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Group micro teaching- teaching practice


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Micro teaching

Published in: Education
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Group micro teaching- teaching practice

  1. 1. Group Micro-teaching Group 2: 1. Phan Thị Quí 2. Phạm Huyền Trang 3. Trần Thị Thùy Trang 4. Lê Thủy Tiên 5. Võ Nguyễn Hạnh Nhiên
  3. 3. RULES IN CLASSROOM 1.Be active 2.English to English 3.Listen
  4. 4. Unit 11: Getting Information
  5. 5. Practice • Situation 1: A: B: You mean St. Luke’s Hospital? A: B: That’s easy. Just… A: B: Don’t mention it. • Situation 2: A: B: Do you know where Main Street is? Well, it’s on the corner of Fourth and Main. A: B: Fourth is just a block over from Fifth, right? You know where that is, don’t you? A: B: A: OK. I think I’ve got it now. Thanks a lot. B:
  6. 6. Situation: A is new in the country and is trying to find the consulate. A see a police officer across the street. A • gets police officer’s attention • explains situation, asks where consulate is • asks for clarification • repeats directions • thanks police officer Police officer •responds •give directions •explains again •confirms directions •replies to thanks