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  • Jason
  • GeoffreyIn addition to the online form, your job application will usually require a:RésuméReference listStatement addressing the selection criteria (for some organisations)Academic transcripts (for some organisations)Source: Graduate Opportunities
  • Geoffrey
  • GeoffreyAllow 1-2 hours per application.Make sure that your email address if correct, professional and reliable as this is the primary method of contact.Look at the company website to see if it includes information about applying for graduate programs and read it!Attach all documents as requested and ensure you have attached them in the correct format.
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  • Geoffrey
  • Geoffrey
  • Geoffrey
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  • Head start online applications

    1. 1. Title of presentation Start Graduate Head 2013 Name of presenter ONLINE APPLICATIONS Title of presenter School / Development CareerFaculty / Division Centre La Trobe University xx Month 201x 20 February 2013latrobe.edu.au CRICOS Provider 00115M
    2. 2. Online application forms• 77% of employers have an online application process.• Designed for you to provide evidence that you have the skills and attributes matching the selection criteria.• Filling out application forms can be time consuming - allow at least 1-2 hours per application.Source: Unigrad 2012Click to edit Master text styles 2
    3. 3. Strategies to succeedResearch the position (what questions are likely to be asked?) the organisation (what attitudes & skills are valued?) your background (what evidence can you provide?) ̶ your motivation, experiences, skillsCommunication summarise your key selling points keep it simple and structured Click to edit Master text styles 3
    4. 4. Tips for online applications • Allow plenty of time to complete the application form. • Read and follow the employer’s instructions!! • Stick to word limits!!! • Proof-read for spelling, grammar and punctuation. • Ensure your documentation is of a professional standard. • Save files in a version that anyone can open. • Keep a copy of your submitted application. • Diarise the application closing date and submit your application well before then.Click to edit Master text styles 4
    5. 5. Online Application Questions •Closed questions •Requiring right/wrong or yes/no answers •More common in assessment tasks, exams, tests •Open general questions •Behavioural questionsClick to edit Master text styles 5
    6. 6. Typical questions relating to your goals, career objective,knowledge of company• What’s the achievement you’re proudest of?• What are your strengths and weaknesses?• What four words best describe you?• What appeals to you about our firm and why you would like to work here?• Why are you interested in joining our graduate program?• What are your long term aspirations?• Please describe what interests you about a career in ......Click to edit Master text styles 6
    7. 7. Sample Online Questions Question 1 Why do you want to work for the Victorian Public Service as opposed to other graduate opportunities? What do you feel you could contribute to the work done by the Victorian Public Service? (Please limit your response to 250 words or less). Question 2 Please provide an example of a time when you had to work as part of a team to accomplish an objective. Describe the task, what your role in the team was, and what outcomes the team achieved. (Please limit your response to 250 words or less). Information that exceeds these limits will not be considered. (109 words on this slide)Click to edit Master text styles 7
    8. 8. Developing answers to open general questionsIdentify your key selling points• review selection criteria and job descriptionDemonstrate self-awareness on main issues:• your skills and qualities, both personal and professional• how you chose this career pathway• motivation: why working in this industry and occupation is important to you• what makes you passionate about your work in general and this job in particular Link your own story to the industry/discipline and the organisationClick to edit Master text styles 8
    9. 9. Thank youContact Us:Bundoora: Level 1, Peribolos East 9479 2459www.latrobe.edu.au/students/careerscareers@latrobe.edu.au @LTUcareers www.facebook.com/LaTrobeCareerslatrobe.edu.au CRICOS Provider 00115M