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Head start networking


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Head start networking

  1. 1. Title of presentation Start Graduate Head 2013 Name of presenter NETWORKING Title of presenter School / Development CareerFaculty / Division Centre La Trobe University xx Month 201x 20 February CRICOS Provider 00115M
  2. 2. Networking• Talking about you• Sharing your knowledge with others• Talking with a purpose• What do you want? Names, ideas, introductions?• Communicate your personal brandHow to Network• Actively listen• Ask the right questions• Be interested in the answers• Ask open ended questions Click to edit Master text styles 2
  3. 3. Social networkingFacebook• Will anything be embarrassing if seen by an employer?• Ensure privacy settings keep employers separated from friendsLinkedIn• Best for professional networking• Upload your resume• Have a professional summary• Keep up to date with referees and ex-colleaguesClick to edit Master text styles 3
  4. 4. LinkedInClick to edit Master text styles 4
  5. 5. How to use LinkedIn• Add people that you meet including recruiters at the expo• Join a special interest group related to your field• Engage in conversations in the interest groups• Update your status regularly ‘seeking opportunities in...’• Use the resume builder• Ask former colleagues and employers to complete a recommendation on your account• Follow up your contacts regularly, use the in built email in LinkedIn or send directly to their email addressClick to edit Master text styles 5
  6. 6. Social networking for research• Use Linked in and other sites to gain further info on graduate opportunities , employer expectations and company culture• Forums can be a good source of info on what to expect from those who have been through the process o e.g. whirlpool, gradconnection, wikijob etc.Click to edit Master text styles 6
  7. 7. Gradconnection – employer forum sessionsClick to edit Master text styles 7
  8. 8. Click to edit Master text styles 8
  9. 9. Networking atGraduate Recruitment Events
  10. 10. Preparing to attend employer events• Research the organisations before attending and find out which are hiring graduates from your discipline.• Make a list of organisations you want to talk to.• Prepare questions to ask employers you are targeting.• Bring your résumé, a notepad and pen, and a card with your contact details to give to potential employers.• Have a neat and tidy appearance.Click to edit Master text styles 10
  11. 11. Develop your elevator pitchA brief summary that introduces who you are, yourinterests, skills and experiences, and states what you areseeking“Hi, my name is ... I have recently graduated from La Trobe University with a science degree majoring in genetics. I’m really interested in how we can use web 2.0 technology to increase people’s awareness of inherited disorders. I am interested in the research work your company has undertaken in this area especially relating to ...”Click to edit Master text styles 11
  12. 12. Develop your elevator pitch - ActivityAction: Take 5 minutes to draft out your elevator pitchWhat do you want to say about yourself? • qualification/s and experience • work competencies and personal qualities • interest in the position, the organisation and industry • current situation and availability to commence workClick to edit Master text styles 12
  13. 13. Networking at Expos• Be proactive and approach employers• Introduce yourself - have an opening line (elevator pitch)• Firm handshake, maintain eye contact• Ask questions about the industry not just the recruitment process• Explain a little about you• Ask informed questions• Enthusiasm counts• Always be polite and friendly Click to edit Master text styles 13
  14. 14. Examples of questions that impressed employers• Will the… affect your graduate recruitment intake?• I researched on your website and would like to know what you think it takes to make a successful…?• What qualities are you looking for in … role?• How does… differentiate itself from other organisations?• What are the challenges and rewards of working for…?• What is the most critical stage in the selection process?• What are the opportunities for training / career progression?• Why do you choose to work for…?• What type of work will I be involved in as a graduate / what is the daily routine?Click to edit Master text styles 14
  15. 15. And some that did not impress …• How much do I get paid / what is the starting salary?• Do I have to wear a uniform?• Do you have a graduate program / graduate positions?• Why do you have to be an Australian citizen?• I have … major – would that do?• What happens if I lie on my application form?• Do I have to work 40hrs / week?• Will I like the job after I complete the training?• What are communication skills? Source: careerone .comClick to edit Master text styles 15
  16. 16. Ending a conversation“I plan on circulating the room, but it’s been great meeting you.Do you have a card?”“There are a number of students waiting to chat to you, so I’ll letyou go. Do you have a card?”“It’s been great speaking with you. I’ll send you a copy of myresume tomorrow. Do you have a card?”Click to edit Master text styles 16
  17. 17. Follow upIf you don’t follow up, what was the point going to the event?Consider sending an email or message after the event• Thank them for their time• A document or weblink you discussed• Your resume if appropriate• Send an invite to join your Linkedin network 19 February 2013Click to edit Master text styles 17
  18. 18. Graduate Recruitment EventsThe Big Meet Tuesday 12th March, 11am – 3pm – Palladium at Employment Evening Wednesday 13th March, 6-8pm – Crown Australia Career Expo 21st March, 5:30pm – 8pm – Palladium at melbourne.htmlEngineering Careers Expo Thursday 21st March 11am – 7pm – Etihad Stadium run cocktail events – check relevant society facebook sites Click to edit Master text styles 18
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  20. 20. Next Steps: Head Start Intensive Workshops• Interview Skills• Mock Assessment Centre – limited places• Registrations open today via Careerhub!Click to edit Master text styles 20
  21. 21. Thank youContact Us:Bundoora: Level 1, Peribolos East 9479 @LTUcareers CRICOS Provider 00115M