Mobile Presence: What's Your Flavor?


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A short overview of your business's mobile presence options. Summer-style.

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Mobile Presence: What's Your Flavor?

  1. 1. August, 2011 Mobile Presence: What’s Your Flavor?IntroductionSummertime is that time of the year that manyentrepreneurs start thinking about the future oftheir business. It allows just for that little morebreathing space to reflect on what’s to come andwhere to put your efforts into next.If this sounds familiar, you might want toconsider the option of bringing your businessinto the mobile space. In 2010, the number ofmobile surfers tripled worldwide, a trend thatseems to carry on in 2011. And although mobilesurfers may only still count for 6% of totaltraffic, their numbers are growing rapidly,probably also in your business’ target group.So let’s discuss your options for a mobilepresence for a while. Summer-style.Geert De LaetTechnology EvangelistBart VerbeerenSenior Interaction DesignerLUON | 1
  2. 2. Mobile Presence: What’s Your Flavor?Mobile Flavor 1: Stracciatella (aka ‘my-site-with-bits-of-mobile’) If you already have a deliciously Why go with a tweaked version of your vanilla flavored desktop website? website, you could go mobile pretty easily just by adding or Like stracciatella, it’s an easy choice: it can be adjusting some bits and pieces. implemented pretty easy into existing sites, A few tweaks like increasing without a large costfont size and link areas could already make awhole lot of difference for a mobile surfer The website’s branding is maintainedvisiting your website. You only have to maintain 1 websiteHowever, in this approach the mobile presenceis a mere carbon-copy of your desktop presence.And that should never ever be the case. Mobile Why stay away from it?users have other needs and expectations thandesktop users do. It’s not plain vanilla, but it’s not chocolate either: it offers a far from ideal experience Based upon mobile surfing behavior tree to the mobile user types of mobile users are to be distinguished: Because all of the assets of the desktop version remain present, a tweaked design website will  Repetitive now: users interested in suffer longer download times. repetitive information that’s available fast and always like weather reports, The content and navigation (‘information stock quotes, blog posts, … architecture’) are not optimized for mobile  Bored now: surfing to kill time: for usage! example while waiting for the train  Urgent now: find something specific fast ‘on the spot’, like the address of a local restaurant or directions to the airport (Source: Google)LUON | 2
  3. 3. Mobile Presence: What’s Your Flavor?Mobile Flavor 2: Speculoos (aka ‘my-site-with-transformer-capabilities’) Speculoos flavored ice Why go with responsive design? cream is kind of the new kid on the block. It may You can build upon your previous efforts of not be fully integrated developing your desktop website. Only the yet, but it has all the presentation of the content will change. elements needed to become a true classic. You only have to maintain 1 website.Which is also the case for ‘responsive design’, Compared to the ‘stracciatella’ option, it offers a‘adaptive layout’ or whatever name you want to far more user-friendly experience to thecome up with to indicate that your site will user.magically adapt to the device used to visit it. Content and navigation flow for the desktop and mobile versions can differ: It is possible to for example simplify your navigation in the mobile version. When of course content and navigation would be completely different, you might want to opt for a dedicated mobile website (see Mobile Flavor 3). Why stay away from it? Desktop version of the website. The new kid on the block is not very much welcomed by the elders: Older browsers like Internet Explorer 8 don’t support Media Queries. Because all of the assets of the desktop version remain present, a responsive design website will suffer longer download times. Mobile version of the website with altered layout using responsive design.To accomplish this, adaptive layout uses afeature of the latest version of CSS (CSS3), called‘media queries’, a way to query which kind ofmedia is connecting to your site in order to offerthe most suitable interface possible.LUON | 3
  4. 4. Mobile Presence: What’s Your Flavor?Mobile Flavor 3: Chocolate (aka ‘mobile-sweetness-for-the-masses’) Ah, the sweet taste of Why go with a dedicated mobile site? chocolate… Such an obvious favorite. But rightfully so! Compared to a mobile presence based upon your desktop website (see Mobile Flavors 1 and 2), a If you want to please the dedicated mobile site will have a much better masses, create a decent performance.dedicated mobile website. You can select contentrelevant on mobile, you can offer it in an Since it was created for mobile, it will be moreoptimized navigation structure and perhaps user-friendly on mobile deviceseven throw in a couple of mobile-only features. Being a website, it can be viewed on different mobile devices (think iPhone, Android devices, …). Why stay away from it? You have to build the dedicated mobile website, which will lead to a higher development cost. You have to maintain an additional website You can’t make use of all the specific capabilities of the device like the camera or accelerometer (which detects the orientation of the device). A mobile browser can never access those. So if that’s your game, you’ll have to pick Mobile Flavor 5 below from our menu… The LUON dedicated mobile websiteLUON | 4
  5. 5. Mobile Presence: What’s Your Flavor?Mobile Flavor 4: Dame Blanche (aka ‘even-more-mobile-sweetness’) We’re in another ballgame Why go for HTML5/CSS3 web app? now. We’re not talking one or two scoops on a cone any Access to more functionalities using HTML5 more. We’re talking full coupes with warm chocolate Richer user interface using CSS3 sauce and home-made whip cream. And a cookie. Bigger reach than a native app because it is browser based New technologies are arising to create such full flavormobile experiences. HTML5 and CSS3 already Why stay away from it?allow you to create very rich mobile userinterfaces that mimic a true native app (see Both HTML5 and CSS3 are far from fullyMobile Flavor 5), but are accessible on different supported by mobile browsers. Before pickingdevices through the browser. this flavor, make sure you’ll be able to reach yourEspecially for mobile applications, this new way target group.of working is very promising because it Although you have more possibilities usingcombines the best of both worlds: it offers great HTML5, you still won’t be able to make usefunctionalities (such as working offline) as well of all the specific device reach (it can be viewed on iPads, Androidtablets and so on). Example of an iPhone web app built using HTML5 and CSS3LUON | 5
  6. 6. Mobile Presence: What’s Your Flavor?Mobile Flavor 5: Banana Split (aka ‘all-the-mobile-goodies-with-sprinkles-on-top’) So you want to have it all now, do you? Even the little cherry on top… If that’s the case, you shouldbuild your own “native” application. Nativeapplications are applications that are builtespecially for the device they will run on. Theydon’t need a browser to run and can access allthe device’s features like camera and GPS.Mobile applications are mostly offered via one ofthe “application supermarkets”. Apple has itsApp Store, Google has its Android Market,Blackberry has its App World. From there,applications can be downloaded (for free orpaid).Why go for a native app?Optimized in terms of speed and performanceYou can use all the native device controlsHigher brand visibility: The ‘spinner’ functionality of the Solo Open Your application will be findable in the application market(s) Kitchen native iPhone app Your application will be visible directly on the desktop of the mobile device You can use notifications to establish a Why stay away from it? frequent contact with the users High development cost (especially if youYou can charge a little something for your app want to support a lot of different devices) Hard to maintain Design for repeat users According to a recent usability study by the Third-party approval is required before the Norman-Nielsen Group, native applications app is available in stores. work best when they are designed for customers who are already fans of the brand and engage with it on a regular basis.LUON | 6
  7. 7. Mobile Presence: What’s Your Flavor?So now what’s your flavor? magically find your mobile site or application, you will have to actively drive traffic to it. JustThere is no right or wrong answer to this like the ice cream man in the street, you too willquestion. While Mobile Flavor 1 and Mobile have to make yourself heard. And you too willFlavor 2 might be quick win strategies, they have to keep track of what happens on yourmight not necessarily be the best solution for mobile site to make sure that your mobileyour business, the solution that will guarantee business doesn’t lose its taste of the highest ROMI (Return On MarketingInvestment). Want to discuss your mobile presenceTo find out what is, you’ll have to answer a with us?couple of questions: LUON has extensive experience in all flavors of mobile projects through past projects forWhat is your target group? clients like Unilever Solo, Ello Mobile,Try to figure out how ‘mobile’ your target group Sony Ericsson and Acasa Start with digging up the numbers of mobiletraffic from your web analytics package. But it We can help you figuring out the bestmight also be a good idea to do a quick customer approach for your business so that yoursurvey. investments in the mobile space pay off to the maximum.What are your (mobile) goals?What do you want to accomplish with your Please contact us via glintermans@luon.commobile presence? Is it just a matter of ‘being or call +32 478 32 46 00present’ –in which case a simple mobile websitewill probably do- or do you want to offersomething unique for branding or acquisition About LUONpurposes –in which case you’d probably ratherwant to create a native app- ? LUON is a customer relationship marketing agency.What is your added value in the mobilespace? By developing campaigns and programs basedIf you have content that is highly suited for on smart ideas, relevant content and a matchingmobile use, try to leverage on it by offering it in experience, we help brands benefit from athe best way possible. For example, don’t opt for fruitful relationship with their customers. Its allMobile Flavor 1 if you’re a site offering flight a matter of making the right offer at the rightinformation. Instead think of a dedicated mobile moment in the customer’s lifecycle, across allwebsite or even a native application. relevant interactive media. Every project we work on is based on clear and measurable objectives. Which helps us in ourOne more thing… burning ambition to achieve extraordinary Return On Marketing Investment, together withMind you that a mobile presence is no different great clients such as Unilever, Sony Ericsson,from any other marketing effort. Above all, it Vaillant, Tech Data, Thomas Cook, Microsoft,should fit your global marketing and Fnac and Ello strategy. Second, it will need a lotof effort to make it work. People will not justLUON | 7
  8. 8. Mobile Presence: What’s Your Flavor?Contact Geert De Laet Technology Evangelist @geertdelaet Gert Lintermans Client Services Director +32 478 32 46 00LUONBrusselsesteenweg 5603090 OverijseBelgiumT +32 2 686 00 @LUON | 8