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PR and Media Relations Portfolio for Indie Film & Television

  1. Public Relations and Media Relations Portfolio for Film & Television
  2. Introduction As a unit publicist for indie films and TV series, I’ve developed and executed PR campaigns and media relations strategies for award-winning short films such as The Prince, Heartless, Soggy Flakes and The Undertaker’s Son. I’ve also managed all publicity and media relations for Season 3 of APTN’s popular Indigenous cooking series, Moosemeat & Marmalade. Subsequent results from each PR campaign led to coverage from national and international mainstream media outlets, indie film podcasts, blogs and magazines as well as genre- specific horror and Indigenous podcasts, magazines and blogs. Press coverage has been obtained from media such as Ready, Steady, Cut (UK), Rue Morgue Magazine (Canada), Globe & Mail (Canada), Follow Magazine (AUS), Occhi Magazine (US), OC Weekly (US) and We Are Moving Stories (US) See my case studies for more information on each film project.
  3. The Prince Thought provoking, inspiring and provocative are just a few of the words that can be used to describe The Prince; an award-winning short film focusing on a young dancer, Olivia and her uncle Amir, an actor and their struggles with what it means to be Middle-Eastern Americans following a violent, racially charged confrontation on public transportation. Written and directed in Vancouver, BC, by veteran actress Kyra Zagorsky in her directorial debut, the story of The Prince is based on a real-life incident affecting Kyra’s family. The film has won several accolades including Best Supporting Actor for Lee Majdoub at the Lady Filmmakers Festival, Best Actor for Lee Majdoub at the First Glance Film Festival and Award of Merit at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood.
  4. Press Coverage for The Prince stories-videos/2017/10/4/lady-filmmakers-film-festival-the- prince -crazy-8s-part-2?tdest_id=415101 /were-filmmakers-and-storytellers-first-kyra- zagorsky-and-patrick-sabongui-on-their-new-film- the-prince dance-film-festival-celebrates-social-justice/
  5. Further Press Coverage for The Prince welcome-to-the-2018-irvine-film-festival-in-costa-mesa- 8711218/ tackles-islamophobia-and-racial-divide-via-cinema/ /04/19/jack-garners-top-picks-rochester-international-film- arts-events-festival-movies-shoestring-dryden/532599002/ film-review-the-prince
  6. Soggy Flakes Directed by the veteran Affolter brothers of the award-winning Foreshadow Films and winner of the Storyhive animated short film grant, the stop-motion animated short comedy, Soggy Flakes tells the story of a group of washed-up, out-of-work breakfast mascots who form a weekly support group to help them deal with the reality of a low- carb, sugar-free and gluten-intolerant world. The chance arrival of Captain Kale, a sell- out ex-colleague at one of their meetings forces the group to re-evaluate what it means to be successful. Nominated for 2 2018 Leo Awards, including Best Program & Best Sound, Soggy Flakes features an eclectic cast of animated characters such as Leon the Liger, Ms. Swheatie, and Dr. Bird Berry.
  7. Press Coverage for Soggy Flakes canadian-screen-awards-animation.html premiere-montreal-stop-motion-festival
  8. The Undertaker’s Son The Undertaker’s Son, the latest award-winning live-action short film from the award winning Affolter brothers of Foreshadow Films, stars the duo of Hollywood veteran Louis Ferreira and talented newcomer Darien Provost. The film tells the story of young Christopher Harris and how his life is forever changed when he joins his father for his first day of learning how to run their family-run mortuary. When the duo is faced with a tragic death, Christopher is pushed to his breaking point, revealing a deeper conflict that simmers just below the surface. The film was nominated for the Golden Sheaf Award for Best Drama at the Yorkton Film Festival and was awarded the short film award for Best Canadian Drama at the 2017 Edmonton Film Festival. The film also played the 2017 Cannes Film Festival as part of Telefilm’s “Canada’s Not Short on Talent” program to critical reception.
  9. Press Coverage for The Undertaker’s Son 1?tdest_id=415101 international-film-festival-oct-5-late undertakers-son-short-film
  10. Heartless Directed by Kevin Sluder (one half of Los Angeles based Sunshine Boy Productions’ award winning team along with his wife, Jennifer), Heartless tells the story of an overlooked corporate associate Shelby (Stacy Snyder) who struggles to complete a marketing presentation while a horrible secret tortures her conscience. With Heartless, he wanted to make a film that paid homage to The Tell-Tale Heart and American Psycho with a troubled narrator that people could relate to, “I want audiences to be thrilled and truly horrified by what she does in this film. In the end, I hope I give audiences a fun, different, and thrilling new version of a classic Poe tale that they can enjoy again and again,” Kevin states. Sunshine Boy Productions has found success on the film festival circuit previously, with their 2014 film noir short, Play Violet To Me, which was awarded an Audience Award at the NYLA International Film Festival and a Grand Jury Award at the LA Neo-Noir Film Fest.
  11. Press Coverage for Heartless film-review:-heartless film/ corner-heartless-2018-independent-short-film-review/ jennifer-sluder/ productions/
  12. Further Press Coverage for Heartless 11/shorts-become-darling-film-festivals/33683061/ &mdash-here&rsquos-Capital-City-Film-Festival.html 0hoplxnlcc22nydpyp8kwm round-up/ short-with-a-lot-to-say/
  13. Moosemeat & Marmalade Season 3 Moosemeat & Marmalade Season 3, produced by Mooswa Films, premiered on APTN January 18th. Back by popular demand, this 13-part food documentary series starring British Columbian chefs, Art Napoleon and Dan Hayes brings two very different chefs together to explore indigenous culture, culinary traditions and truly delicious food. Season 3 takes the chefs from Vancouver Island, up to Yellowknife and over to the UK where the chef co-stars explore a host of cultural issues and cuisines as they relate to food security and sustainability. The stars of the show, Art Napoleon (renowned Cree musician and Bush Cook) and Dan Hayes (noted chef/owner of The London Chef) come together this season to focus more in depth on food security issues facing the world and food sourcing while passionately and humorously educating viewers on the origins of each of the recipes prepared on the show. For the first time this season, they've released a 4 part web series, which explores the Dairy, Grain, Fish and Hunting industries.
  14. Press Recap for Moosemeat & Marmalade griddled-asparagus/ marmalade-returns spills-the-beans-on-moosemeat-marmalade moosemeat-marmalade/ marmalade/
  15. Further Press Coverage for Moosmeat & Marmalade cooking-shows-finding-the-heart-and-humour-in-storytelling- 1.4491710 trends/how-a-new-guard-of-indigenous-chefs-is-sharing-their- traditions/article37974526/ edition/?documentID=180430140729- cad4e7114b344a409fb31e9aa7080e34 (page 34)
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