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Social impact Activity report

Report che descrive l'impatto sociale delle attività di LUZ attraverso 7 capitoli:
Intro LUZ

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Social impact Activity report

  1. 1. Social impact Activity report
  2. 2. Context 3 Intro LUZ 20 Governance 35 Employees 58 Community 62 Enviornment 73 Security 75 Agenda
  3. 3. CONTEXT
  5. 5. Slide di testo con immagine “ Introduction of the conference, “Economia a misura d’uomo” by Thomas Miorin If the 9 billion people estimated to live on the planet by 2050 seek the same level of wellness that countries like ours enjoy today, the economy would have to expand 15 times, resulting in an economy 40 times larger by the end of the century. If we continue to consume natural resources at double the rate at which they are produced, how will it be possible for the economy to grow by that much?
  6. 6. We have reached a limit it’s time to turn to a new, internal environment: one of psychophysical well being.
  7. 7. INNER WELLNESS For the benefit of people and businesses
  8. 8. Three years after the introduction of strategies to improve and reinforce a positive work environment, companies reported a reduction in sick leave by up to 40% and 3x times more profit. 60% of Italian Millenials prefer training activities to economic rewards. Source: Results from research compleated by nuroscience consultant Sue Langley, Deloitte 2018 “
  9. 9. ETHICS AND VALUES Influence company clients
  10. 10. 71% of Italians buy from certain companies because they support their decisions and they avoid those which don’t align with their own values. Accenture 2019 “
  11. 11. However it is counterproductive to communicate one’s commitment to sustainability in a generic way: 48% of Italians believe that companies interested in sustainability today are solely motivated by “social-washing.” Eumetra for ASviS, 2019 “
  12. 12. Slide di testo con immagine THIS IS WHERE LUZ COMES IN To help companies communicate their values correctly and effectively
  15. 15. For sustainability to create a relationship of trust we need an attractive narrative that is consistent with the role the company wants to play in society. We need content that acts as a service to people.
  16. 16. Slide di testo con immagine LUZ OFFERS AN AUTHENTIC NARRATIVE With an approach based in journalism instead of advertising
  17. 17. Slide di testo con immagine And from marketing and advertising, THE ABILITY TO TRANSFORM DATA INTO SIGNALS
  18. 18. RESULTING IN AUTHETIC, HIGH QUALITY STORIES WHICH ARE 9 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE Source: analytics LUZ. With equal investment in advertising space, brands that collaborate with LUZ share content that is up to 9 times more successful* By advertising space it is intended costs for billboards, printed ads, web spaces, etc. *In terms of positive interactions (comments, shares) by consumers.
  19. 19. INTRO
  20. 20. LUZ EMBODIES THE PHILOSOPHY IT OFFERS TO CUSTOMERS: The promotion and valorisation of stories created by talented individuals in LUZ, facilitating the diffusion and adding the competitive advantage of an agency.
  21. 21. Back to 2010: THE CHALLENGE OF REMAINING COMPETITIVE © Ruy Teixeira
  22. 22. LUZ was born from the legacy of the historical photo agency Agenzia Grazia Neri, whose business was the sale of investigative reportage from all over the world to magazines around the globe. With the advent of digital technology and the wide availability of images, the product of an agency is considered a commodity.
  23. 23. In 2015, after some changes at the top, the current CEO, Alice Siracusano, joined LUZ with a consulting background ranging from offline to online communication, e-commerce and the coordination of communication projects for different media. In 2017 Alice introduced her development project, supported by partner and current Chairman Roberto Minetto, an entrepreneur in the publishing sector, who is a majority shareholder in LUZ. Today the agency is owned in part by Alice (51%) and Roberto (49%).
  24. 24. The new board bets on skills: A method that differentiates the offer and shapes the materials the agency makes available.
  25. 25. REAL STORIESTo share with editors and businesses, knowing that they have a common desire: generate concrete interest within the public
  26. 26. AUTHORin latin Auctor -oris, der. to wish, «grow up»; propr. «who makes people grow» Reporters from around the world chosen by LUZ for the following characteristics: 1) Originality of language: prospective 2) Verticality: knowing how to get to the bottom of stories and taking time to do so 3) Passion: love for what they do and strong reasons for why they do it
  27. 27. On this foundation a working group has been set up within LUZ which dialogues constantly with external authors bringing in expertise from both journalism and advertising. The training and combination of skills is the basis of the LUZ method and is a fundamental part in making our mission concrete.
  28. 28. LUZ MISSIONCreate, safeguard and share high quality stories, based on: truth, relevance and strong authorship
  29. 29. Those who benefit from quality communication by LUZ: • Internal stakeholders, shareholders, employees and collaborators who love what they do and whose work is based on ethics and systemic gain. • Client companies, which retain the loyalty of their target audience with communication that does not interrupt but entertains and informs. • Publishers who commission or publish content from client companies in the form of advertising, which naturally attract the public and win over companies who invest in advertising based on positive readership/interaction rates. • Those for whom the stories are addressed, who benefit from in-depth, unpublished and verified stories
  30. 30. LUZ is the only agency to create both culture and communication at the same time: LUZ is both a publisher and an adv/consulting agency LUZ VALUE PROPOSITION
  31. 31. GOVERNANCE
  32. 32. MISSION AND COMMITMENT Aspects of social impact are considered fundamental to the success of the agency. The agency has a written corporate mission that includes a commitment to a specific positive social impact: to make culture, through all content produced, whether purely editorial or for commercial purposes. Content that gives the public new tools for interpreting reality; that the viewer in a position to understand the object of the narrative. That are not based on standardizations but go beyond the surface. That does not feed into prejudice but instead offers new perspectives and new spaces of thought. In doing so, the agency may bring attention to stories that are particularly relevant to groups of people in difficulty or which speak of specific environmental and social issues². The agency has a list of written values³ that fulfil the above mission. The agency integrates social performance into the decision-making process and provides training to workers on relevant social aspects related to the creation of content. When evaluating performance (and compensation increases) of managers, the quality of content produced and sold is taken into consideration, referring to the criteria described above. Internal audits on the compliance of the above values are conducted periodically, informing the Board of Directors. The agency has created proprietary communication spaces aimed at amplifying the circulation of said content to facilitate reflections on relevant⁴ social issues as well as daily surveys of the interactions on these spaces. The agency welcomes comments from stakeholders (the public) on these platforms and integrates them into the creation of subsequent content.
  33. 33. Our reporter was able to access detention centres in Tripoli, where migrants are held by local militias who redeem liberations, earn money from contacts with the outside world or take on the work of prisoners. © Guillaume Binet / MYOP / LUZ 1
  34. 34. The boys portrayed in this story work on jermals, fishing platforms built in the middle of the sea, in the Strait of Malacca, Indonesia. The boys stay on the platform for up to 6 months; if they try to escape, they risk being killed by sharks. © Francesco Zizola / NOOR / LUZ 2
  35. 35. Tehuacán plays an important role in the textile industry, with more than a hundred industrial laundries, both legal and clandestine, in the city alone. Unfortunately this has led it to become famous for for the unnatural blue colour of the water, or rather, blue denim. Rivers and irrigation canals are tinged with electric blue dye daily when laundries drain their water after a process called “sandblasting”. The toxins in the water have lead to environmental damage: a large price to pay for a pair of fashionable jeans. © Diana Bagnoli / LUZ 2
  36. 36. LUZ VALUES Love: sharing our passion for storytelling; Freedom of expression: for our authors and collaborators; Courage: searching for stories or angles that others choose to overlook; Respect: educating ourselves on the entire story and starting a dialogue; Gratitude: towards our authors, collaborators and clients who make this all possibile; Transparency: choosing an honest and open perspective in every storytelling. 3
  37. 37. 4
  38. 38. ETHICS AND TRANSPARENCY The highest level of supervision in the company is the Board of Directors, which includes two members who are not managers and a Statutory Auditor, although the corporate structure does not impose this. The agency facilitates internal management and good governance with a formal organization chart that determines the hierarchical structure of the organization. The job descriptions of all employees, including individual responsibilities and authority in the decision making process, are clearly defined and weekly meetings are conducted by the management team to plan strategy and make decisions. Board meetings are held once a month, during which the Agency presents information on its financial situation as verified by the Board. In full transparency, the agency shares data on the ownership of the company, number of employees, members of the Board of Directors, financial performance and related documentation of minutes and summaries. It also publishes its financial statements. During the start-up phase both the CEO and Chairman have decided to waive their remuneration. The agency disseminates financial information to employees and trainees at least every month and offers training to understand it.
  39. 39. EMPLOYEES
  40. 40. HEALTH, WELLNESS & SAFETY The work of the majority of the company's employees (78%) is paid with a fixed monthly salary. The company offers bonuses. The percentage of full-time employees who have benefited during the last fiscal year is 33%. The agency will offer the opportunity of corporate participation to employees after the start-up phase. Employees have access to government-sponsored retirement savings plans, all employees have health and insurance coverage and paid leave and vacation as per the National Collective Bargaining Agreement (contratto del Commercio). The agency has written and easily accessible procedures for employees regarding holidays, leave, disciplinary procedures and administration.
  41. 41. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The agency has a formal employee evaluation process with widespread responsibility (CEOs towards managers and managers towards resources with reporting responsibilities) and in the last year it has offered continuous training on the working responsibilities of employees: from the initial sharing of tasks, to the subsequent identification of half- yearly objectives, to the comparison when evaluating objectives and assigning new ones for the coming half-year. During these comparisons, specific willingness to develop training for the assignment of personal and group training courses is highlighted. The process, which involves all employees, includes clearly identified and achievable objectives and written guidance on career development. The agency offers training on specific skills to promote professional development in relation to responsibilities and training on skills for personal development that are not directly related to tasks. Moreover the agency facilitates or allocates resources for external professional development opportunities such as conferences and events. On average, every employee hired in the last 12 months has had at least one week of training.
  42. 42. BONUSES AND SATISFACTION The agency policy encourages internal promotions for managerial positions, full-time internships and intra-team career paths. In addition to economic bonuses other bonuses are offered such as birthday and holiday gifts, peer lunches and vouchers related to cultural education (e.g. for the purchase of books). Employees have flexible working hours when agreed upon in advance with the manager as they are equipped with a laptop computer. The company is pet friendly, employees are allowed to bring domestic dogs into the office. The agency provides workers with common areas furnished and prepared for snack and lunch break, equipped with water dispensers for use and consumption of employees. The agency conducts regular (at least once a year) employee satisfaction surveys and employee involvement surveys.
  43. 43. COMMUNITY
  44. 44. BUSINESS MODEL The company's business model creates a specific benefit for the community as it encourages the dissemination of verified, relevant and in-depth information, whether it is intended for the editorial⁵ or commercial⁶ market.
  45. 45. 5
  46. 46. 5
  47. 47. 6
  48. 48. 6
  49. 49. BUSINESS MODEL The agency is committed to protecting copyright, requiring that all publications cite the author of the work. In doing so, visibility is ensured for reporters whose work depends on it. The economic margin resulting from the sale of information of this kind, whether photographic or written, is increasingly low due to the generalised crisis in the publishing and advertising sectors. Recognition of the author is crucial, not only to increase the likelihood of new commissions, but also for the legal protection of the reporter's work. The agency is at the forefront of recognition of this right implementing special training for employees, actions to educate clients, declining collaborations with clients who refuse to recognise copyright and providing legal advice for authors and clients who request consultation. In addition, the agency provides authors with a facilitation service for bureaucratic issues related to the performance of their tasks (e.g. drafting letters of assignment for missions to cover certain situations, contacts with institutions to facilitate expatriate practices, etc.).
  50. 50. SUPPLIERS When selecting suppliers, the agency first certifies that they meet the criteria of the agency with regard to the management of people and production process. More specifically, with reference to the authors who would like to collaborate with the agency, there is a written selection process that can be easily consulted by all employees. Selected authors must recognise the social responsibility of creating their work, either visual or written, and they must know show responsibility when portraying certain situations or people, and do so in a way that provokes reflection. Passion is a crucial factor when evaluating an author: they must show that they understand and love the stories they tell.
  51. 51. CLIENTS The agency works only with clients who have respect for people and for their work. Compliance implies the maintenance of sufficient conditions to operate freely, both economically or relationally. After the conclusion of a project there is a formal process to request feedback from the client in order to monitor their level of satisfaction. The agency offers contractual guarantees of protection with respect to its products or services. The agency manages the privacy and security of its clients' data.
  52. 52. INCLUSION The agency promotes inclusion policies and does not tolerate any form of discrimination. Requirements and language used in job descriptions are analysed to ensure that they are fair and inclusive. More than 50% of the workers in the company identify as women. 33% are under 30 years old. 66% of managers are women and one third belong to an under-represented social group. The ratio between the highest remuneration, including bonuses, and the lowest is 2.5x. The CEO and majority shareholder is a woman. The agency offers fathers the option to take paid leave following the birth of a child, in addition to the terms required by law. It offers mothers with children up to the age of 3 paid days off to stay with their children in case of illness.
  53. 53. ECONOMIC IMPACT The agency has an office in Milan where all partners are located. The agency establishes partnerships with local charities to promote, above all, culture and the development of inclusion. Employees can choose to do voluntary work during working days, when agreed upon in advance with the direct manager and area manager to verify that the absence does not affect existing activity. In this case, the day is paid for by the agency. All permanent or equivalent employees (88% of the total) are insured and undergo medical examinations.
  54. 54. ENVIRoNMENT
  55. 55. ENVIRoNMENTAL MANAGEMENT The company structures are not owned and the following practices have been established to promote implementation and maintenance of the space: energy efficiency improvements, waste reduction programs (including recycling), consumption control, plastic elimination. Employees are offered incentives to use public transport on the home-work commute.
  56. 56. SECURITY
  57. 57. PRIVACY The agency has a policy available to the public on the use of data and privacy; it informs all users about the information collected, how long it is kept, how it is used and if and how it is shared with other entities. Customers have the option to decide how their data can be used and all email address and corporate email list creation strategies are GDPR compliant.
  58. 58. SECURITY The agency's employees have attended courses on workplace safety, and have access to a written manual on security management, as well as on the management of personal and sensitive data.
  59. 59. Every LUZ presentation finishes with the following slides
  60. 60. work with us if you want to to create Communication based on truth, That reaches people naturally, and has the capacity to Be measured for efficency.
  61. 61. The ideas, concepts, information, and materials included in this document are and shall remain the exclusive intellectual property of LUZ Società Benefit S.r.l. Thanks