Presentation lvt property investment scheme


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LVT Properties Presentation regarding the Greek Property Investment Immigration Scheme

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Presentation lvt property investment scheme

  1. 1. LVT Properties Ltd Greek Immigration Investment
  2. 2. LVT Properties Ltd • Our strategy is to capitalize on the property markets that were hardest hit by the economic crisis in Europe. • Greece is our main target market for the current period and is currently considered as the market with the highest potential returns for both EU and non-EU investors. • Our team is compromised of individuals from a wide range of business backgrounds: – – – – – – – Real estate investment analysis Portfolio management Valuation Accounting Law Development Research • Our clients always receive our full service and all capital gains to be gained from a transaction will be theirs.
  3. 3. Services • We provide an all-inclusive package and deal with all necessary parties to complete the real estate investment. – – – – – – – Lawyers Notaries Valuators Accountants Insurance agents Real estate brokers Civil engineers • In the case of Non-EU investors, LVT Properties will also obtain the residency permit and Schengen Visa for the entire family of the investor upon request.
  4. 4. Scheme Benefits • Investment in Greek real estate at attractive prices • Five year renewable residence permit in Greece for the buyer and his family • Full year access to Greece for buyer and his family • Schengen visa that provides access to all Schengen countries for 3 months every 6 months
  5. 5. International Residency Schemes GREECE CYPRUS PORTUGAL UK USA CANADA USD 300.000 plus to provide USD 600.000 evidence of 2 to USD Property at Property at Property at years 1.000.000 plus Required Minimum Euro Minimum Euro Minimum Euro successful GBP 1.000.000 evidence of investment 250.000 PLUS 300.000 PLUS 500.000 PLUS business source of USD VAT VAT VAT experience and 500.000 USD investment 1.600.000 assets. AUSTRALIA USD 50.000 plus USD 700.000 for the business plus 2 successful business experience audited by an accountant Duration of PR 5 YEARS Life time 5 YEARS 1 year 2 years 4 years 4 years Guaranteed investment if not granted the PR YES YES YES NO NO NO NO Processing time 2-3 MONTHS 1 to 2 months 1 to 2 months 1 year 18 months 2 years 15 months Free movement to European countries YES NO YES NO NO NO NO
  6. 6. Requirements • Acquisition of residential property with minimum value of €250,000 • Financially strong position to be proven using bank accounts or share and bond portfolios • Health insurance that applies in Greece • Obtaining an entry visa is necessary • Visiting Greece at least once to provide proxy for all items to be handled
  7. 7. LVT Procedure • • • • • • • • • • • Advise on all information and documentation required from client Advice on the process of the property with its most important investment criteria according to the client’s needs Signing of contract with LVT and payment of deposit amount (€5,000) Client visits Greece for the final selection of property and power of attorney’s to be supplied so that LVT can proceed without the need for the client to be in Greece Full payment by the client and collection of all original and notarized relevant documents Review of all documents by our compliance department Visa application is submitted to Greek authorities Authorities issue confirmation of submission of the application Client using the confirmation issued has the right to reside in Greece until final approval for the Visa After final approval permit to be provided to the client. In this case there is no need to visit Greece Maximum period for response differs with average being 2 months
  8. 8. Fees • Our company charges a minimum fixed fee of €325,000 that includes the following: – – – – – – – – – – – Property payment (assuming a minimum value of €250,000) Property taxes Property transfer fees Lawyer’s fees Notary fees Immigration procedure fees Property valuation Health insurance fees Property energy efficiency certificate Civil engineer property examination Accommodation and transport during the clients visit to Greece
  9. 9. Contact Us • For further questions regarding the investment scheme please contact us at: – Telephone: +30 210 7217117 – Email: