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Deverse presentation


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Published in: Technology
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Deverse presentation

  1. 1. What it takes to build a mobile app What you need to know and how to prepare Presented by Deverse LLC
  2. 2. What’s on the Agenda? Who is Deverse & what we do What it takes to build an app • Background to app development • What you need to know and prepare for How to get involved • Deverse develops apps for nonprofit organizations & teaches students how to design/code
  3. 3. Deverse The Team
  4. 4. Our vision is to connect individuals and social organizations with fundamentally new opportunities. Deverse Vision
  5. 5. We strive to change the way social organizations approach their own missions, and to give passionate and motivated individuals the chance to make a real impact on the world around them. Deverse Vision
  6. 6. Our mission is to empower social impacting organizations with technological solutions, and to provide unique and open opportunities for students to engage in the technology sector by connecting these two parties together Deverse Mission
  7. 7. App Development Introduction Can my organization benefit from mobile technology? How do I identify my weak points, where does technology fit in? How can I facilitate the app development process? What do I need to prepare for to work with a development team?
  8. 8. App Development Development cycle Analysis: Figure out what features and functionality is required in the software. Design: Describe features in more detail, a functional design document. Implementation: Build the software. Testing: Test the software for each individual component, integration of components and user acceptance. Evolution: Make updates or changes as needed
  9. 9. App Development Cycle details
  10. 10. App Development How to prepare Focus on what your pain point is, not how technology can solve it Thinking of a solution in mind distracts and obscures the problem really at hand. Losing sight of the problem leads to an app that doesn’t benefit users, leading to an app that doesn’t get used.
  11. 11. App Development How to prepare Understand what data is involved and where it will come from The “Front end” is what the user sees and interacts with, The “Back end” is where data goes/comes from and how it’s processed Front end Back end Return results to show user, such as info from a server/database Take in user input to process or put into a database
  12. 12. How Deverse builds apps The 3-stage strategy Project Approval Team Deverse risk assessment ensures best possible success Final Product QA Project Repository Professional Developers perform check and if necessary improve apps to Deverse standards Projects are archived in an efficient manner to best allow updates in future programs While students are primarily responsible for the development, Team Deverse is involved at the beginning and near the end to ensure quality
  13. 13. How Deverse builds apps Timeline breakdown
  14. 14. How Deverse builds apps Clients and students Student Perspective Client Perspective Initial Communication MVP AgreementNeeds Analysis Check-in with students Implementation First Draft Finished First Draft Feedback QA (Optional for students) QA Feedback Deliver MVP (Optional for students) Publication Initial contact with Deverse; Discuss expectations, needs and logistics for the app Discuss with the student teams the minimum viable product for the mobile app Weekly / Bi-weekly check-in with students on the mobile app development process Students deliver the first draft of MVP app; NPO will review and give Deverse feedbacks Quality Assurance will be mainly run by Team Deverse developers with NPO feedbacks Team Deverse delivers MVP app and NPO will publish *This is an outline for Deverse 7-10 weeks programs. Program lengths may vary
  15. 15. How Deverse builds apps Publishing Deverse can publish apps for clients or can transfer the project rights for clients to publish on their own For clients who publish on their own: Apple App Store: $99/year (enterprise account) Google Play: $25 One Time Fee Clients can continue working with Deverse for future Programs for updated and further polished mobile apps.
  16. 16. Closing Questions Please reach out to us! E-mail: or directly contact our Client Relations Manager: Y. C. Lee E-mail: Phone: (857) 334 2571