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Pitch presentation 2012


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Lauren, Bilal, Emmanuel, Tacia

Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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Pitch presentation 2012

  1. 1. Pitch PresentationLauren Cole, Bilal Hassan, Emmanuel Adewumi, Tacia Carvalho
  2. 2. Brief• We were asked to produce a 2 minute introduction to a film with a title. Bilal
  3. 3. Genre• The genre we decided to do was Teen Drama• We decided this because we can relate to the age, what people go through at this age, if they’re experimenting, what with, how they over come this… Tacia
  4. 4. STORY LINEA gang hangs around while a girl walks past on the phone; a boy in the gangnudges another member of the gang and points to the girl walking. Everyonelooks at her and one boy notices her and remembers her from school*flashback to school day’s* he walks over to talk to her and attempts to gether number. The gang members see him walk towards her and they start“spudding” each other as a sign of respect. The boy and girl get talking and thegirl accepts to exchange numbers. As the boy pulls his phone out, a packet ofdrugs drop out of is pocket and on to the floor. She walks away not interestedin the drugs and him anymore and the boy walks back to the gang, humiliated.He looks back at the girl in ‘awe’ and walks towards her. Emmanuel
  5. 5. SHOT LISTWe made a shot list sothat we know what orderto do our filming in. Thisalso will help us to knowwhat we are doing andcause less arguments onthe day we will befilming. It will help us toknow what we have leftto do. Emmanuel
  6. 6. STORY BOARD Lauren
  7. 7. SCRIPTOur script will help uswith what to say onthe day that we will befilming. Lauren
  8. 8. Unique selling point• Our film is unique because it had both dramatic scene’s and involves the things that teenagers of the age between 15-19 go through with experiments and new things.• It is also unique as in the gang stereotypically there is only black boys in a gang, however, in our gang, we have a mixed variety of different races. We have Black, African and English.• Another unique selling point of our film, there is normally a group of popular girls all together, but in our film, there is just the one girl.• All in all, most films have lots of characters that you have to get to know and understand, our film only has 7 characters. You only have to get to know 2 or 3 of them. Tacia
  9. 9. ACTORSLauren – Girl Bilal – Gangster Jack – Gangster Wilson – GangsterAlex – Gangster Nii – Gangster Emmanuel – Gangster Emmanuel
  10. 10. COSTUMES / PROPS • The Gangsters will be wearing puffer jackets. This will make them seem big and intimidating and will make the viewer think that something bad is going to happen to the girl. They will also be wearing tracksuits. This will stereotype them in to being ‘hood boys’. • The handbag will make the girl seem feminine and will make her look like an easy target Emmanuel
  11. 11. LOCATION • This is where our film will be set. We chose this because it is close to the school and easily accessible. It isn’t the darkest of places so it doesn’t look very suspicious however, it isn’t the brightest of places so it doesn’t look very innocent.• We also chose this place for the gang to hang out. We chose this place because it looks hidden away, somewhere you wouldn’t expect to be found. It looks like a place that a gang would hang around. Tacia
  12. 12. Questionnaire
  13. 13. QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS What would you like to see more of in teen films and why? • More comedy as they are too romantic nowadays • Fighting scenes because they are fun • Relevant issues • Bullets because it makes the film more lively • More life related scenes • ActionWhat type of scenes do you want to see and why? • Sex• Attack the block and scary movies because they are scary What type of characters do you like to see in teen films?• Sex scenes • Underdogs• Funny scenes • Characters like Ali G• Joke scenes • Geeks and nerds• Action because it is mad • Cheerleaders x2• Comedy scenes because it shows versatility• Fight scenes because they are fun• Nudity scenes that will make me laugh Bilal
  14. 14. TARGET AUDIENCE• Our target audience would be teenagers who are around the ages of 13-19• The reason why we chose teenagers is because of the struggles they go through daily with drugs, love and gangs. Tacia
  15. 15. SOUNDThis sound will be This sound will be This sound will beused when the girl used when the used during theis walking and the gang is being flashbackboy in the gang introduced in therecognizes her introduction This sound will be used when the girl walks away Emmanuel
  17. 17. Allocated roles• Lauren – acting/ camera woman/ editing/ script writer• Bilal – acting/ camera man/ editing• Emmanuel – acting/ camera man/ editing• Tacia – camera woman/ director/ editing• However, these are likely to change Tacia
  18. 18. WHAT WE HAVE ALL CONTRIBUTED SOFAR…Lauren:- Making PowerPoint production- Helping come up with story line MOST DIFFICULT PART- Acting- Script writer- Production schedule Bilal – Narrative Tacia –Film Genre ResearchBilal: Lauren – Writing the Production Schedule- Helping come up with story line Emmanuel – Title Research- Audience research- Narrative research- Acting- MusicTacia:- Film genre research- Sound clips- Picture taking of locationsEmmanuel:- Design of questionnaire- Audience research- Title research- Acting- Sound clips All
  19. 19. Changed recommendations• Once we had an idea on what we wanted our 2 minute clip to be like we wrote it up and went round the school asking people what we should change about it.• Mr. Siaw (head of 6th form and Business teacher) “take out the ultimatum”• Mr. Finnegan (English and drama teacher) “Keep the ultimatum, use it as a cliff hanger. However what you have written there, I would think would be a 10minute introduction to a film, not two minutes. Try to condense it.• Mr. Scourfield (drama teacher) “I like it, but try to write it so that the people who read it will understand what is going to happen”• Students have said to use;• More comedy• Fighting scene’s• Relevant issues• Bullets (guns)• Life related scene’s Lauren
  20. 20. Audience Profile• As our film is targeted towards teenagers as our film is a teen drama genre.; we have given the questionnaire out to 10 teenagers in Lea Valley High School ages between 13-17 and three teachers that are aged between 22-40 years old who have read our narrative and gave their feedback on what should have been changed and what should be kept. Bilal
  21. 21. Audience Profile• From the questionnaire, we have learnt that the teenagers want to see more violence and more cheerleaders, scenes that will make them laugh, including some nudity. From this we have decided to add a gang of teenagers for the audience to start thinking there is going to be a fight; however a member of the gang see’s a girl a recognizes her; this will then change the mood of the audience and then the audience will start hopefully thinking of what is going to happen next and want to watch more. Bilal
  22. 22. Audience Profile• From the narrative, we have been told to take out the ultimatum between the gang and the girl because it will take too long; and also you cannot add an ultimatum within the first two minutes of a film. We have also been told to be specific on what kind of drugs and how they are going to fall out and how the drugs are packaged. And finally we have been told not too do a lot of talking as you can tell a lot in what is happening by body language. From this, we have decided to edit our narrative and do what the teachers have said and add in a few things ourselves. From this we have got our narrative that we have currently. Bilal
  23. 23. • The end. Thank-you for watching.