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Project about geosphere


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Published in: Education
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Project about geosphere

  2. 2. Purpose of the project 1. Prepare a presentation about the Geosphere (Unit 2). 2. You have to use the Book, in which you have the essential information. 3. You can look for more information, images…
  3. 3. Your project must include, these points: 1. The internal structure of the Earth. a. Geosphere. b. Plate Tectonics. 2. Relief formation. a. Internan forces of the Earth. b. External agents. 3. The Earthś continents.
  4. 4. IMPORTANT! ● Include only the essential information. ● You can add more details when presenting your project orally. ● Try to be original and creative and use attractive pictures. ● There will be a prize for the project which gets the highest mark!!
  5. 5. Evaluation ● All the team members must have a similar contribution to the oral presentation of their project. Time limit group: 15 min. ● PROJECT PRESENTATION TIPS: ○ Be as calm as possible. After all, these your classmates and you are going to show them a good work! ○ Use your hands: We use gestures naturally while talking to someone. ○ Speak with a loud and clear voice. ○ Maintain eye contact. ○ Stand aside when you are pointing out pictures, maps, etc. ○ Know your material, you can have a look at some notes but don’t read long passages! ○ Rehearse your speech in front of a mirror, family or friends.
  6. 6. PLANNING ➢ WEEK 21-25 october = preparation presentations IN CLASS. ➢ 28 - 29 october = presentations to your classmates.