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Startup Europe & TWIST event: Ecosystem scale up


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Published in: Investor Relations
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Startup Europe & TWIST event: Ecosystem scale up

  1. 1. Transregional Web Innovative Services for Thriving Digital and Mobile
  2. 2. “First mover advantage doesn’t go to the first company that launches, it goes to the first company that scales.” Reid Hoffman Co-founder of
  3. 3. A definition “Scaleup is a business looking to grow/expand in terms of: market access, revenues, added value or number of employees, identifying and realizing win-win opportunities for collaboration between market leaders and market disruptors...” Wikipedia
  4. 4. The product/market fit “Life of any startup can be divided into two parts: - Before the P/M fit and - After the P/M fit” Marc Andreessen Co-founder of
  5. 5. What is product/market fit? • Identifying the right product setup • Target the most appropriate customer segment • Defining the best channel to serve the market (go-to-market strategy)
  6. 6. Scaling with the right traction 500k/1M+ Monthly unique visitors €50/100k+ Monthly recurring revenues (MRR) Average Series A metrics B2C B2B
  7. 7. What? A Scaleup is a company that has identified its product/market fit and has reached first proves of market traction
  8. 8. Scaleup is not a startup! problem- solution fit product- market fit scaling up focus on growthfocus on pivots 1. Seed 2. Startup 2. Early growth
  9. 9. So? Scale up = Internationalization
  10. 10. Three main reasons to internationalize 1. Market 2. Capital 3. Human Resources
  11. 11. 1. Bigger markets 2. Quicker markets 3. Business partners Market
  12. 12. eCommerce Sales 2015 (source: eMarketer) Bigger markets
  13. 13. Average expenditure per user 2015 (source: Statista) With richer customers Average expenditure per user 2014 (source: Statista)
  14. 14. #5 Why?Quicker markets #2 #12 #31 … Global Innovation Index® Report 2015 (source: Cornell, INSEAD, WIPO)
  15. 15. Business partners To boost your go-to-market strategy
  16. 16. And also… Get in contact with decision makers
  17. 17. Capital Seed 80% from national investor Series A 80% from national investor Series B 70% from international investor Average fundraising figures
  18. 18. Capital = More availability New York UK Germany Amount of VC Investments in 2015 Silicon Valley Italy $104M $2.6B$4.3B $7B $27B
  19. 19. And also… More inclination towards high-risk investments
  20. 20. Human Resources = Hiring talent Having access to a wide pool of international professionals
  21. 21. Keep in mind Availability, cost and loyalty play a critical role
  22. 22. Where? Startups are everywhere… Just choose the right hub
  23. 23. Startup hubs New York London Berlin Tel Aviv Singapore There are few good spots but you have to know… Silicon Valley
  24. 24. They are not all the same New York London Berlin Tel Aviv Singapore Each startup hub has its specs Silicon Valley Fashion techMedia/Ad tech Retail tech Deep tech VR/AR tech VR Fin tech Fin tech Media/Ad tech eComm tech Big data Cyber security Internet of Things Estate tech Social media …
  25. 25. How much would cost to relocate your team? Simulation Marketing Manager Web Developer Graphic Designer Mobile Developer
  26. 26. Moving to other hubs New York London Berlin Tel Aviv Singapore You should mind where to move also based on the costs Silicon Valley Rome +92% +80% +18% +80.50% +3% -9%
  27. 27. Watch out your runaway New York London Berlin Tel Aviv Singapore Silicon Valley Rome 5 months 6 months 12 months 13 months 6 months 11 months 10 months
  28. 28. But mind the cost of living Previous simulation didn’t include the cost of living in a new hub +130% (source: +186% +30% +127%+237%-12%
  29. 29. Not all the hubs at the same level Berlin and NYC are very open to foreigners, the opposite of London and SF
  30. 30. Summary • International market expansion strategy • Funding strategy • Hiring-localization strategy (which people where)
  31. 31. Critical issues • Entrepreneurial & Corporate culture: • Ambition • Growing the team • Looking for excellence • Availability of resources
  32. 32. Always set higher goals Stick to your vision and have enough ambition to pursue it
  33. 33. … keep scaling! Last but not least…
  34. 34. CEO & Founder of Interview to a Scaleup Marco Marlia Leading provider in EMEA for new car sales and digital marketing software for the automotive industry.
  35. 35. If you have questions, please ask! Q&A Session
  36. 36. THANK YOU TWISTDigitalOnline @digitaltwisters @