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Unit 2. feudalism project


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feudalism project

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Unit 2. feudalism project

  2. 2. The activity you have to do: A LAPBOOK • You are going to remember what is a LAPBOOK with the following images:
  3. 3. YOUR LAPBOOK ABOUT: FEUDALISM • To do your LAPBOOK you need the information you have in your book (UNIT 3). • It has to contain the following information: – Concept of Feudalism. – Foundation of Feudal Europe. – Feudal system: Characteristics, Feudal-vassal relationships, hierarchical structure. – Feudal society. – Feudal economy. – Your opinion about this political, social and economic system.
  4. 4. IMPORTANT • You are going to do the activity in pairs. • Date of delivery: 27/11/2017 (Monday). The mark of unit 2 is the mark of the Lapbook. THERE IS NO EXAM!!!!! BUT…
  5. 5. IMPORTANT: NOTEBOOK • You also have to do the cover of Unit 2: – Title: FEUDALISM. • Then, you have to two conceptual maps, with the essential information about Feudalism: – Conceptual map with the information in English language. – Conceptual map with the information in Spanish language. • I am going to review your notebooks (exam date) and give you a mark. So, here you have an opportunity to improve your mark.