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Workplace Report Anser


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Stress Management Reduction Presentation for Psychology of Stress course at University of Maryland University College - March 2009

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Workplace Report Anser

  1. 1. Purpose To provide information on the current business practices that allow Analytic Services, Inc. (ANSER) to provide a stress free working environment for its employees.
  2. 2. Who is ANSER  The operating unit of Analytic Services Inc. A public-service institute and independent nonprofit corporation chartered in California in 1958.  ANSER provides objective studies, analysis, and aid to decision-makers throughout the national security, homeland security, and public safety communities.  ANSER’s home office is located in Arlington VA, with field offices in Colorado Springs, CO, and Hampton, VA.
  3. 3. Mission and History  Mission: As a public service institute is to dedicate its talent and focus its innovation toward shaping the nation’s future.  History: ANSER was created in the dawn of the space age. The U. S. S. R. launched Sputnik in October of 1957. The United States launched Explorer I in January of 1958 and, in October of that same year, created NASA.
  4. 4. History  In July of 1958, ANSER was established to meet the Air Force Directorate of Development Planning's need for a single contractor to handle increasing technology studies and do it in a timely and responsive manner without the Air Force having to implement “contractor education” in the process.  In 1976, ANSER began work for numerous Air Force organizations, Department of Defense components, and other federal agencies.  The corporation now provides analytic and technical support to government agencies throughout the national security, homeland security, and public safety mission areas.
  5. 5. The ANSER Vision  Strengthen public institutions by improving their effectiveness and efficiency;  Enhance public safety by helping the Nation anticipate and meet 21st century challenges; and  Help protect U.S. technological leadership by nurturing the science and technology workforce.
  6. 6. ANSER Values  Public Service: We are guided by the Nation’s interests. Impact: We make a difference—we inform decisions  that shape the Nation’s future. Excellence: We deliver quality in all that we do.  Integrity: We safeguard objectivity—as trusted  agents we live by the highest ethical standards. Initiative: We anticipate challenges and take  action. Collaboration: We build effective teams and  trusted relationships across the corporation and with our partners and clients.
  7. 7. Employees  ANSER has approximately 645 employees across the country  Of the 645 employees, 68% are male and 32% are female  ANSER strives to make a difference in the lives of its employees by having the employees be a part of the business process by developing policy and procedures and providing a work environment that promotes the health and wellness
  8. 8. Stress Reduction  ANSER does not consider itself to have a formalized stress reduction program but they do provide assistance to its employees and their family members through its Employee Assistance Plan (EAP).  Benefits are currently provided under a contract between ANSER and Inova Employee Assistance (IEA), Inova Health System; a non-profit health organization based in Northern Virginia.  The flagship hospital, Inova Fairfax Hospital, has won acclaims as one of the best hospitals in the nation.
  9. 9. Services Provided  Inova provides confidential counseling services designed to help employees find workable solutions to problems from family or workplace frustrations to alcohol or drug abuse.  Professional counselors provide confidential short- term counseling that includes help with:  Assessment of the problem  Support and understanding  Professional guidance and referral
  10. 10. Services Provided  Counseling services are provided for:  Marriage, family, and relationship problems; emotional, personal, and stress-related concerns; depressive illness and/or anxiety; major life or health changes, including bereavement and loss; alcohol and drug abuse; financial and credit problems; child care issues; elder care issues and legal matters.  Religious and non-religious counseling is provided for employees by hospital chaplains.
  11. 11. Success  To gage the success of their stress reduction assistance ANSER uses end of employment questionnaires and EAP reports.  Periodically Inova provides ANSER with EAP reports that outline how their services were utilized and provides statistics on reported or developing trends.  The reports are used to track the health and welfare of the company as it relates to stress and other health related issues.  Mr. Pete Roscoe, ANSER human resource manager stated that “ANSER is well below local and industry wide averages. Along with the EAP reports we conduct surveys when employees discontinue their employment with ANSER and we would have a real concern if the utilization and trend numbers were at or above the industry level.”
  12. 12. Workload  Job burnout really is not something most people think about.  Is EAP or stress management counseling enough to address the issue of job burnout, especially on a case-by-case basis?  Burnout is best addressed at the organizational level rather than the individual.  One way of addressing job burnout is possibly to limit the number of hours an employee works.
  13. 13. Workload  Minimal overtime or weekend work at ANSER.  For hourly employees division managers must approve all additional work hours.  Salaried employees must obtain approval from the company CEO or president (8 to 10 hr work day).  ANSER employees can utilize whenever possible compress work schedule/flex-time.  This allows employees to build a work schedule that allows them time off during the workweek to meet personal needs.
  14. 14. Control  Employees are a major part of quality improvement and actively participate on committees such as employee morale, parking, health, recreation.  ANSERs performance evaluation system  Managers meet with employees at the mid-year and end of the calendar year to provide feedback and rate the employee’s  The process culminates in a documented record of the employee’s performance during a given calendar year.  Influences salary actions, career development, promotions, selection for new opportunities, and corrective action  Employee are in control of their  Goals  Accomplishments  Financial rewards
  15. 15. Reward One of the best reward systems I have been a part of during my military and civilian working career.  Quarterly and annual boards select winners for the Analytic Services Inc. Excellence Awards.  The Analytical Services Quick Cash Award.  Employees ($100) or teams ($50 each) who go “above and beyond” the daily requirements of their job.  Equally important is ensuring that employees are compensated fairly. Therefore, pay and performance assessments are conducted annually for employees with at least 3 months of service with ANSER.
  16. 16. Community  ANSER does not tolerate harassment of ANSER employees by managers, co-workers or third parties such as customers, vendors, and consultants.  Employees take anti-harassment training annually. Behavior not in line with ANSER policy include:  Inappropriate comments, overtures, or jokes.  Unwanted physical contact or obstruction of movement.  Promising, threatening or taking any employment action, like hiring, promoting, demoting based on accommodation or rejection of sexual propositions.  Health and safety are priorities at ANSER.  Strict tobacco-free, and our leaders are committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace.
  17. 17. Community  Many continuous learning opportunities.  Education tuition assistance program allows employees to continue higher education with up-front tuition assistance up to $5200.00 a year. This starts from the moment the individual becomes an employee of ANSER.  Company sponsored seminars  ANSER policies and procedures provide for a psychologically healthy workplace. Its low turnover rate in personnel seem to be a reflection of an environment embracing a low stress work environment.
  18. 18. Values  ANSER values employee participation and feedback through:  Mini surveys  Focus groups  Quality performance improvement teams
  19. 19. Fairness  ANSER’s has developed policies and procedures that provide for a fair and equal opportunity work place.  Managers are trained to listen and address employee concerns and involve them in solving work area problems.  During ANSER’s formal performance management process, managers meet with employees twice a year but they also meet with them in informal settings.  ANSER’s dispute resolution policy states:  “Management will make every attempt to resolve the dispute quickly at the lowest level possible. An employee is expected to first discuss concerns with their manager. In the event the employee feels uncomfortable addressing the concern with their manager or does not believe the manager has fully addressed the concern, the employee may bring the concern to the next higher manager or HR representative.”
  20. 20. My Thoughts  ANSER says it doesn’t have a formal workplace stress reduction program. But it seems to have all the components in place policies, procedures, and programs that allow employees to have enough control and confidence in their work environment to fulfill their responsibilities to the job, family, church, community, as well as meeting personal life demands.  ANSERs commitment to being a preferred employer starts with its commitment to its employees  Health, dental, and vision care  Flex-spending accounts enable employees to use tax free dollar  Flexible work schedules  Programs and counseling for many challenging work-life balance issues  Career counseling and mentoring programs gives employees an opportunity to learn from top leaders and grow their career.
  21. 21. QUESTIONS