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Mobilizing Extension Programs: Meeting the Needs of Today's Clientele - NETC 2014


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Are face-to face trainings the only way to reach clientele? In this session, learn how Florida 4-H agents use a simultaneous combination of interactive video, webinar, and traditional face-to-face teaching methods to meet the needs of today’s overextended clientele and the roles needed to carry out this type of training.

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Mobilizing Extension Programs: Meeting the Needs of Today's Clientele - NETC 2014

  1. 1. Download this App. . . For phones or tablets: Android App: Apple App: For Laptops: *Setup your computer for Adobe Connect Join our meeting at;
  2. 2. Mobilizing 4-H Volunteer Trainings by Meeting the Needs of Today’s Volunteers Whitney Cherry - 4-H, Calhoun Julie P. Dillard - CED & 4-H, Washington L. Scott Jackson – Ag & Tech RSA, Northwest District, Leon Heather Kent - 4-H RSA, Northwest District
  3. 3. District & County Face-to-Face Camp Timpoochee Differentiated tracks Specialized tracks Subject Matter tracks 2007-2012 Past Successes
  4. 4. Was a change needed? High satisfaction ratings In-county Shorter duration Technology-based
  5. 5. I don’t feel prepared to teach some of the topics. My materials are outdated, incomplete, irrelevant or overwhelming What are the basics all volunteers need? Aren’t we all teaching the same thing? I feel like I’m trying to re- invent the wheel! Why are we all teaching the same things different ways? I’m afraid of overwhelming my volunteers and scaring them away!
  6. 6. VOLUNTEER TRAINING Cohesive Quality Specialties Delivery Topics
  7. 7. Choose What Works Best In-Person Polycom Adobe Connect Other Video Conferencing Participants travel to a site Participants travel to a central site Participants join where they are Participants join where they are Interaction with the speaker Interaction with multiple locations/speakers Multiple sites more difficult, use activities/discussion to keep participants engaged Multiple sites more difficult, use activities/discussion to keep participants engaged May be recordable May be recordable Easy to record Recording options vary
  8. 8. Marketing Plan Volunteer Activation and Engagement Resource – Research conducted by NIFA and National 4-H Council with Monsanto funds – Divided volunteers into segments: high, medium, and low potential – Identified KEY MARKETING MESSAGES and TOUCHPOINTS for segment or volunteer type – We focused on reaching highly motivated volunteers
  9. 9. Traditional Campaign: – Post cards – Save the date magnets – Banners – Flyers – Web banners – Press releases Modern Campaign: - Weekly SMS “snippets” - VIP (Volunteering in the Panhandle) Wordpress Blog - SMS and Wordpress automatically linked to Facebook and Twitter - Monthly incentives and grand prize finale
  10. 10. Roles and Responsibilities
  11. 11. Roles and Responsibilities
  12. 12. Roles and Responsibilities
  13. 13. Roles and Responsibilities
  14. 14. Mission Organization
  15. 15. Mission Organization: Sharepoint
  16. 16. Mission Organization: MAD Wordpress Site
  17. 17. Mission Organization: Adobe Connect
  18. 18. Impressions so Far • Participation > than face to face forums • Volunteers appreciated having an online option and the 1 ½-2 hour timeframe • Volunteer networking was also valued • Monthly feedback allowed for improving along the way • Presenter MUST think about how to engage online participants in hands on activities
  19. 19. Engaging an Online Audience How does it translate?
  20. 20. Mission Organization: MAD Wordpress Site
  21. 21. Make a Difference Monday WordPress Site • Provides Resources – Agents – Audience • Backup Plans • Low Bandwidth Options • Archives and Videos
  22. 22. Back-up Plans
  23. 23. Learn More about Adobe Connect *Online Training
  24. 24. Free 30 Day Trial *Free 30 Day Trial (Limited Users) – Explore full capabilities
  25. 25. Bridge to Bridge UF MCU BlueJeans Adobe® ConnectPolyCom
  26. 26. What’s Next? 8507846105
  27. 27. Time to Go Home! “We are coming up on a hard stop” • Limit session to 1 hr • Clean-up is easy • Zero Commute • Wise and Efficient Use of Time