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Kiel's Poem anthology


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My poems for Lit 2 class

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Kiel's Poem anthology

  1. 1. Kiel’s PoemAnthology
  2. 2. The KidThe Turtle smaked the moonThe kid in school would droolPeople all dumb yet brightWhy do they sit and sighDeepIt’s as small as an elephantIt lurks in the darknessOf the mineshaftYou need to get to the moonTo get what foodThe puppy needsIf you don’tIt will live, but still dieLimerickThe BunnyThere once was a bunny who was funnyHe ate lots of money and smacked bunniesAnd people all said “Boo-Hoo”He shouted “choo-choo”And now he is a very nice funny honey.
  3. 3. Lucas the Little Boy Lucas was a boyWho likes to play with toys, and other little boys Then one day he found a blastoise in the water He showed it to his mother and father They made him give it away. And now Lucas plays by himself every single day And other little boys in the stupidest ways.
  4. 4. MinecraftOh minecraft how I love you soFrom the desert biome toThe cold snow.But when you go deep into the landYou find something evilSkeletons, spider and zombies,But the worst of all is on the surfaceThe creeper is lurking in the distanceAnd when you see it it’s too lateFor the creeper blew everything awayWith a massive kamikaze blastOn your little minecraft town