anywhere … but in California, not so far from the Silicon Valley
  4. 4. "We knew what we were doing" The origins of the Internet Young rebel students, soon to be professors, not far from the Silicon Valley, are determined to end up with centralized ITnetworks… ...and advocate for individualism, autonomy, and cooperation in the IT world Larry Roberts, ARPANET project manager : ”We will build a network and you will take part in it. And you are going to connect your machines. Thanks to it, we will reduce your IT needs (...). In order for you to understand, we will not buy you another computer until you use all the network resources”[Roberts, 1989,]
  5. 5. The empowerment Revolution
  6. 6. Old media is dead, but not journalism. ( but we live a reinvention of journalism and (h)activism )
  7. 7. Digital revolution is disrupting old media
  8. 8. Blogging challenges traditional journalism from the creation of the Internet Dave Winer Blogger in chief First blog moderated by Brian E. Redman Arpanet 1983
  9. 9. Mapping blogospheres and controversies
  10. 10. Blogosphere merges news creators and distribution in a single entity
  11. 11. The digital provides tools to offer transparency to citizens
  12. 12. Multi-reading and cross-reading in a multi-device world Source: Google/Ipsos/Sterling, 2012
  13. 13. Old media is dead, but we live a golden age of journalism... with the revival of investigative journalism
  14. 14. Breaking news are over and no longer relevant in the new media environment
  15. 15. The digital provides tools to develop renewed investigative journalism stories
  16. 16. Old journalist shift to new media to reinvent their job ( investigation + vertical media ) Edwy Plenel, Founder at Mediapart, former journalist at Le Monde
  17. 17. Old journalist shift to new media to reinvent their job Glenn Greenwald
  18. 18. Crowdsourcing news enlarges the reach of investigative journalism As of 2009, The Guardian asked from 20,000 volunteers that they explore the huge mass of MP’s expenses documents Up to 56% of readers’ participation; over 170,000 documents reviewed in the first 3 days: unseen efficiency in the journalistic treatment of large corpuses of data!
  19. 19. Investigative journalism on the Internet reveals the value of the network effect Paul Lewis : "I wasn't convinced about Twitter at first, but it quickly turned out to be quite useful for investigating" "Twitter is not just a website and not micro-blogging, it is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MEDIUM - like email, fax ore even newspapers. The way in which information travels on Twitter - the shape of it - is different to anything that we've previously known."
  20. 20. Traditional media is dead, but we live a golden age of journalism... with the spread of new formats and contents
  21. 21. The spread of new contents, formats, and distribution channels The NYT scrolling project
  22. 22. The spread of new contents, formats, and distribution channels The “Le Monde” timeline project
  23. 23. Multimedia content helps bringing transparency and readability when information suffers overloading Adapted to multi-reading and sharing Responsive design Multimedia interface Evolutive and technically controlled User-friendly
  24. 24. Data journalism provides tools to “break the code” : The Guardian case study Florence Nightingale collecting stats on causes of mortality in the British Army - 1858
  25. 25. Data-framed stories and timelines “The path of protest” during the Arab revolutions
  26. 26. Open data and interactive contents multicriteria and adaptative news The Guardian
  27. 27. Innovation in the digital is driving innovation in the media and help solving paradoxes created by the new media environment
  28. 28. The “curation paradox” Competition between the media, the reader, and the algorithms
  29. 29. Personalized and curated tools
  30. 30. Machine-learning reading tastes
  31. 31. Innovation reinvents old media with new profitable business models : the mooks
  32. 32. Crowdfunding in the media the future of advertorial ? "I am on the scene, meaning you are on the scene as well," Yin Yusheng
  33. 33. Viral Platforms The Upworthy equation : “like, follow, subscribe” Mission-driven media company Content that matters Recommendations cycle Plateform for curation
  34. 34. Media convergence and augmented media as empowering tools for journalism and public opinion
  35. 35. Media convergence a tool for market integration in the media ? Vertical media Specialized communities Scalable audiences
  36. 36. Empowering journalists and citizens
  37. 37. Redesigning newsrooms One creation-oriented journalism : the Google newsroom - Reporters (Journalists + bloggers): they don’t “cover” news, they don’t replicate press agencies wires, they bring original stories. - Curators (journalists + amateurs) : they “cover” the news by sorting, verifying and editing live everything good existing on the web and in the media. They make link journalism, they make the news more accessible. - Columnists (bloggers, journalists, experts): they start conversations and give stories another perspective.
  38. 38. In Breivik’s mind...
  39. 39. And this is just the beginning...
  40. 40. #tobecontinued….
  41. 41. Thank you ! @thieulin Managing Director - La Netscouade +33 1 44 74 36 71 | +33 6 20 35 21 66 | | @LaNetscouade