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Self help guide-to_food_stamps


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Self help guide-to_food_stamps

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Self help guide-to_food_stamps

  1. 1. The Self-Help Guide To Food Stamps By [name] [Legal Aid organization]
  2. 2. What are Food Stamps?  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)  Financial assistance for food
  3. 3. Which Agency Administers Food Stamps? [Your state’s human/social services agency]
  4. 4. Who is Eligible for Food Stamps?  Households that meet the income and asset limits  Work requirement  Special rules for seniors & applicants with disabilities
  5. 5. How Does One Apply?  [Human/social services agency] website  Paper application  In person at [human/social services agency] office
  6. 6. What Documents Are Required to Apply?  Proof of identity  Proof of US citizenship or qualified immigrant status  Social security number  Proof of income  Proof of expenses
  7. 7. How Long Does It Take to Process the Application? Standard of Promptness Interview Expedited process for urgent need
  8. 8. Are There Any Special Considerations? Applicants with disabilities and senior applicants  Medical expenses greater than $35 All applicants  Childcare and utility expenses
  9. 9. How Does One Receive Food Stamps? Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card is sent in the mail If approved but EBT card has not been received, call [your state’s EBT customer service line]
  10. 10. Produced by [Legal Aid organization] Funded by [grant or funding source, if applicable] Developed by: [staff members]