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Pitch Presentation

  1. 1. Unexpected? Pitch Presentation By Yasmine, Sharnece And Nicola.
  2. 2. Brief Our task was to produce a 2 minute opening scene for a film which included titles. We was allowed to choose any genre of our choose, wedecided to choose a teen film. We had to makesure we didn‟t give to much of the film away and had to make sure there was an enigma code to keep the audience interested.
  3. 3. Genre - Teen movie.We‟ve decided to have the genre of our film basedon a teen film.Why we chose a teen film instead of a horror film.As a group we chose to do a teen film instead of ahorror as it was more practical and realistic for us to ateen movie.As a group we wanted to create a different type ofteen movie different from others, we thought byshowing a group of different types of girls, butshowing that they can still be friends, this gets awayfrom the stereotypical view of only “popular girls canbe friends”.
  4. 4. Our StorylineOur storyline that we came up with was showing a group of fourgirls getting ready to go to school, three of the girls who are thepunk who is known as Lauren, nerd who is known as Unis and theghetto girl who is known Shaniqua is getting ready in their ownsurrounding, whilst the slut is in bed with her boyfriend. Whilstgetting ready and in bed they all receive the same text messagefrom the same boy who attends the same school as them, thetext message he sends reads "Ive been thinking and Ive come toa decision, Ive realized I love you and want to be with you" Whilethe sluts in bed with her boyfriend she leans over to read thetext, her boyfriend then leans over as well to try and read themessage, Courtney who is the slut then drops her phone andrushes out of bed to get ready, her boyfriend is then left in bedlooking angry, she then picks up her keys and leaves to meet therest of her friends, forgetting her phone on the floor, this is ourenigma code for our film weather the sluts boyfriend picks up andreads the message.
  5. 5. Shot List
  6. 6. Storyboards
  7. 7. Script
  8. 8. Unique selling pointWhat makes our film unique?Goes against the conventions of a teen film.Usually there are just one type of girls that are friends for exampleall the popular girls being friends and leaving the "nerd"out, whereas in our film weve decided to have a mixture ofdifferent types of girls.The reason for this is that we have tried to portray that althougheach character has a different style, background, attitude andpersonality they can still get along.We chose to do this because fitting in at school is a big issue forteenagers. We feel by doing this it will encourage teenagers to see beyondthe appearance and focus on the personality of the person.
  9. 9. Characters
  10. 10. Courtney The SLUT! o The slut of the group o More interested in make up and boys rather than education. o Her boyfriend and friends are seen as the most important o Her appearance is striking o Dumb one, as she doesnt‟t really pick up on peoples feelings and emotions. o She does what pleases her.
  11. 11. Lauren The PUNK! o The punk of the group o She likes to think of herself as „cool‟ o She‟s mainly into her music and spending time with her friends o She takes pride in her appearance o She can be quite loud at times but when her headphones are in she‟s in her own world o Besides music she also has a lot of time for her education
  12. 12. UnisThe NERD! o The nerd of the group o Her main focus is school and education o She‟s quite a trendy nerd o She likes spending time with her friends, but would quite happily sit in a room with books o She takes pride in her appearance and likes to be neat and tidy o She‟s the problem solver of the group and likes to make sure everyone‟s happy
  13. 13. ShaniquaThe GHETTO GIRL! o The ghetto/hood type of the group o She‟s loud and arrogant, but also smart o She‟s seen as the tom boy and acts more masculine out of the group o She cares about her appearance and hair but isn‟t really bothered about dressing up as she mainly feels comfortable in sports wear.
  14. 14. Character’s costumes Courtney This character is the slut of this group. her costume throughout our 2 minute film is wearing a tight skirt, fish net tights and cleavage on show, she will also be wearing a lot of make up with her hair done neatly. Unis This character will be the geek/nerd of this friendship group. Her costume throughout our 2 minute film is wearing nerd glasses, tie done up to the top and hair in two bunches. Shaniqua This character will be the ghetto/hood girl of the group. Her costume throughout our 2 minute film is wearing baggy school trousers, black trainers, a school tie, and a baggy jumper. Lauren This character will be the punk of the group. Her costume throughout our 2 minute film is wearing tights, boots, a school skirt, a shirt. Her tie will be done loosely and hanging from her shirt. On her blazer she will have loads of badges and her make-up will be based on black. She will also have big headphones around her neck.
  15. 15. Locations The locations we will be using for the 2 minute of our film will be within each characters bedrooms and bathroom and a school.
  16. 16. PropsThe props we chosen to use for our film are props thatteenagers use in their day to day life.o Mobile Phoneso School Bookso Headphoneso School Bags
  17. 17. Questionnaires
  18. 18. Questionnaire Result’s Our results showed that our target audience mostly expected to see “slut” characters within a teenage film, they mainly expected the location to be within a school and the main storyline was to do with sex and relationships.
  19. 19. Target audience.Our target audience for our film is for teenagersaged 15 – 18. The reason for this is because ourfilm is based on teenagers and school life.
  20. 20. Sound We chose this sound clip for the opening of our film, the reason for this is because its more of an upbeat sound and is kind of girly. As a group we thought it reminded us of the “Bratz” film which is also more of a girly film. We‟ve chose this sound clip for when the 4 girls meet up together and start to walking into school, the reason for this is because its also an upbeat sound which shows attitude for then the girls are walking. This would be played at the end of our 2 minute opening,
  21. 21. Production Schedule
  22. 22. Title Research• The name of the production company appears first• The directors name follows for example „A Ridley Scott Film‟• Then the producers name• Then executive producers name• Then the actors name come in order depending on their fame and importance in the film• Then the film title• The director e.g. directed by..• Then the screenplay writer• Followed by the director of photography• Film editor• Production and costume designer
  23. 23. Our title for our film is „Unexpected‟ the reason wechose this title was because it‟s the unexpected andthe audience is yet to know what‟s going to happen.Why we chose the colours and font we did?The colour we chose for the title will be pink becauseits stereotypical of a girl and the font we chose was abold
  24. 24. Film DistributerFor our film we have chosen Universal Studios todistribute our film because they produce themost memorable and popular films. These filmsalso include a lot of well known actors whichincrease the popularity of the production ofthese films.
  25. 25. Allocated rolesAs a group we each took part within completingtasks, we done a lot of the coming up with idea‟s as agroup and done some of the tasks separately.Some of the tasks we done separately were ..There was a mixture of tasks that we needed tocomplete, this varied from choosing our title of ourfilm, choosing an narrative, completing tasks on theblog, putting our powerpoint together and researchto do with our film genres.
  26. 26. Difficulties and what we woulddo different.Difficulties -• As a group we thought coming up with the title for our film was difficult as we wanted the film title to be catchy and also fit in with our film.• Another thing we found difficult was choosing a narrative• Completing our production schedule was also difficultWhat we would do different –Be more prepared for our presentationKeep more track of our production schedule
  27. 27. Thank you forwatching.