Modern Marketers Secrets to Content Marketing


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Modern Marketers Secrets to Content Marketing

  1. 1. Modern Marketers Secrets To Content Marketing The new way to create original content | A collection of content marketing advice from experts in Scripted’s Interview Series.
  2. 2. Content in 2014     This year, content marketing has become one of the most popular marketing buzzwords to date. Just take a look at how the term “content marketing” has increased in Google search from 2009 to 2014. Whether content marketing is here to stay or not, one thing is for sure: high quality, original Google Searches for Content Marketing (2007 – 2013) 0   20   40   60   80   100   Jan   Jun   Nov   Apr   Sep   Feb   Jul   Dec   May   Oct   Mar   Aug   Jan   Jun   Nov   Apr   Sep   content is important for any marketing or content strategy. Creating original content allows brands to improve their credibility, raise awareness, create trust with customers, drive traffic, and ultimately generate high quality leads. At Scripted, we believe at the core of any content strategy is relevant and quality content. We’ve put together a round-up of inspirational quotes from experts we’ve interviewed across multiple industries about how they’ve used quality content to better their business. Enjoy!
  3. 3. LearnVest     On measuring content’s success… “We’re looking in much the way that any publisher is, at total site traffic. We’re also looking at the number of new unique visits that are coming in. We’re looking at time on site. We’re also looking at the social numbers.” Carries Sloan, Editor-in-Chief On the most valuable content for readers… “It’s the personal stories of seeing how other people are struggling with money, or how they’re making progress on money. People want to know how other people did it. The other thing that I can point to is content that let’s you compare and contrast. For example, we did a story, ‘What’s your retirement number?’ “There’s something about seeing those numbers in black & white., and thinking about your own account balance, that’s really engaging for people.”
  4. 4. Creative Market     On advice for growing traffic for your blog… “There’s no silver bullet that’s going to start driving traffic to your blog right away. Start out by building relationships with other bloggers and writers in your space. Ask them to mention your site or content on their blog. See what you can do to write on their blog or ask them to write on your blog.” “Finally, optimize the content in the body of your post so that when people read the headline and view the shared image in their feed, they are compelled to re-share it. Over time, if you are carefully monitoring your experiments and optimizing, you’ll see the results of your hard work and your traffic will compound and grow.” Zack ONisko, Chief Growth Officer On the biggest challenge… “I think the challenge is coming up with fresh, new, interesting content. I think at the volume that we’re producing content we’ve caught ourselves rehashing old ideas. If we’re not writing great content, it’s not going to get read and it’s not going to be shared.”
  5. 5. StoreFront     On making your content stand out… “We keep it fun, personal and passionate, as well as helpful. We don’t need to sell people, but simply provide the information that they’re looking for. It’s really like listening. We’ll listen to what our users are asking about and we’ll change that in the content and product to make it easier.” Tristan Pollack, Co-Founder/COO On advice on what’s most important… “That we’re able to tell our own stories — stories of our members and how they have evolved. When we launched the Storefront site in March of 2013, we had renters and space owners, but they were in a different place. Now we can share how our members have used Storefront to sell their products better, connect with their customers, and growth their business. “
  6. 6. Udemy     On blogging as a lead gen strategy… “Our blog content is, in essence, lead generation for our paid online courses. We capture email addresses on the blog and provide opportunities for users to click over to relevant paid courses. We look for a three month pay back on our blog content. Basically, three months after we publish the blog posts we want the leads we capture from our blog posts to cover the cost of creating the blog posts. Over the last eight months we’ve seen 800 percent traffic growth. It was just a matter of actually creating high quality content and putting it out there.” On driving ROI from a blog post… “Any content marketing we’re doing drives sales and drives users. We’re taking a very ROI approach to how we think about our content development. For instance, we might write a piece of content about Excel formulas. I want to give it to people who are searching for “How to use Excel better,” but at the same time, we’re also able to promote our content, our long form courses for pay. “ Archie Abrams Director of Growth
  7. 7. Tablo     On B2B companies publishing eBooks… “Companies are writing about their industry or their market to boost their own profiles and generate leads. Publishing a book makes someone an expert in their field. One thing we see a lot is people using a book as a lead generation tool, so when you type in a topic, it comes up at the top of Google because it’s an Amazon result for your book. People find the book and find the company. It’s a really strong tool for them.” Ash Davis, Founder On the future of self- publishing… “I think it’s social. I think the entire publishing model is going to be flipped around. It won’t be a case anymore of you have to write something, then submit a manuscript, then get rejected, and then have small commissions for someone else to sell your book. I think it’s going to be completely reversed. You’ll start publishing the day you start writing. People will start reading and following your work while it’s in progress.”
  8. 8. Andy Smith     On defining quality content… “Every audience has different goals or different definitions. It's a danger to try to apply the rules of one audience against another. Quality can be one of those things where people can spend a lot of time delivering too high quality content to an audience that doesn't go appreciated. Maybe they aren't able to deliver enough content. Andy Smith, Author The Dragonfly Effect Top 10 lists, generally people click on them. There's something in there. I find, probably, one every couple of days that I actually bookmark. The fact that people have this almost pre- chewed content out there, that doesn't make it poor, by definition. It's a question of how you present it, and how you blend it.” You can overemphasize quality, but each publisher would do well if they try to understand -- just as they understand what their audiences' needs are, in terms of problems that they solve -- what their expectations are for the content they receive. “
  9. 9. UberFlip     On the importance of headlines… “We’ve recently gotten much more nitpicky. We took a page out of Upworthy’s book. They do this 25 headlines exercise and they brainstorm 25 headlines for every post. So we do the same. We meet every Friday and throw out ideas for upcoming posts, webinars and eBooks. The first time it took forever.” Hana Abaza, Director of Marketing On advice for getting started… Number one: Figure out your goal and what you want to try and get out of it. Most companies they want to use it as an acquisition channel. Be realistic. In the first six months of launching you should write the most amazing content that doesn’t talk a lot about you, but your audience. You’re going to attract visitors and retain them. “
  10. 10. 42 Floors     On using content for lead generation… “We have an education center in which case we get a good chunk of our content from brokers who voluntarily ask to write articles to be in the education center. We give them exposure and linkage, and how to show their domain expertise in commercial real estate. It also helps build out content around like, ‘How do you rent office space? Should you go with a broker, should you not go with a broker? Bernard Huang, Growth Hacker What defines rentable square feet footage as opposed to available square footage? How do you negotiate your lease? What things you have to look out for if you're trying to build out your space versus getting the landlord to build it out.’ That content is a lot more commercial real estate specific, in which case, we've had that around for a while. Our current plan is to expand that and make it into an e- book which we can use it as a lead-generation tactic."
  11. 11. Outbrain     On Outbrain’s content strategy… “One of the most successful things we’ve launched is an email newsletter called Brainpower. What we’re doing is we’re actually sharing the results of what’s trending and different aspects of the content marketing industry. We’re not talking about our product, we’re not talking about Outbrain or trying to say, “Buy Outbrain,” but rather we’re sharing really interesting industry trends, which is very effective. Then there’s also the process of curating, of finding great content that’s out there, and directing our consumers to that content.” On trends in content distribution… “One trend is that consumers really are embracing this notion of discovery at the bottom of the article. I think the second major trend, is that a lot of publishers are starting to look at content marketing outside of the historical Outbrain widget, so folks like, they have a really interesting deployment, it’s much more pervasive than simply at the bottom of the article.” Greg Freishtat SVB Strategic Alliances
  12. 12. GeckoBoard     On creating valuable content… “We talk to customers every single day. We have regular conversations on Skype, which is a big part of my role. I try to talk to as many customers as possible to understand what they like about us, what they don’t like. “ Sofia Quintero, Growth Firestarter What are the stories around the product, how we can help them in different ways? I think it is important to create content and continuously ask yourself: ‘Is this going to be helpful for anybody, is it going to be insightful, is it going to change anything?’” “
  13. 13. The new way to create original content | Let’s create original content. (800) 797-4470