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LSU MNS presentation on native americans


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Learning about Louisiana Native Americans with the MNS
Sophie Warny, Ph.D.
Museum of Natural Science & BASC

Published in: Education
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LSU MNS presentation on native americans

  1. 1. Learning about Louisiana Native Americans with the MNS Sophie Warny, Ph.D. Museum of Natural Science & BASC
  2. 2. We will talk about…We will talk about…  1. The MNS Archaeology Collections  2. Field trip to the MNS or in your own school! - Learn about our new exhibit on Native Americans  3. New children’s activity book on Native Americans - English and French  4. History and Archaeology of Louisiana N. A. with an expert  5. Hands on activities to do in your schools - Learn about the different types of Indian potteries - Learn how to make N.A. pottery using the coiling method - Learn about artifacts
  3. 3.  7 main fields of RESEARCH7 main fields of RESEARCH  Ornithology (Birds)Ornithology (Birds)  GeneticsGenetics  Ichthyology (Fishes)Ichthyology (Fishes)  MammalogyMammalogy  Herpetology (Reptiles and Amphibians)Herpetology (Reptiles and Amphibians)  Vertebrate PaleontologyVertebrate Paleontology  Anthropology (Archaeology and Ethnography)Anthropology (Archaeology and Ethnography)  EDUCATIONEDUCATION 1. The MNS collections1. The MNS collections
  4. 4. Collections: More than 1.25 million specimens from 2,000 sites in Louisiana and worldwide. For instance: The McIlhenny and Jastremski Chitimacha Indian Basketry collections (two of the most important of their kind in the nation) Research statement: Human adaptations through time and the evolution of cultural complexity. AnthropologyAnthropology Dr. Becky Saunders
  5. 5. Satellite imagery shows location of mounds and embankment Louisiana Explorations: King George Island Mounds, Livingston Parish, constructed ca. 4500 years ago
  6. 6. Graduate student Fiona Vasbinder and other LSU students embark for the King George Island mounds. Graduate student Harry Brignac delicately moves towards the southern mounds, across a low area from the main ridge. Graduate students Kevin Pemberton and Steven Fullen begin shovel testing. Stone tools from King George Island. Drills like these were often used to make beads.
  7. 7. Bayou Grande Chenier site, Plaquemines Parish, occupied ca. A.D. 1000-1200 False-color imagery shows the 12- mound Bayou Grande Chenier site as high ground amidst the fragmenting freshwater marsh of southern Louisiana Graduate student Tim Schilling, who wrote his Master’s thesis on the site, “Cap’n” Saunders, and other LSU students on their way to Bayou Grande Chenier.
  8. 8. Oblique aerial photo showing the 11- mound main group and Mound 12. Profile of Unit 2 showing artificial construction of embankment tying the mounds together into a ring Pottery vessels placed on ground prior to construction of the embankment. Bayou Grande Chenier
  9. 9. 2. FIELD TRIP: CONTENT2. FIELD TRIP: CONTENT Louisiana Native Americans: A new exhibit!
  10. 10. If you cannot come to LSU, you can bring the exhibit to your school! 225-578-3958 Holly Tunkel
  11. 11. Timeline.
  12. 12. Introduction to Louisiana Native Americans, their mounds, and artifacts
  13. 13. archaeology/homepage/
  14. 14. Younger Louisiana Native Americans mounds. Mounds and Match: interactive.
  15. 15. Bone, stone, and shell technology What is this artifact used for?: interactive.
  16. 16. Housing technology.
  17. 17. Cooking technology.
  19. 19. Practical DetailsPractical Details General Info & Tours Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm FREE! Scheduling Materials Rules Parking …
  20. 20. 4. MNS ACTIVITY BOOKLET4. MNS ACTIVITY BOOKLET The book is online in English. It will also be available in French (online next semester)
  21. 21. NOTE: - LA GLEs are listed on page 2 - Learn about LA mounds - Learn mapping skills
  22. 22. Learn about the LSU Indian mounds Learn how to build a 3-D model
  23. 23. Learn about Indian words and places Use the vocabulary to write an essay
  24. 24. Learn about pottery and other artifacts
  25. 25. 5. LA State Southeast Regional Archaeologist:5. LA State Southeast Regional Archaeologist: Rob MannRob Mann 6. Presentation of hands on activities:6. Presentation of hands on activities: Adrienne Lopez and Rebecca TedfordAdrienne Lopez and Rebecca Tedford