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Pro Bono Innovation - Enhanced Services


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Legal aid lawyers spend hours providing clients with valuable self-help legal advice. What happens to that advice? What results are achieved? This session explores Atlanta Legal Aid Society’s (ALAS) experience building an extensive follow up pro bono project that provides additional assistance to clients and collects legal outcomes, using modifications to its Legal Server database. It will be of particular interest to organizations that work with legal Hotlines, utilize senior volunteer attorneys or would like to leverage brief service and advice on a variety of legal topics. Such a project could be replicated in urban legal aid offices with high volume, or in more rural areas. Participants will learn how to document and enhance the value of advice and brief service pro bono, identify core elements to establishing a sustainable follow up project, and discuss key stakeholders, important to creating a larger scale, long term follow up project.

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Pro Bono Innovation - Enhanced Services

  1. 1. Following Through by Following Up: Taking Brief Service Pro Bono to the Next Level August 23, 2016 Allison Stiles Kristin Verrill
  2. 2. Enhanced Services Project • Pro Bono Innovation Fund grant, in November 2014 • Pro bono volunteers make follow up telephone calls • Brief service & advice-only clients • Additional or repeated advice to clients, identify cases that need more assistance & collect outcomes
  3. 3. History of Enhanced Services at Atlanta Legal Aid • In 2010, the Georgia Senior Legal Hotline completed an outcomes study • Advice/brief service clients had low success rates • Clients not calling back for more help • Hotline asked volunteers to call clients, provide assistance & record an outcome.
  4. 4. What percentage of Atlanta Legal Aid cases are advice or brief service only? a) 25% b) 50% c) 75% d) 95%
  5. 5. Without a follow up call, what % of clients successfully obtaining food stamps? a) 25% b) 50% c) 80% d) 95%
  6. 6. With follow up assistance, what % of clients successfully obtaining food stamps? a) 25% b) 50% c) 80% d) 95%
  7. 7. • 2-year Pro Bono Innovation Fund grant from LSC • Formalize the follow up process • Incorporate it into existing case management database • Expand scope • Replicable model for other programs
  8. 8. Where We Are Now… • Downtown office and two county offices. • $350,000 in outcomes • 350 cases received follow up • More than 400 people helped
  9. 9. Applying this Model to Your Program Atlanta Legal Aid Internal Staff FundersVolunteers
  10. 10. Keys to Success: • Use existing infrastructure • Evaluate stakeholder interests • Keep it simple • Be transparent about “work in progress” • Accept feedback
  11. 11. A Place of Their Own • A Custom Homepage with a Follow Up Tab
  12. 12. Volunteers Sort by Project, Client Name, Follow Up Reason
  13. 13. How to Do It • Custom Homepage with Report Parts
  14. 14. How to Do It • Add Your Report to the Tab Block
  15. 15. A Place of Their Own • A Custom Action Menu
  16. 16. How to Do It • Add a Custom Link Box to the Action Menu in the Case Profile
  17. 17. How to Do It • The Custom Link Box Contains the Processes for the Volunteers
  18. 18. A Separate Call Log System
  19. 19. How to Do It • Create a form and a process for each step:
  20. 20. How to Do It • The call log uses the Activity Block:
  21. 21. The Call Log Screen
  22. 22. The Notebook 2.0
  23. 23. How to Make the Notebook 2.0 • Use lots of branch logic and custom fields
  24. 24. Staff Participation Marking Cases for Follow Up
  25. 25. How to Do It: Custom Fields and Branch Logic on Close Case Page
  26. 26. Staff Participation: Matching the follow up reason and the problem code
  27. 27. Dashboard to Track Results and Trends
  28. 28. How to Make a Custom Dashboard • Buy the right Legal Server Modules (Interactive Graphs and Charts)
  29. 29. Bonus Volunteer Training Videos Atlanta Legal Aid’s YouTube Channel Ready for Replication on
  30. 30. Questions ?