Rybarczyk poems


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Rybarczyk poems

  1. 1. Lucas’s PoemAnthology
  2. 2. Lucas Rybarczyk Lit*4 7th Grade MathOnce upon a time,In a dream that only rhymed,I fell asleep in 7th grade Math,And landed into a giant dream bath.When I climbed out,I heard a loud shout.I looked to my left and saw a buff fairy,And I said, “Ay what up Terry!”Terry had a tutu that matched his wings,And I asked him questions about many things.I said, “What should I do Terry?”“Lucas you should find the magical berry.”I asked, “How do I do that?”“Just go to the castle shaped like a hat!”So I set out riding on a cocker spaniel,Along the way I met my friend Daniel,Who came riding in on a red camel.He said he was the King of Mammals,And that he would lead me to the castle,He said that I had to fight Ares and it would be a hassle.He warned me of Ares’s level 100 Pokémon.He was definitely not a pro but a con.When I arrived at the coliseum,The castle looked like a mausoleum.He prepared his level 100 that was supposed to be pretty sharp,But it turned out to bust just a Magikarp.I grabbed the nearest Pokéball I found,And threw it against the ground.I wished that it was a good Pokémon,And it turned out to be Groudon!
  3. 3. Hope We are Human When we think there is nothing left Nothing left to live for When we think there is no hope left We keep on looking Until we find hopeLimericksThere once was a swordfighter namedTerryWho decided never to parryAnd one day he foundHimself on the groundAnd himself he could no longer carryAres once drove a carAnd he drove it very farAres did speedFor he could not readFor he had just come out of a bar Ode to Nature Tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados oh my, So many ways for people die. Tornados cause damage, Which people must manage. Earthquakes make fissures, Which makes people Wish(er), That they were all Fishers. Earthquakes cause tsunamis, Which come from under the sea, And creates lots of debris. Blizzards cause freezing, Which leads to sneezing, And causes much wheezing.
  4. 4. Iambic Six-Meter I will be the best of the rest and them all Now I walk to the top of Victory Road and… A wild Patrat has blocked my path and will not leaveThe Pokemon will be gone when I summon Rayquaza!