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LUG SA Capital Group in 2012 - annual review

The presentation "LUG SA Capital Group in 2012 - annual review" is a part of Online Annual Report 2012 - the first online report on NewConnect market. The presentation is an abbreviation for major events in 2012, with a commentary of the President of LUG S.A. Management Board.

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LUG SA Capital Group in 2012 - annual review

  1. 1. LUG S.A. Capital Group in 2012 - Timeline
  2. 2. LUG in 2012 JANUARY01 In January 2012, LUG Light Factory purchased a 2.4ha estate in Lubuski Industry and Technology Park in Nowy Kisielin, where it is planning to build a plant manufacturing electronic components. The area is part of the Kostrzyń-Słubice Special Economic Zone. 01/2012 Site Acquisition for a New Plant „Our subsidiary has purchased an investment plot of 2.43 ha in a bidding procedure for the net price of PLN 980,000. We have already obtained a permit to conduct business activity in the Kostrzyo-Słubice Special Economic Zone where the real estate is located. We are going to build a plant manufacturing devices based on advanced LED technologies which are just now beginning to develop. Moreover, there is a shortage of high-quality products in Poland, and the market is flooded with poor-quality products from Asia. We want to fill that niche and start up the new plant by the end of 2015,” – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of LUG S.A. Management Board
  3. 3. LUG in 2012 FEBRUARY02 LUG S.A. Capital Group has completed the registration of a LUG Light Factory Sp. z o.o. trade office in the Ajman Free Zone. The office is located within the economic zone in Ajman, near Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 02/2012 Commercial Representative Office in the United Arab Emirates „Our foreign expansion has gained momentum. We are opening trade and representative offices in markets in which we already have established a strong presence, and believe these efforts are bound to be successful. Such was the case with our representative offices in London and Paris. And such is the case with the new trade office in the Ajman Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates,” – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of LUG S.A. Management Board
  4. 4. LUG in 2012 MARCH03 LUG S.A.’s website and its investor relations have been appreciated by the jury, who selected the company from among the 54 issuers which made it to Stage Two. In the NewConnect category, LUG competed against two other companies. All of the finalist companies were analysed by excellent capital market professionals, including experts in graphic design, marketing communications, economics and investor relations. 03/2012 Golden Website 2012 Finals “We are pleased with the jury’s opinion and the voices of investors who appreciate changes in our website design which make it even more user- friendly and meet their information requirements,” – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of LUG S.A. Management Board
  5. 5. LUG in 2012 APRIL04 In April 2012, during LIGHT+BUILDING, the biggest trade fair in the lighting industry held in Frankfurt am Main, LUG presented a new brand of its exclusive lighting fixtures. Flash DQ is a new line of lighting solutions targeted at architects and designers looking for a synergy between supreme quality and sophisticated design. The brand’s debut was a great success. 04/2012 Flash DQ Brand Debut „During this year’s edition of the prestigious Light + Building trade fair, we presented our new collections of Flash DQ fixtures. Our exhibition stand was visited by nearly one thousand people, and each of the visitors emphasized our non-standard solutions and interesting design, referring both to the stand and the fixtures,” – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of LUG S.A. Management Board
  6. 6. LUG in 2012 MAY05 LUG Light Factory received the Business Swallow 2012 statuette, symbolising the Economic Award of the President of Zielona Góra. The company was presented the award in recognition of the fact that its activities not only take international markets by storm, but also contribute to the development of Zielona Góra and local communities. 05/2012 Business Swallow 2012 „Zielona Góra is our city, and I am fascinated with observing the progress it is making towards becoming a friendly and dynamically developing place, both for business, culture and sports alike. I am happy LUG has its roots here and can support these changes,” – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of LUG S.A. Management Board
  7. 7. LUG in 2012 JUNE06 In June 2012, LUG S.A. Capital Group celebrated the completed registration procedure of its new subsidiary, LUG do Brazil - Artigos de Iluminação Ltda. (LUG do Brazil Ltda.) began the process of expansion on the Brazilian market and development of its operations throughout South America. 06/2012 Expansion on the Brazilian market “Our new subsidiary will not only employ local experts who are familiar with the realities of a country as culturally and economically different from ours as Brazil, but will also be managed locally, as all Directors are residents of São Paulo. Poland will contribute our know-how and technical expertise developed over the 20 years of the company’s existence. If all goes well as expected, Brazil will become our gateway to other markets in South America,” – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of LUG S.A. Management Board
  8. 8. LUG in 2012 JULY07 The General Meeting of LUG S.A. Shareholders adopted a resolution on the distribution of the first dividend since the company was listed on the stock exchange. In accordance with the resolution, a dividend of PLN 0.01 per share was paid out on 11 October 2012. 07/2012 Dividend for LUG S.A. Shareholders “Considering our dynamic development and investment plans related to the market launch of new fixtures and construction of a new production plant, our shareholders should be satisfied with the dividend. We have received many positive responses from investors who appreciate the fact we deliver on our promises and are prepared to share the profits we make,” – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of LUG S.A. Management Board
  9. 9. LUG in 2012 AUGUST08 In the second issue of the TOP PICK report, Infinity8 analysts identified LUG S.A. as one of the three most interesting companies in the Alternative Trading System. The company gained recognition for its dynamic performance, innovativeness of its products, and plans for building a new production plant. 08/2012 TOP PICK on the NewConnect Market LUG was awarded an overall rating of 5. This was made up of detailed ratings in the following categories: innovation – 4.5; experience of the Management Board – 5; share liquidity – 5; Altman Z-score – 4. The report is available at:,year,2012,news_id,5 164
  10. 10. LUG in 2012 SEPTEMBER09 On 28 September 2012, the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders voted on a resolution concerning a reverse split of the Issuer’s stock. The Shareholders unanimously adopted the reverse split programme proposed by LUG S.A. Management Board. 09/2012 Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders The stock split we performed two years ago did not deliver the expected results. We began to be perceived as a penny company, which reflected negatively on our reputation. The investors we held meetings with emphasized the fact that the Company was undervalued. The technical stock merge process itself will not be enough. I do hope, however, that together with the upcoming mid-term results, the company’s success in Brazil, and its plans of further growth, it will contribute to improving our market rating,” – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of LUG S.A. Management Board
  11. 11. LUG in 2012 OCTOBER10 LUG Light Factory finalised the formal procedure of registering its trade representation in Paris, the capital of France. As a result, the business activities of LUG S.A. Capital Group have legally been established as part of its strategy of expansion on European markets. 10/2012 Trade representation in France “So far, we have operated on the French market without a trade representation of our own, based on business contacts pursued with the use of remote communication tools. From now on, we will be able to operate in Paris directly through our own commercial office,” – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of LUG S.A. Management Board
  12. 12. LUG in 2012 NOVEMBER11 In November 2012, LUG performed a reverse stock split resulting in an increase in the nominal value per share and a proportional reduction in their number. A Knowledge Centre was launched for shareholders and investors, providing detailed information concerning the process. 11/2012 LUG S.A. Reverse Stock Split Share Series No. of shares before RSS (nominal value PLN 0.01) No. of shares after RSS (nominal value PLN 0.25) Series A 108,000,000 4,320,000 Series B 35,971,400 1,438,856 Series C 35,992,850 1,439,714 Total 179,964,250 7,198,570
  13. 13. LUG in 2012 DECEMBER12 In December 2012, LUG S.A. Capital Group purchased a new production line for SMD assembly which will enable the manufacture of LED components already in 2013. In the spring of 2013, work began at the existing LUG plant to add an extension of 700m2. 12/2012 Production of LED Components We decided to wait no longer and begin the manufacture of electronic components we will use in LED fixtures already in 2013. There is a shortage of high-quality LED components in Poland, and the market is flooded with poor quality products from Asia. We want to fill that niche and, in addition, by making use of our own resources increase our production capacity and options for adjusting our components to non-standard designer concepts,” – says Ryszard Wtorkowski, President of LUG S.A. Management Board
  14. 14. LUG S.A. ul. Gorzowska 11 65-127 Zielona Góra Contact: