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Easybib manual entry


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adaptation of Easybib introduction for manual entry.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Easybib manual entry

  1. 1. Avoid plagiarismSave time and aggravation Make your life EASIER!
  2. 2. How does EasyBib make research easier? Easily create Works Cited in MLA7 format Fill-in forms help document sources accurately Focus on writing and understanding citation, instead of formatting rules Export to Word or Google Docs fully-formatted Save Works Cited pages online Safe and secure: no spam or viruses
  3. 3. Register for an EasyBib Account 1. Click the register link 2. Register and create an account with EasyBib 3. Enter an email address and password. Use one you will remember, such4. No other info needed. as your school You may use a fake computer login.e-mail, but if you do, you won’t be able to retrieve a lost password. 5. Click “Create an Account”
  4. 4. Getting startedThis is your project management page. From hereyou can create, manage, and view projects. Start by clicking “Create a new project”
  5. 5. Creating a new project Give your project a title, such as the subject of your paper. Select MLA7Then click “Create”
  6. 6. Getting Started Your new project has been created and appears at the bottom of your list.To start creating citations for thisproject, just click “Bibliography”
  7. 7. Starting your Bibliography and selecting a source type This is the bibliography start page. Use these tabs to open fill-in forms
  8. 8. Viewing all source types Click on “All 58 options” for links to forms for all the possible types of sources. It’s important to choose the right form.
  9. 9. Citing a book Check here to see if you have the right form! Select the correct medium Fill in all the information: Spell correctly! Capitalize! If you don’t know what goes in a box, click on it to open “Help”Click the “Create citation” button, and...
  10. 10. Building your list To add another source, click on “All 58 options” again. VOILA! Easybib reverses the name, adds italics & punctuation, and adds it to your list in alphabetical order!If you find a typo or left something out, click on “edit” to open the form again. Make your changes, then click “Update citation”
  11. 11. Citing an Encyclopedia Check here to see if you have the right form! Select the correct medium Fill in all the information: Spell correctly! Capitalize! If there is more than one author, click “Add another contributor” to add new boxes. If it’s an Editor, not an Author, Click on the pull-down menu and choose Editor. Click “Create Citation”
  12. 12. Citing a website The title of webpage or section goes here. Fill in the rest. Find the Publisher/Sponsor usually at the bottom of the page by the copyright date. URL is NOT necessary unless your teacher requires it. Electronically published is the date posted or revised. Date accessed is the day you got the info from the website.Click “Create Citation”
  13. 13. Citing a document from an Online Database Click here to open a list and choose what kind of document it was. URL is NOT Get the rightrequired database name. unless EBSCO, Facts on File, SIRS, your ABC-Clio, etc. teacher is the Publisher/ says so. Service provider, NOT the database Click “Create citation”
  14. 14. Exporting your Works Cited Page When you are finished typing all your sources, check for typos and missing info. If you are ready, Click “Print as Word Document”. You can also e-mail it, or export to Google Docs. Click on “Click here to download your bibliography for MS Word”.
  15. 15. Exporting your bibliography Click to “Open”. Ta-da!!! Your Works Cited page is DONE! Save a copy to your network folder, and print it for your teacher.
  16. 16. Log out Use your back browser to go back to the Bibliography page. Click on “logout”. There is no need to ‘save’ your file. Easybib does it automatically.