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Your Resume & The Applicant Tracking System


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Do you know about ATS? Did you know that 75% of applications are kicked out by it? Learn more about your resume and ATS in this slideshare.

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Your Resume & The Applicant Tracking System

  1. 1. APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM Written By Gala Jackson
  2. 2. 75% *Source: CXO Media Inc
  4. 4. what is the APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM (ATS)?
  5. 5. When you apply for a job online, you are most likely using a system known as ATS. In an effort to track, review, and streamline all of the applications that come into a company or organization, tracking systems are used by Human Resources departments to evaluate candidate résumés and cover letters.
  6. 6. ?but what can I do to avoid REJECTION?
  7. 7. avoid templates The layout and formatting included with pre-populated résumé templates can cause errors with the applicant tracking system. Avoid using stock résumé templates and create your own résumé as a regular Microsoft Word document with simple formatting.
  8. 8. { } simple formatting Use simple formatting in your résumé. Resist the temptation to add a border or shading the background of your résumé. Create section headers such as “Summary of Qualifications,” “Education,” “Related Work Experience,” etc to signify where the information is located on your résumé. Incorporate bolded fonts to introduce a section and/or add underlining.
  9. 9. use keywords ATS scores résumés based on keywords, which are as- signed a value when qualifications and skills in the job description are linked. Résumés that score the highest are passed along to a recruiter or hiring manager for further review. and the right font Choose a san serif font for your résumé for a crisp, clean, easy to read look. Some of the most popular san serif fonts include Calibri, Arial, and Tahoma.
  10. 10. the little things Never place your contact information in the header or footer. Doing so will cause an error in the ATS system! Plus the standard for a college student or recent college graduate seeking full-time employment is a one-page résumé. Make sure you list the years or months; semesters can’t be read and only exist on college campuses. Make sure that your dates are right justified.
  11. 11. NO charts. NO graphics. NO images. AND HEY. Let your experience and qualifications shine to
  12. 12. FIND MORE USEFUL TIPS AT: Trying to land the job is a full-time job, from tweaking your résumé to networking, career fairs and preparing for interviews. Through it all, you need to develop and tell the story of you. How you share that story matters. We’re here to help. Gala Jackson, M.Ed. is a Millennial Expert & Career Management Consul- tant with InterviewSnob, a career consulting boutique for millennials. Connect with Gala @interviewsnob and check out her website at