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Security Deposit Template


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This is part of the template for creating security deposit related videos.

Published in: Law
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Security Deposit Template

  1. 1. In [your state], your landlord must return your security deposit or send you a written statement within [x days] of moving out.
  2. 2. For more information on the rights & responsibilities of landlords & tenants in [your state], visit: [Statewide legal aid website]
  3. 3. [Your organization’s name/logo] [Phone number and/or website] For assistance in [your organization’s jurisdiction], contact:
  4. 4. [Name/logo of local and/or state bar association] [Phone number and/or website]
  5. 5. [Organization’s name/logo] For assistance outside [your organization’s jurisdiction], contact: [Phone number and/or website]
  6. 6. Thank you to the Northwest Justice Project for donating the original content of this video. Produced by [Your organization’s name or logo] Funded by [grant or funding source, if applicable] Developed by [staff members]