Lilian Sue Copywriting Portfolio


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Condensed copywriting portfolio with writing samples and pieces from clients in the media sector, interior design sector, graphic design sector and tourism industry. Owned by Lilian Sue and property of In Retrospect Writing Services.

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Lilian Sue Copywriting Portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio Copywriting
  2. 2. Amazing Grace Website Wrote all the content for the Amazing Grace TC website. Amazing GraceTC
  3. 3. CIII Skin Website Wrote & edited the content for the CIII Skin website CIII Skin
  4. 4. SIDLER Diamando Headline Reflect your true inner self With our Sidler mirror bathroom cabinets. Copy With the combination of contemporary, streamlined design and innovative technology, our SIDLER Diamando collection is the ultimate luxury for any bathroom oasis. Featuring customizable components such as state-of- the-art self support, SIDLER Diamando’s contemporary and timeless cube design allows it to be recessed into any bathroom. With our patented self adjustment system, ingenious shock absorption system, anodized finishing and a close profile aluminum body, the SIDLER Diamando is more than just a cabinet, it’s a complete system designed to reflect the beauty within. Everyday.
  5. 5. AZ-World Translation and Interpretation
  6. 6. Society of Graphic Designers of Canada-Vancouver Island Chapter 2008 Annual Report Cover What Can Design Do? Intro Copy Design surrounds us. Design asks us to attend, to buy and to act and ultimately it affects our communities and our ecosystems. As problem solvers, graphic designers are instrumental in defining how our society communicates and making changes to reduce our footprint and our impact on the planet’s precious resources. This year’s annual report is intended to provide appropriate reporting to members while producing a piece that can be used as a calendar and resource guide too. We hope you will find it easier to change the face of design, one step at a time. So take a look at the work that our chapter has done over the past year and consider what design can do, not just for you and your client, but to preserve the natural environment for many, generations to come.
  7. 7. Hatley Castle Whodunit Murder Mystery Dinner Heading Fangs For the Memories: A Century of Chills at Hatley Castle Intro Copy Mingle with the first-ever graduating cohort of RRU’s fictitious faculty of Global Hostel and International Eco-Travel as it gathers for a ten- year class reunion.
  8. 8. Steve Nash Sports Clubs Summer Media Tour 2014 Heading Steve Nash Clubs Summer Media Tour Copy Join us for a preview of the hottest fitness trends from around the globe that keep the sizzle in summer fitness.
  9. 9. SIDLER Priolo Copy Only SIDLER’s collections or mirrored bathroom cabinetry embody the true meaning of quality Swiss craftsmanship. From an ingenious shock absorption system and a convenient cosmetics box to built-in plug outlets and a patented shelf support system, SIDLER combines timeless elegance and innovative design with breakthrough technology-turning ordinary bathroom cabinets into extraordinary.
  10. 10. For more information, please visit my website & social media channels: Email: (604) 518-6832