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V7 English 2010 20 101


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manageminds company presentation

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V7 English 2010 20 101

  1. 1. manageminds – Interim Management Kurfürstendamm 133-134 D-10711 Berlin 126.01.2015 126.01.2015 Company Presentation
  2. 2. 226.01.2015 226.01.2015 We assume responsibility for the change process! Interim-Management (lat. ad interim „in the meantime, meanwhile“) the temporary provision of management resources & skills. Decide •Problem definition •Analysis •Strategic evaluation •Planning Implement •Re organisation •Re building •Adjustment •Development Sustain •Results •Competitiveness •Employee development •Process improvements Consultancy Interim Management Responsibility
  3. 3. 326.01.2015 326.01.2015 Interim Management is particularly effective, in relation to: availability flexibility success orientated objectivity expertise implementation skills Bridging Vacancies Process Re engineering Management Development Special Projects Product- and Sales- Development Purchase and Sale of Companies Crisis Mngt and Restructuring
  4. 4. 426.01.2015 426.01.2015 The individual levels of service offered by manageminds! General management Process management Project management Tools / Methods Assumption of General management responsibility including authority levels Management of individual business units / functional areas or the coaching of management in change processes (Concoaching) Assumption of project management responsibility of specific projects and including leadership of the project management team Development of tools, applications and standards for operational mngt &control Training courses, Development & QM
  5. 5. 526.01.2015 526.01.2015 A structured approach, the foundation of our success! Regardless of the assignment a managemind always uses the same standard approach and guarantees: Targets & Strategy Analysis & Actions Measurements & Time plan Realisation & Adjustment Review Evaluation- audit  an approach compatible with the economic position of the company  the continual identification of the critical factors and issues  clear time frames for delivery  provable and measurable results at each stage of the project  higher progress & results transparency for the customer  the involvement and empowerment of the customers own employees  the implementation of project management skills in the organisation
  6. 6. 626.01.2015 626.01.2015 Examples of successful projects realised by manageminds 2001 • Selection and integration of a central ASP – IT platform and restructuring of the ERP solution • Integration and restructuring of investment holdings for an international company 2004 • Implemenation of a MIS for an international security technology company • Business turnaround and integration of various local alarm receiving centres 2007 • Development and implementation of production controlling for a food manufacturer • Various M+A Projects in technical services branch 2009 • Business turnaround of a leading technology company in the logistics industry • Strategy development and accompaniment of the foundation of a software development company 2010 • Security systems Project management for one of the leading new ‘business park’ developments in Europe • M+A strategy for a foreign investor in the area of security services • Development and integration of productions controlling for a medium sized utilities company
  7. 7. 726.01.2015 726.01.2015 Manage (r)ment competence with success guaranteed !  significant management & project experience  wide ranging expertise through international experience  entrepreneurial skills combined with management competence  industry and functional specialisation  working as a team, therefore  quicker realisation  lower project costs through improved efficiency  expertise & experience of ‘all’ for the price of ‘one’  one point of contact even in complex projects  higher flexibility within the project  significantly improved risk management
  8. 8. manageminds – Interim Management Kurfürstendamm 133-134 D-10711 Berlin 826.01.2015 826.01.2015 Success is a matter of adjusting one´s efforts to obstacles and one´s abilities to a service needed by other Henry Ford
  9. 9. 926.01.2015 926.01.2015 Thank you for your time! manageminds – Interim Management Laurence Totten Kurfürstendamm 133-134 D-10711 Berlin Mobile: +49 (170) 798 3400