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LTC, Jack R. Widmeyer Transportation Research Conference, 11/04/2011, John Wu


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LTC, Jack R. Widmeyer Transportation Research Conference, 11/04/2011, John Wu

  1. 1. Leonard Transportation Center<br />Widmeyer Research Conference<br />Fall 2010<br />Decision Making and Management<br />
  2. 2. Leonard Transportation Center<br />Theme: Decision Making and Management<br /><ul><li>Research
  3. 3. Education
  4. 4. Technology Transfer/Outreach </li></li></ul><li>Leonard Transportation Center<br />Research Funding<br /><ul><li>Over $1 million funding to Cal State faculty on 10 campuses since 2006
  5. 5. Curricular development, goods movement, hydrogen economy, truck lanes, senior mobility, TOD survey, biker/pedestrian safety, use based fees and tolls, SB 375 tool kit, GIS based emissions and health risk assessment, container fee impact, state of PPP in transportation financing</li></li></ul><li>Leonard Transportation Center<br />Outreach Efforts<br /><ul><li>Three conferences: Widmeyer Research Conference, Transportation Forum, Transportation and Logistics Summit
  6. 6. Speaker Series
  7. 7. Podcasts: audio and video (w/ Elsevier and local conferences)
  8. 8. Academic journal</li></li></ul><li>Leonard Transportation Center<br />Education and Training<br /><ul><li>New (and improved) combined undergrad major in supply chain and transportation
  9. 9. Waiver school by American Society of Transportation and Logistics
  10. 10. Internships and scholarships
  11. 11. Driver training, management training programs</li></li></ul><li>Leonard Transportation Center<br />Sustainability Training<br /><ul><li>U of Wisconsin and CSU Fullerton
  12. 12. Online and on-site hybrid model
  13. 13. Certificates in sustainable transportation policy, public transit, (motor) carrier management, warehousing and distribution center
  14. 14. Part of AST&L certificate program </li></li></ul><li>Leonard Transportation Center<br />Simulator Project<br /><ul><li>Partnership with University of Iowa National Advanced Driving Simulator Center
  15. 15. Research on driving behavior; training commercial drivers in safety and fuel efficiency</li></li></ul><li>
  16. 16. Leonard Transportation Center<br />Audio/Video Podcasting<br /><ul><li>Convert research projects and articles into bite size podcasts that professionals and ordinary people can understand
  17. 17. Partnership with Elsevier and local conference organizers
  18. 18. Beta site:</li></li></ul><li>Leonard Transportation Center<br />Theme: Decision Making and Management<br /><ul><li>Research
  19. 19. Education
  20. 20. Technology Transfer/Outreach </li>