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Ombn Crtc Presentation 082511 Slides

  1. 1. Building Broadband in Maryland:State, local, and private sector partnerships Chesapeake Regional Tech Council August 2011 Gregory Urban, Deputy CIO, State of MD Matt Dehaven, Columbia Telecommunications Corporation Bill Ryan, CIO, Anne Arundel County MD
  2. 2. Building Broadband in Maryland August 2011Gregory UrbanDeputy CIO - State of Maryland
  3. 3. Why Broadband?— How does access to broadband networks help our lives? — Information exchange — Communication of ideas — Economic benefits — Improved health and welfare
  4. 4. The Beginning
  5. 5. Communication Why Broadband?— Sharing knowledge— Common experiences community building— Lessons learned
  6. 6. Communication Why Broadband?— Sharing knowledge and information— Broad distribution— Speed of message
  7. 7. Communication Why Broadband?— Sharing knowledge and information— Broad distribution— Speed of message— Create economic opportunity
  8. 8. Fire 2.0
  9. 9. The Broadband Problem— Bridging the Digital Divide— Availability — Supply side— Affordability — Economics— Adoption — Demand side
  10. 10. Maryland s Broadband Vision— Provide broadband Internet access to residences— Provide anchor institutions broadband Internet access that can be used by individuals served by that institution— Increase the services of government through broadband and the improved availability of technology— Create permanent facilities for broadband Internet access— Provide affordable broadband Internet access to businesses throughout the State, allowing businesses located in rural areas access to the broadband at comparable rates to those located in metropolitan areas— Deploy middle mile networks throughout the State that support competitive environments for last-mile providers
  11. 11. Maryland s Broadband Vision— Extensive state-wide and local efforts, coordinated through the Governor s Office and DoIT— Infrastructure — Implement the One Maryland Broadband Network— Education— Data collection efforts— Support to localities and community groups— Continued partnerships with the private sector
  12. 12. Data Collection and Mapping Initiative— The broadband map represents the first generation of mapping the supply side of broadband— Analysis of the demand side: — Where are there needs for broadband that are not being met? — Is the existing infrastructure meeting the demand for high bandwidth and mobile services? — Does lack of affordability impact demand? Lack of understanding of broadband potential?
  13. 13. Statewide Capacity-building Initiative— Survey and analyze the gaps in broadband, between deployment (supply) and adoption (demand)— Identify barriers to adoption— Work with private sector to determine how to address range of needs — New infrastructure — Adoption/education programs— Establish ongoing programs to — Support communities in planning — Enable broadband adoption and establish best Maryland
  14. 14. One Maryland Broadband Network (OMBN)— OMBN grant is among the largest in the US— Create a single, statewide broadband network for the public sector and CAIs— The implementation team of the OMBN is comprised of three primary partners: — Prime Recipient: Maryland DoIT, representing the State of Maryland and all construction in the 15 rural counties — Sub recipient: Howard County, representing the Inter- County Broadband Network (ICBN), composed of 10 central Maryland jurisdictions; coordinate activities in the ICBN — Sub recipient: Maryland Broadband Cooperative (MdBC) providing open access to the private sector in rural counties
  15. 15. OMBN Scope— Funding by the ARRA, Broadband Technology Opportunities Program: — Project Amount: $158,416,521 — Grant Amount: $115,240,581 — State and County match: $43,175,940— Period of performance for grant: — September 1, 2010 through August 31, 2013 (all $ spent!)— Install a total of 1300 miles of new fiber across Md.— The project will augment and interconnect with existing State and county networks
  16. 16. OMBN: Project Map
  17. 17. Supporting Communities— Create a private network connecting over 1000 CAIs — All community Colleges — K-12 — Libraries— Interconnect with existing networks — MDREN (Higher Education) — Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (High performance computint) — Statewide Government Intranet (SwGI State government and public safety applications) — County government networks
  18. 18. Pioneering Multi-sector Partnerships— Continued partnership expansion — Entrepreneurs and last mile service providers to reach residences and businesses who will use OMBN capacity (cable, phone, and wireless providers) — Companies that will support education and adoption programs— State Resource Sharing — Continued leveraging of State assets
  19. 19. Thank You————