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  1. 1. Valentine in France La Fête des amoureux
  2. 2. Valentine was a priest who practiced around the third century in Rome.Emperor Claudius II ruled, who decided to ban marriages for young ​people, because in his opinion the bachelors made better soldierswithout family, and with fewer strings attached.The priest felt that the decree was unfair and challenged the Emperor.Held in secret marriages for young lovers (hence it has become popularValentine is the patron saint of lovers). The Emperor Claudius found outand as Valentine enjoyed great prestige in Rome, the emperorsummoned him to the palace. Valentine took that occasion toproselytize the cristianismo.Although initially showed interest Claudius II, the army and theGovernor of Rome, called Calpurnio, persuaded him to get rid of thecabeza.
  3. 3. This is a celebration of Catholic origin which originally referred to carnal love. Today it has become a To speak of the first commercial holiday, manifestation Valentine us werepresented by hearts move to the island of Britain, or cupid figures where it is very popular this holiday. Honoring the commitment of King Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia, the English poet Chaucer wrote a poem in which he mentioned the Valentine
  4. 4. In most countries on February 14 of each year is the day of love, couples in this day, exchangegifts with each other to show their love, ranging from simple and sweet gesture of affection to a rose, a card , some chocolates
  5. 5. VALENTINES DAY IS DIFFERENT COUNTRIES•Bolivia on July 23.•Brazil on June 12.•China existed Qi Qiao Jie (day to show skills) held theseventh day of the seventh lunar month. Mexico on July 30 is the International Day of Amistad.
  6. 6. •Cuba•Ecuador.• Egypt.•Spain.•Perú•Dominican republic• Puerto rico•Uruguay•Venezuela•Chile•Argentina•Costa rica•Japan
  7. 7. Red is also the most representative images of the cupid and hearts is something that clearly identifies this day of love