Welcome to the Next Level in Sponsorship


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Welcome to the Next Level in Sponsorship

  2. 2. 2Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands BE MORE THAN JUST A LOGO. BE PART OF THE EXPERIENCE. Sponsorships are a valuable way to connect with your target audience. But it’s hard to stand out when so many other brands are also participating. And exceedingly low impact. The solution: integrate social experiences into your sponsorship efforts. Doing so will give you greater exposure and boost your sponsorship ROI. Add social media. Increase audience engagement. Improve ROI. DO MORE WITH YOUR SPONSORSHIPS.
  3. 3. 3Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands LET’S COMPARE: SOCIAL MEDIA VS. TRADITIONAL SPONSORSHIP TACTICS 0.1% 80% 33% 62% Banner ads have only a 0.1% CTR in the U.S. 80% of consumers skip TV commercials 33% of display ads brands pay for are never even shown prefer to engage with a social brandYOUR BRAND@
  4. 4. 4Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands While many consumers struggle to recall who sponsored a game, show or site, they remember the brands that offered memorable experiences. Girls. To promote their home savvy millennial audience around the show’s second season premiere. apartments. In response, thousands of pictures were posted to the sponsored experience via Instagram and Facebook — all in the hopes of winning a year’s By becoming part of the experience the retailer inspired viewers to share something about themselves. In smartly putting the focus on viewers, and not their product or felt genuine (and not at all like advertising). BEST PRACTICE EXAMPLE URBAN OUTFITTERS SPONSORS HBO’S GIRLS
  5. 5. 5Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands Keep reading for fresh ways to engage fans and followers like GET IDEAS, GET STARTED. The Six Advantages of Social Sponsorships ATTRACTS MORE ATTENTION CREATES COMMUNITIES ENCOURAGES PARTICIPATION INCREASES REACH AND AMPLIFICATION SPURS DISCOVERY SPANS MULTIPLE CHANNELS
  6. 6. 6Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands
  7. 7. 7Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands Branded hashtags are an ideal way to add depth to live events. • Elevate your participation by actively engaging viewers during a live broadcast • This interaction closes the gap between the audience and your brand Instead, inspire them to share something SPARK CONVERSATIONS DURING ON-AIR BROADCASTS ONE
  8. 8. 8Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands Start by incorporating a Leaderboard or Tweet Q&A into the experience. • Keep the audience returning with unique content • Incorporate relevant Facebook posts, Tweets and images from your brand — not just the show ENCOURAGE WORD OF MOUTH WITH A TV SHOW’S WEBSITE TWO
  9. 9. 9Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands Engage with the audience online or through the Jumbrotron. • Spotlight Tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook posts or Vine videos • Display this content natively within the experience LET FANS SHOW THEIR SPIRIT THROUGHOUT SPORTING EVENTS THREE
  10. 10. 10Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands Draw audiences in by showing what’s trending in real time. • Add a dynamic new level to your sponsorship by monitoring the speed of entertainment news • Lower the barrier for fans to create and share content around the event TRACK THE LATEST BUZZ ON AN EVENT WEBSITETweet about the awards: #MAwardsNite http://bit.link.com Chazz Mau @chazzmazz Juan should winbest actor. Just sayin’ #MAwardsNite 3m Lindsay Noble @lanksanot Vote for ‘Shortie’ best animation! #MAwardsNite 3m AWARDS NOMINEES EVENTS RULES ABOUT M THE RED CARPET S O C I A L C H AT T E R Becky Smith @beckyboo23 OMG! Kristen’sdress is so gorgeous!#MAwardsNite 3m FOUR
  11. 11. 11Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands Invite readers to express themselves by taking part in a contest. • Drive conversations between the brand and the consumer • Leverage display ads natively within the experience INSPIRE PEOPLE TO GET CREATIVE VIA A PUBLISHER’S WEBSITE FIVE
  12. 12. 12Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands As traditional sponsorships become more crowded — and offer less impact — provides companies with numerous opportunities to truly own marquee events, in ways that are meaningful and relevant to both audiences and brands. By supplementing your sponsorship agreements with highly participatory social associate you with the experience you created. As a result, you can take credit for a wholly unique experience while winning over those who interact with it. THE BOTTOM LINE:
  13. 13. 13Mass Relevance | Social Sponsorship For Brands For more on how to augment your sponsorships with social media, contact Mass Relevance today. @massrelevance massrelevance.com (888) 330 6441 800 Brazos Street, Suite 340 Austin, TX 78701 Mass Relevance helps brands, media, and agencies get more from their social media efforts by building social experiences into their marketing strategy. The Mass Relevance SaaS platform is leveraged to create real-time consumer engagement by content from any social network to any digital property — TV, web, mobile, or jumbotron. REQUEST A DEMO