Mr. Scully’s career includes 14 years in Management Consulting, 12 years in IT management and project
management positions...
Larry held three different positions over eleven years with a major Canadian bank. After one year with the
Corporate Compt...
The Government of Ontario is a leader in providing IT services through a Service Management framework
that features IT Inf...
exploitation of Information Systems in the Northwest Territories. After publication of the plan, he
followed with recommen...
helped the team develop a project plan, represented partners’ interests, provided coordination with other
 functional team...
   General Management                                           Finance systems
   Business Strategy Development and Pl...
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Cv Larry Scully


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Cv Larry Scully

  1. 1. Mr. Scully’s career includes 14 years in Management Consulting, 12 years in IT management and project management positions, and 10 years in senior Business Planning, Controllership, and Policy Development roles. His track record spans several business sectors, and all levels of government. Larry’s consulting assignments encompass strategy development, tactical planning, business and IT performance improvement, project and interim management, and IT management issues. His background and mindset provide a broad perspective, enabling him to work across all levels of the organization and bridge gaps between senior executives, business staff, technically-oriented professionals, and stakeholders. His straight-forward style focuses on “things that matter”, and he works with clients to find solutions that are practical in the context of their unique circumstances. Larry holds Bachelor of Arts (Computer Science) and Masters of Business Administration degrees from the University of Western Ontario. Mr. Scully founded I T Strategies Inc. - a niche management consulting company that specializes in Information Technology Management and Business Performance Management issues. Representative examples of personal consulting engagements are seen in a following section. Larry spearheaded the expansion of a western Canadian professional services company into eastern Canada by opening offices in Toronto and Ottawa. The company’s services included custom application development, systems integration, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and provisioning of contractors and solutions teams to all levels of government. As Managing Partner, he was a member of the Executive Team, and accountable for all facets of regional strategy, operations, and performance. The company was sold to a multinational consulting firm. Larry joined a revamped executive team that transformed a Saskatchewan crown corporation into a TSX - listed oil and gas exploration, production, and marketing company. Wascana experienced rapid organic and strategic growth - including expansion into international markets, and development of a network of regional offices across the Western Canadian basin. Larry’s accountabilities included enterprise Information Management and Technology planning, portfolio management, application development, information management, and desktop support functions. He developed and implemented a strategy that outsourced non-core services, and guided the transition of technology professionals to business units under a distributed service model.
  2. 2. Larry held three different positions over eleven years with a major Canadian bank. After one year with the Corporate Comptrollers group, he joined the management team of the newly-established USA Division office in New York. The division held about ten percent of the bank’s assets; and encompassed a subsidiary bank, and a network of commercial banking agencies and business development offices. He inaugurated the business planning function during a period of rapid change and expansion, acted as Divisional Comptroller, and was a member of executive Liability Management and Operations committees. In these roles, Larry developed and executed strategic growth and change initiatives. He also held responsibility for management reporting and performance analysis; Division and business unit budgeting / planning; and coordination of various legal activities across the network. On return to Canada, Larry authored a mortgage lending strategy for the bank, and managed IS application development and support functions for corporate business units. This involved maintaining client relations across several stakeholder groups; planning; and managing teams of project managers and professional staff through the solutions development life cycle. After completing his MBA, Larry joined a high performance team that provided policy recommendations to the senior department management team, and Cabinet. The group synthesized public sector policy and economics perspectives with private sector, business-centric views. As a Senior Evaluation Officer, Larry interviewed senior executive teams across resource and manufacturing sectors, and conducted commercial and economic analyses of government programmes and “mega” development projects. He played complex project lead roles that involved representatives of federal and provincial government departments, and multidisciplinary teams of consultants and staff with specialties in business strategy, marketing, economics, engineering, and various social sciences. Larry’s early (pre MBA) career featured business analysis and software development, IS team lead, and internal corporate audit roles in the Finance, Gasoline Retailing, and Food & Beverage sectors. Larry has worked with start-up companies to help develop business strategies and plans that guided transition to “next generation” capabilities. Larry is helping several of Canada’s largest not-for-profit organizations collaborate to acquire software and services from a common vendor under a shared services model. Terms of Reference include leading the requirements definition phase, managing the development and distribution of a Request for Proposal, and coordinating proposal evaluation and software vendor selection steps. The new model will be ground- breaking in the large international movement. Larry also conducted an independent IT Review that culminated in recommendations regarding collaboration principles for client members within the umbrella coalition.
  3. 3. The Government of Ontario is a leader in providing IT services through a Service Management framework that features IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices. Larry developed a strategy and project plan to migrate the provincial government’s telecommunications services and assets into the framework; retire legacy processes and supporting applications; and revamp interfaces between order/inventory management and billing/reporting functions. He followed by managing the migration project through a team representing service management, operational, and telecommunications functions. Larry was contracted by an Oregon-based professional services organization to provide Quality Assurance and Risk Management services to the Oregon Department of Transportation, Drivers and Motor Vehicles Branch. Over an extended period, Larry conducted Quality Assurance audits of major development projects and provided advice to the management team regarding PMO and project management issues. Under a separate engagement, he also provided process mapping services related to the acquisition of an enterprise Linear Asset Management System. Larry spearheaded a project for a major multi-national publishing company to develop a strategy for architecting and managing the Life of a Title (LOAT) process. LOAT is at the heart of virtually all publishing functions. Research involved interviews with executives and line managers and documentation of “As Is” processes. Recommendations provided essentials of a roadmap to i) architect backbone process and sub-processes; ii) develop process and performance management capabilities; iii) align IT activities to support the performance-managed environment; and iv) prioritize and improve aspects of the process, and sub-processes. Larry and his associates worked closely with the General Manager and executive team of a rapidly growing company that serviced the Global 3000 market. Larry and his team:  developed integrated Business Performance Management (BPM) and Information Systems strategies and coordinated implementation of related plans;  supported the design and introduction of a “Performance Management Office” to guide implementation of BPM concepts;  designed, developed and introduced a performance measurement system that guided the executive team’s operations meetings;  directed the implementation of an enterprise CRM and product management suite; and,  managed a data room that contributed to the eventual sale of the company. INAC provides a broad range of services in an operating environment that features complex relationships with customers, special interest groups, private sector companies, and public sector entities. Larry developed an IS Management Plan that addressed most technical and business issues relevant to effective
  4. 4. exploitation of Information Systems in the Northwest Territories. After publication of the plan, he followed with recommendations regarding organization design, governance, and Human Resources issues. Larry also conducted a comprehensive Northern Affairs Program Government Online (GOL) Review for INAC’s Northern Affairs Program. He recommended priorities for GOL, identified potential barriers to successful implementation, and outlined “next steps” for planning and development. The engagement entailed extensive research and collaboration across several government departments. Larry worked closely with the CIO and IS management team to develop a comprehensive Information Systems Strategy to guide the company over a three year period; and to coordinate activities with those of the parent company and business partners. The strategy promoted business/IS alignment, introduced IS Principles, and focused IS functions and processes on business priorities. Larry was contracted by the National Energy Board to conduct a comprehensive Review of IT. The Review encompassed enterprise architecture and standards; resourcing; governance and organization; strategy development and planning; operational process effectiveness; and performance measurement. NEB adopted almost all of several dozen recommendations that were included in a detailed implementation plan. Larry followed with an assessment of progress against the adopted Action Plan. Larry was a core member of a team representing various North American business and IT functions, with the mandate of implementing ITIL-compliant processes and practices across North American business units. His role was to advise senior project team members regarding process and project management issues, mentor and support the project manager, develop project plans, and lead efforts to select and implement work management tools. AEP was a complex and geographically dispersed provincial ministry with responsibility for forestry, environmental protection, water management, and parks. Larry prepared a Departmental Information Systems Plan that included an IS strategy and tactical plan covering the breadth of IS functions, including "management framework" issues such as governance, organization, funding, and outsourcing/partnering. Larry was commissioned to evaluate the performance of desktop support functions across an international office network. Recommendations addressed procedures, roles and responsibilities, and reporting relationships of Support Center personnel. Mr. Scully then joined the CIO and his management team to restructure IS functions. A new organizational design emphasized alignment of IS and line department cultures with checks and balances that ensured focus on corporate and business unit objectives. Larry developed a framework for using process management techniques and performance targets/measures to reinforce corporate objectives. Larry provided Interim Management services in a project that involved a major partnership that integrated the vendor's products and services into mainstream business functions. The Geological Data Management Team developed a strategy for acquiring, managing, and distributing corporate geological data. Mr. Scully
  5. 5. helped the team develop a project plan, represented partners’ interests, provided coordination with other functional teams, and performed other Project Management roles. Larry was commissioned by the CIO of a multi-national electrical energy production, marketing, and distribution company to advise his management team regarding performance measurement systems. The engagement included design of a methodological framework, and facilitation of workshops involving the senior management team and their staffs. Larry developed a project management methodology for the professional services group of a large regional hardware re-seller and integrator. The methodology and related templates were designed to guide technically-oriented staff through project control and relationship management issues during opportunity evaluation, marketing, contracting, delivery, and post implementation phases. Larry joined a major global consulting company’s team to develop financial and business systems plans for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). He defined "To Be" requirements for an enterprise system, prepared RFP terms for the acquisition phase, and conducted workshops to help managers and staff prepare for the introduction of contemporary business practices associated with enterprise systems. Larry was contracted by the CIO of a major bulk commodity carrier to evaluate a core enterprise automation project that was over cost and behind schedule. The project involved multiple business units and operations across the North American branch network. Research and recommendations covered technology issues, governance, project management and staffing, and development method.  IT strategy development; including management  Management Consulting & Professional Services framework elements such as governance, organization,  Banking and Insurance funding, and process architecture.  Oil & Gas (upstream; some downstream)  Business Performance Management; including process  Resource Sectors (pulp & paper; mining) architecture, Business Intelligence, performance  Transportation measurement, and alignment of IT processes with  Utilities (various) general business goals, culture and processes.  Manufacturing & Refining  IT Management Issues; including quality assurance,  Publishing software acquisition, problem remediation, and special  Software Publishing projects of all kinds.  Gaming  Readiness and business case assessments.  Food and Beverage  Interim Management; Project Directorship/Management  Not-For-Profit  Emerging Companies  Governments at all levels
  6. 6.  General Management  Finance systems  Business Strategy Development and Planning  Enterprise and Specialized Oil & Gas  Business Analysis & Policy Development  ERP (general and sector-specific)  Performance Improvement (business and IT)  CRM  Change Management & Organizational Development  Performance Management  Controllership  Business Intelligence  Audit and Opportunity Assessment  Service Management (incl. Remedy)  Project Management/Directorship; Interim Management  GIS  IT Strategy Development  Rummler-Brache  IT Management  ITIL  Software & Service Selection, Development, Implementation are provided on an engagement-specific basis.