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Mark Shufflebottom - Mobile landscape


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Mark Shufflebottom - Mobile landscape

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS...• Mark Shufflebottom• Interactive Design Lecturer• Keynote Education Speaker @ AdobeMAX LA October 2010• Research Mobile Education Games sponsored by Vodafone• Regular contributor to Web Designer magazine• iPhone Game - Top 4 download, December 2007
  4. 4. THE OPPORTUNITIES - APPS• AppStore paid market is currently $ worth nearly £124 million per month• Androidpaid app market is currently worth nearly £3 million per month• Userswho regularly purchase paid apps spend an average of £5.50 on about 5 paid apps per month
  5. 5. THE OPPORTUNITIES - APPS• Overhalf of Android and iPhone users spend more than 30 minutes per day using apps• Mobile is a personal device• Appleclaims it is activating around 275,000 iOS devices per day on average
  6. 6. BARRIERS TO ENTRY• Relatively Simple App £2000-£5000.• Tech Crunch average App £4,011• Complex Apps £31,00 - £93,000• How long did a ‘simple game’ like Angry Birds take to make? • 5000 hours• Your Appis not your website - it should take advantage of being mobile
  7. 7. MOBILE DEV IS FRAGMENTED Apple iPhone Objective C Requires an Apple machine. RIM Blackberry OS Java Runs mostly anywhere Google Android Java (Dalvik VM) Runs mostly anywhere. Requires a Windows based Windows Mobile .NET or unmanaged C++ machine. C++, Java, Python, Flash, Nokia Symbian Runs mostly anywhere. WRT Palm WebOS HTML, CSS and JavaScript Runs mostly anywhere.
  8. 8. THE GOOD NEWS• InteractiveMedia course can create relatively simple cross platform Apps for significantly less
  9. 9. THE OPPORTUNITIES - WEB• What devices are people looking at your site with: monthly-201001-201101• 4Gwill be widespread by 2016 and will offer mobile browsing speeds up to 75 times faster than currently available• 4G users will spend twice as much time on the mobile Web as their non-4G counterparts• End the craze for Apps
  10. 10. BARRIERS !=
  11. 11. THE GOOD NEWS• Yourcurrent website is viewable• You can easily send mobile ‘friendly’ content with a minimum of fuss and little extra expense.