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Audience profile


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Audience profile

  1. 1. Audience profileYasmine, Sharnece and Nicola
  2. 2. Audience briefBefore doing our research we had our initial idea of who we wanted as our targetaudience, this was a guide for us throughout our research. As we found our targetaudience we started creating our audience profiles using the results we obtainedthrough our questionnaires and research.When we were deciding on our audience we concidered different factors such as - Age - gender - Sexuality - Ethnicity - Lifestyle
  3. 3. DemographicsA traditional method of audience profiling is know as demographics. This puts thepopulation into six groups which labels them by using letter codes. These are assortedby your status and the income you receive. A Higher management, doctors, lawyers ect. B Middle management, teachers, nurses ect. C1 Office workers C2 Skilled manual workers, builders, plumbers ect. D Students and semi-skilled & unskilled manual workers. E Unemployed
  4. 4. PsychographicsThis is a way of describing an audience by their personality traits and theirbehaviour. Young and Rubican invented the Psychographic theory. MAINSTREAMERS SEEK SECURITY & CONFIRM ASPIRERS SEEK STATUS SUCCEEDERS SEEK CONTROL RESIGNED SEEK SURVIVAL EXPLORERS SEEK DISCOVERY STRUGGLERS SEEK ESCAPE REFORMERS SEEKS ENLIGHTNMENT