2 ppt oct 12


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2 ppt oct 12

  1. 1. Hola! Soy tu maestra!Maestra Jacobsen-McleanBut you can simply call me “Maestra”
  2. 2. My I CAN statements! I CAN record this class I CAN help coach connect! my friends whilethey learn to speak I CAN Spanish. review my lesson from last week. I CAN celebrate my I CAN get the microphones to work accomplishments! so that I can hear from my new friends!
  3. 3. B Boletín de Español Nadine i Jacobsen-McLean Spanish Newsletter e Volume 1, Issue 1 n Hola! My name is Nadine v I hope you Jacobsen-McLean and I am pleased to introduce myself as your Spanish teacher. You can e October 2012 simply call me “Maestra” which n octubre received my means “teacher” in Spanish. Guess what! We already have i d Reads program tutor- something in common! Like you, ing Spanish-speaking welcome I was interested in learning Spanish, so I practiced and learned through a variety of o s! students. As a tutor for America Reads, I decided to enter the experiences. I am excited to “La Maestra”: About me field of education. newsletter! share what I learned and to demonstrate what you will be I hope you have many opportunities in able to do one day. You too will city of Alicante near Valencia, Spain. your life to travel, Please let me be able to communicate in Spanish! Each week I will share learn and share. Learning to communi- cate in a person’’s native language allows know if you you to get to know so many people you may not have ever known.haven’t through Ibiza , Balearic Islands, Spain Alicante, Spain It also allows others The following year I traveled to to know how wonderful Panama in Central America. Panama and special you are as brought me close to the indigenous well!the kmail/email. my knowledge in both the Spanish language and culture tribes of the rain forest and inside a I invite all of you bilingual school in it’’s capital, Panama to share experiences from different countries. City. of traveling or learn- Let me know if Just like you, I enjoy l earning about other countries back I have to been ing Panama other languages that may enhance our and their food, language and many times since learning! you have any celebrations. While studying at the University of Louisville, I had numerous opportunities to my trip in 2003 because of friendships I made the So what are we waiting explore, for? learn Let’’s and learn Spanish both in Louisville, and the new family share this wonderful questions! Kentucky and abroad. In Spain, I explored the cosmopolitan city I now have there. In Louisville, I opportunity we have to see the world learn to communicate and of Barcelona, the remote island volunteered with of Ibiza and gorgeous coastal in Spanish! the America Vamos! Panama Canal, Panama
  4. 4. Yo puedo…. Now that you know alittle about me, I want to know about you! What are you like? What do you like? What can you do in Spanish?
  5. 5. Yo puedo… (I CAN…) Take a moment to write of a list of things you CAN DO in Spanish and put today’s date on it. Hoy es el 10 de octubreFor example:  I can….  introduce myself “Me llamo ____”  count to 10  talk about what I like and don’t like to do.  talk about what I like and don’t like to eat.
  6. 6. Setting goals Each week we will build on this list and celebrate the goals that we reach!It is important to share your goals with others so that they can help you and learn with you! I will demonstrate a few simple goals while you get to know me more in Spanish.
  7. 7. I can describe myself. Soy una chica. un chico una chicaY tu? “Soy ______________.”
  8. 8. I can describe my family.Mi esposo, yo, mi papá, mi Mi sobrino, mi cuñada, mi mamá y mi hijo hermano, yo, mi esposo y mi hijo
  9. 9. Cómo es tu familia? Grande? Peqeña?Tengo una familia _______________!
  10. 10. Soy de.. Panamá Los Estados UnidosSoy de Los Estados Unidos. Mi esposo es de Panama.Y tu? “Soy de ___________”
  11. 11. La Escuela Primaria La sala de Gallagher La sala de Roach Dunn Boulevard Bellena Paseo Pez Etrella La sala La sala La sala La sala de de de de Mowry Halstead Reynolds Nachtigal Burris K. Smith La sala La sala La sala La de de de sala El Cuarto de Heath Waterman Botner de Maquinarias La Cocina Maestro Oost Therese HallLa oficina de Camino pez arcoiris Los Maestra Dennes Los Baños Norma Howard Bill HarringtonLa Maestra  Baños Hammer David Vasser Pat Mattingly La sala de arte Mark Williams John Schmied Avenida Pez Angel La sala La sala La sala La sala La sala de de de de de Slusher Druley M. Smith La Cafeteria La Sala de Bowling Fauber El Gimnasio Musica La sala La sala La sala La sala Maestra de de La sala de Maestro Murphy de de Ball Black Berman Ice Bhade Holland Calle Caballo de Mar Calle Caballo de Mar Cuarto de libros Los Baños Consejera Beauman Comedor Plazuelo Erizo de Mar Boulevard Ballena La sala de La oficina La sala de Adultos Vestíbulo de 107/102 computadoras Carlton La Biblioteca Harvey/ Hoon Directora Eckerle Maestra KK La sala La sala Caple /Oswald Hollkamp SAM de de Christian/White Johnson Dotson Theoharatos La sala de La sala de 2010 Rudy Lane Brown Dillon Louisville, Kentucky 40207 Número de teléfono: 485-8240 FAX: 485-8829
  12. 12. Nos Vemos! Ok! We are off to a great start! Please work on your list of CAN DO And start a list of goals What I want to do!We will draw from those lists for future lessons. ADIOS!
  13. 13. Welcome back! Bienvenidos!
  14. 14. Have you seen me? Weekly Newsletter
  15. 15. ¡Celebraciones!How do you celebrate?
  16. 16. I CAN describe myself.• I CAN make new friends & introduce myself!• I CAN describe myself as a girl or boy.• I CAN describe my hair.• I CAN describe my eyes.
  17. 17. AMIGOS!!What CAN you do in Spanish? I CAN INTRODUCE I CAN MAKE MYSELF! NEW FRIENDS! CAN you start a conversation in order to make new friends? CAN you introduce amigo amiga yourself?
  18. 18. Go ahead! Introduce yourself!What CAN you do in Spanish? CAN you start a conversation in order to make new friends? ¿Cómo te llamas? CAN you introduce yourself? Me llamo ______.
  19. 19. How are you?¿Cómo estás? Estoy ____. Muy bien!  Mal  Más o Menos:/ *
  20. 20. I CAN DESCRIBE MYSELF!• Hair color and length• Eye color• Size
  21. 21. I can describe myself. Soy una chica.¿Y tu? un chico una chica Soy ____ ______.
  22. 22. ¿De que color es tu cabello?Tengo cabello* …. rubios• rubio castaño• castaño negro• negro rojo (colorado)• rojo, colorado * “Cabello” also can be called “Pelo”
  23. 23. ¿Tienes el cabello largo o corto? Tengo cabello corto.Tengo cabello largo.
  24. 24. Los ojos Tengo ojos …. • verdes • el color café (pardo, marrónes, castaños) • azules¿De que color • negros son tus ojos? • de color avellana (hazel) • gris
  25. 25. ¿Adivina quéin?
  26. 26. 1) I will describe a person in Spanish.2) Look for the person I am describing. 3) Introduce yourself as that person. ( you can just use their first name) Listos!
  27. 27. Me llamo ___________Selena Gomez Paulina Rubio Pau Gasol Lionel Messi José Alberto Pujols Alcántara
  28. 28. Welcome back! Bienvenidos!
  29. 29. ¡Celebraciones!How do you celebrate?
  30. 30. Have you seen me? Weekly Newsletter
  31. 31. ¿ Tiene el cabello largo o corto?Ella tiene cabello largo. Él tiene cabello corto.
  32. 32. “Cabello” also can be called “Pelo”YO – talk about yourself! Tengo cabello …. • rubio • castaño • negro rubios • rojo, colorado castañoÉl (male) or ella (female)– talking about someone negroselse! Tiene cabello …. Rojos (colorado) • rubio • castaño • negro • rojo, colorado
  33. 33. Los ojos ¿De que color son tus ojos? Él (male) or ella (female) –YO – talk about yourself! talking about someone else! Tengo ojos …. Tiene ojos …. • verdes • verdes • el color café (pardo, marrónes, • el color café castaños) (pardo, marrónes, castañ • azules os • negros • azules • de color avellana (hazel) • negros • gris • de color avellana (hazel) • gris
  34. 34. I CAN describe my ¿Eres bojo ¿Eres boja o alto? o alta? height! Soy un chico ______. Soy una chica _____.bojo/a y alto/a
  35. 35. “Today, you are describing your family members to yournew friend who does not speak English. He/she ha nevermet them so you want to be as detailed as you can.” Insert a picture of a labeled family in Spanish