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Global justice final


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Sonja Parr on Global Justice: Ethical Fashion. Sonja is a fellow Minnesotan who has made it her job and passion to promote justice through ethical fashion. That doesn’t mean foregoing fashion – it means taking the time to learn about the materials and labor that goes into the clothing you choose.

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Global justice final

  1. 1. Goals for our students: • Understand global citizenship as consumers of fashion • Empower ways of change • Offer STEM lesson plans and other learning activities • See the environmental issues related to fast fashion • Understand health risks from clothing manufacturing
  2. 2. Historic Highlights of Fashion in America 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s From home sewing to global manufacturing
  3. 3. Fiber to Clothing Complex Process • Seeds (cotton) • Spun, combed • Shipped • Dyed and made into fabric • Printed • Shipped • Designed, cut, and sewn • Shipped • Sold
  4. 4. Fast Fashion WHO? Retailers with rapid turnaround of runway styles at low prices to “create” a consumer demand. WHAT? Trendy styles at low cost. WHERE? Online and shopping centers. WHEN? Frequent (sometimes daily) clothing, shoes, and accessory purchases. WHY? More disposable income and new trends to enjoy!
  5. 5. Fast Fashion Brands • Zara • H&M • Topshop • Forever 21 • Urban Outfitters • United Colors of Benetton • Rue21 • Shasa • Mango • GAP • Wet Seal • Charlotte Russe
  6. 6. Fast Fashion • Term used by retailers to describe designs that move from the runway to the clothing stores quickly in order to capture current fashion trends. • Designed and manufactured quickly and cheaply to allow consumers to buy trendy styles at a lower price.
  7. 7. Fast Fashion = Disposable? • Fast fashion is associated with disposable fashion Delivers designed product to a mass market at relatively low prices Fabric and construction quality is low and often doesn’t withstand washing
  8. 8. Issues with Fast Fashion: • CAUSES Sweatshops opposed in US and moved to second and third world countries • PROBLEMS Companies pay cheapest wage Creates unsafe working conditions
  9. 9. Explore Lives of Garment Workers Li Na – China Sadia – Bangladesh Ledye – Honduras Mary – United States
  10. 10. Environmental Impact • Every step in clothing production harms different parts of the ecosystem Pollution and destruction of terrestrial and aquatic habitats Release of toxic and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere Claudio, Luz (2007). “Waste Couture: Environmental Impact of the Clothing Industry”. Environmental Health Perspective: A449-A454.
  11. 11. Environmental Damages: • CAUSES Fast fashion demands cause exhaust and chemical outputs to rise Shipping for cheapest manufacturing Pesticides, bleach, formaldehyde to prevent bugs and preserve fabric • PROBLEMS Pollution from increased exhaust Oil usage High water usage
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Health Risks • PROBLEMS Carcinogens in dye and fabric Flammable Skin and lung sensitivities • CAUSES Fibers made from oil Cheaper dyes Chemicals added
  14. 14. Slow Fashion Movement • The slow fashion movement has arisen in opposition to fast fashion, blaming it for: Pollution (both in the production of clothes and in the decay of synthetic fabrics) Shoddy workmanship Emphasizing very brief trends over classic style
  15. 15. Benefits of Buying Fair Trade Sustainable Fashion • Environmental  Decrease pollutants and water use • Social  Help communities where goods are made • Economic  Workers earn fair wages  Consumers understand processes with transparency Best known for certification in coffee, Fair Trade is a market-based approach to improving the lives of farmers and workers, protecting the environment, and delivering quality and safety. At its core, Fair Trade puts people at the center of sustainability.
  16. 16. Ethical Fashion Brands • American Apparel • amour vert • Artisans du Monde • CommonThreadz • Everlane • Fair Indigo • Global Girlfriend • Global Mamas • green 3 • Handwork of India • HAE Now • IOWEYOU • Indigenous Designs • Maggie’s Organics • Mata Traders • Nally & Millie • Neon Buddha • Oak73 • Oliberté • Osmium • PACT • Patagonia • People Tree • prAna • Rodale’s • Splendid • Synergy Organic Clothing • Threads 4 Thought • Tompkins Point Apparel
  17. 17. Embrace Global Citizenship • What can we do? Source from same country Pay living wage/buy fair trade Sign onto safety agreements Find solutions to reuse clothing Find solutions for environmental damage
  18. 18. Curriculum can… • Raise awareness of unethical practices • Inform consumers • Offer solutions to the problem • Change the future, change the world!
  19. 19. Empower Students in Ways of Change! • Consumer voice • Giving voice to workers, fair wages and safe workplace accommodations • Locally made • Water reduction • Knowledge is power: understand ethical issues of fast fashion • Alternative materials: organic cotton, banana fibers, water bottles, or recycling
  20. 20. Overwhelmed? Start with one thing. • Read a label, research a company • Choose your leading cause • Communicate with concerns to companies • Recycle and reduce current clothing consumption • Swap, reuse, shop resale • Support Fair Trade companies that aid your cause • Spread the word!
  21. 21. Learn More Learn how Fair Trade improves lives 5 Things You May Not Know About Fair Trade Apparel Mata Traders: Fair Trade Fashion
  22. 22. Inspire STEM Lessons 1. How could you help lower chemical outputs? 2. How could you decrease water usage? 3. What organic materials could we use to cut chemicals in dyes? 4. What technology might help cut down on shipping inefficiency?
  23. 23. Free Resources from Learning ZoneXpress • Global Justice: Ethical Fashion PowerPoint • Learning Activities Consumer Cares Activity Behind the Label Activity Where Does the Money Go Activity Textile lab: Experimenting with Fibers and Prints All available for download on our blog: