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Discover effective techniques that will help you prepare you for job interviews and take the anxiety out of the interview process. Learn how to handle questions about your strengths and weaknesses, salary requirements and how you would handle tough situations.

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  1. 1. When You Land The Interview… What should you do???Ashley MillerDirector of Career Services
  2. 2. Research Salary for the Position• You want to make sure the salary is right for this position before you go in for the interview• Find out about salaries for different jobs at,, or,• The site lists salaries by geographic locations and job title.
  3. 3. What 5 things to bring to a Job Interview?• Resume(s)• Letter(s) of reference• Portfolio• Passion for the Job• Smile
  4. 4. Dress for Success Business Attire (Men) Business Attire (Women)• Suit or pants with • Suit or pants with coordinating blazer coordinating blazer• Button Down Dress Shirt • Skirt of appropriate length with Collar • Belt• Tie • Panty hose with skirts• Belt • Knee highs or trouser• Calf or Knee Height socks with pants Socks with no logos • Closed toe, solid color• Solid color leather shoes leather shoes (no platforms)
  5. 5. Dress for Success Business Casual (Men) Business Casual (Women)• Cotton pants • Cotton pants or skirts• Button Down Dress Shirt • Sweater set with Tie (No Jacket) • Sweater• Button Down Dress Shirt • Blouse with Jacket (No Tie) • Dress with sleeves or• Tie paired with• Belt cardigan/jacket• Calf or Knee Height • Panty hose or trouser Socks with no logos socks• Solid color leather shoes • Solid color leather shoes
  6. 6. Dress for Success Business Casual No-No’s• Short shorts • Flip-flops• Mini skirts • Worn sneakers• Skirts with high slits • Exposed cleavage• Halter tops • Old T-shirts or ones• Strapless tops with offensive images• Anything skin-tight or giant logos• Anything see-through • Baseball caps• Anything midriff-baring • Spandex• Torn jeans
  7. 7. Dress for Success• Wear conservative clothing – grays, dark blues, & browns• Don’t go overboard on the perfume or cologne• Conservative jewelry• No bright nail polish ladies
  8. 8. Make a Good Impression• Introduce yourself politely, shake hands firmly, but briefly• Look at the interviewer(s) when they talk• Avoid nervous habits like touching your hair, popping your fingers, or tapping your pen
  9. 9. Make a Good Impression• Remember…it’s okay to pause before answering questions.• Elaborate, but don’t go overboard
  10. 10. Most Important Interviewing Non-verbals Do’s• Smile - practice in mirror• Eye contact – both listening & answering
  11. 11. Be Prepared for these Questions• Tell me about yourself• What are your major strengths and weaknesses?• Where do you want to be in 3-5 years?• Do you have any questions for me?
  12. 12. Leave a Good Impression• Thank the Interviewer(s) for their time and opportunity to interview• Ask… Could you please tell me when you will make your decision?• And…make sure you say goodbye and tell them to have a great day. 
  13. 13. Follow Up• If they asked for more information from you, make sure you send it immediately• Send a short thank-you note
  14. 14. For Yourself & For the Future• Actively maintain your virtual and real networks of people!• Please let your alma mater know where you are in your career path – specifically, Alumni Relations and Career Services• Start attending job fairs NOW
  15. 15. THANK YOU!• Career Services – or 384-8065 Ashley Miller – Director Weston Pope– Graduate Assistant