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Edit6317 showcase

  1. 1. Instructional Design Showcase Problem Based Learning (PBI) Criminal Justice Career ExampleLarry Phillips Instructional Design Theories Edit 6317
  2. 2. Overview• Problem Based Instruction (PBI)• The Use of Force Continuum Simulation• State the Problem• Give information to help solve the problem
  3. 3. Problem Based Instruction (PBI)• PBI is based upon experienced based education Students are presented with a problem with no single correct answer Students engage the problem with ideas on how to solve it Determine what is currently known and not known The facilitator or instructor provides the required support for learning Active Learning
  4. 4. s• Self-directed• Self-regulated• Life Long Learning• Assume Greater Importance• Much Larger Audience• Addresses real world situations
  5. 5. PBI and Simulation• Repeatable learning opportunities• Freedom to learn from mistakes• Learning can accommodate a range of learners• Detailed feedback and evaluation• Active Learning
  6. 6. Law Enforcement SimulationHow do we apply the Use of Force Continuum? As a model for problem based instruction (PBI)
  7. 7. Equipment• Sidearm• Pepper Spray• Baton• Taser• Police presence
  8. 8. VideoShoot Dont Shoot Training
  9. 9. VideoShoot Dont Shoot Training