Leadership Retreat: Vision, Mission and Goals


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Leadership Retreat Introduction and Closing Presentations

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Leadership Retreat: Vision, Mission and Goals

  1. 1. 2009 Fall Presidents’ Leadership Retreat La Asociacion Latina
  2. 2. Mission Statement With the goal of uniting the Latino community at Cornell, LAL has worked towards providing the community with the historical and political contexts necessary to advance nuestra gente. LAL achieves this, and other goals, by coordinating political, educational, social, and cultural events. In keeping with its goals, LAL has remained a vehicle for mobilization as issues confronting the Latino community arise.
  3. 3. Meet the Executive Board
  4. 4. Meet Your Fellow Latino Leaders
  5. 5. Why Are We Here? • The purpose of this retreat can be summed up by the four E’s: – Enhance leadership skills that will lead to effective running of Latino organizations – Empower successful, educated, strong and motivated leaders of Latino organizations – Encourage connections and collaborations between organizations so that overprogramming is minimized – (Re) establish LAL’s role as an umbrella Latino organization.
  6. 6. What Do We Expect? • Everyone has taken some time to reflect on their leadership and why they are here today, but we have some expectations as well. – Honesty really is the best policy. – Constructive criticism is the way to go. – Active participation will help this retreat flow smoother and be more effective. – Keep up the momentum.
  7. 7. What is our Leadership Philosophy? • We believe: – Leadership has many definitions. – All students can exercise leadership, regardless of title or position in an organization, as formal position alone does not determine influence. – Leadership is an on-going process that is continuously explored, evaluated, and evolving. – Leadership involves the ability to influence and inspire others. – Leadership never happens alone: it is a two-sided relationship between the leader and those being led. – Leadership involves taking initiative and responsibility to do something that enhances the experience of oneself and others. – Leadership involves hearing and respecting the voices of everyone, cultural understanding, and citizenship.
  8. 8. Opening Activity
  9. 9. Survey Results
  10. 10. Goals • LAL’s larger goals • Our wishes for the member orgs
  11. 11. Feedback & Brainstorming
  12. 12. Important Dates • Sunday, August 30 @3:30 pm – LAL/LLC Bienvenidos BBQ at LLC Courtyard • Friday, September 4 @7:30 pm – Café Con Leche: The Future of Latino Studies at Cornell • Sunday, September 20 – Latino Community Service Day at Cornell Plantations