Developing a Mobile Strategy to Reach Our Clients


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LSNTAP/ training of 19 June 2013

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  • Balsamiq Mockups—free for desktop users; one year free for myBalsamiq. Axure—roughly $300 for a pro license with nonprofit pricing
  • 1) Use what you already have – everything included in the apps was content that was already published on our websites.2) May require restructuring content into more “mobile-friendly” content. As we all know, it is much harder to read on a phone screen; the smallness of the display requires you to breakdown your content into more digestible nuggets than online3) Mobile App does not equal Mobile Site: It shouldn’t be just another version of your website; try to build in some functionality that takes advantage of the device (save to contacts, push notification, use of GPS)4) Some content won’t work on mobile (such as HotDocs – automated form interviews) and some require additional considerations (such as Flash and Video) – our apps in their current version do not support video.
  • Scope - Identify what the app will do, what content it needs, and where that will come from earlyWith a new release of iOS every year and similar patterns from Google plus the variations of devices, expect to have to do ongoing maintenance.We still aren’t sure what our ROI is on the mobile apps. 5) Test early, test often; Test on a real device as soon as possible6) Plan for the launch – once you built it, how will you engage people in using it? This goes to outreach and marketing and is every bit as important as the development itself. It does you no good to spend time and money on an app that no one knows about.
  • Provide Maps-
  • Special considerations:Screen Size – medium to close up shots, so that details are clear/ sound- having video that makes sense even if you don’t hear every single word has a greater impact/ length- shorter the betterCell phone user example: Planned parenthood uses text prompts to interact with cell phone users viewing their videos on a desktop to see how it ends, you have to text in.
  • An example isFreedomFone (a free opensource program), piolted by Kubatana in Zimbabwee, which provides up to date information in a variety of languages through cell phones and landlines.
  • Developing a Mobile Strategy to Reach Our Clients

    1. 1. If you joined the training via telephone, please clickon the telephone symbol and select “Call byphone” and follow the instructions.If you joined with a microphone and headset orspeakers (VoIP), please click on the telephonesymbol and select “Call via the internet”We will start promptly at the hour.Welcome to LSNTAP’s Mobile Strategieswebinar!
    2. 2. If you joined the training via telephone, please clickon the telephone symbol and select “Call by phone”and follow the instructions.If you joined with a microphone and headset orspeakers (VoIP), please click on the telephonesymbol and select “Call via the internet”Ask a question or tell us something in the Commentbox.PLEASE PLACE YOURSELF ON MUTE.A few logistics before we start…
    3. 3. LSNTAP is recording this training and will post it email with a link to this information will be sent out to theLSTech listserv once it has been posted.
    4. 4. Developing a Mobile Strategy toReach Our ClientsJune 19, 2013
    5. 5. PresentersMike MonahanPro Bono DirectorState Bar of Georgia Pro Bono ProjectRaquel ColonDirector of DevelopmentLegal Services of Northern VirginiaGwen DanielsDirector of Technology DevelopmentIllinois Legal Aid Online
    6. 6. PresentersTony LuCitizenshipWorks ProjectCoordinator, Immigration AdvocatesNetworkLiz KeithLawHelp Program Manager,Pro Bono NetModerating:Xander KarstenLawHelp Program Coordinator,Pro Bono Net
    7. 7. Goal & Agenda• What to consider when planning a mobileproject.• What type of mobile technology would best fityour needs, and what should you take intoaccount?• Agenda• General overview of mobile• SMS/text messaging campaigns• Examples of specific apps• Look forward- the next phase of mobile
    8. 8. Why Mobile?2011 2013Adult Cell Phone users 83 % 85%% of smart phones 35% 56%% of web traffic from mobile devices 7% 24%% households earning <30K/year usingsmart phones22% 43%
    9. 9. Defining “Mobile”• SMS- Text messages to/from a mobilephone• Apps- Downloadable applications runningon a smart phone or mobile device• Mobile sites- Website with layout, contentand design optimized for browsing onmobile devices• Responsive design vs. Dedicated mobile site
    10. 10. SMS Campaigns
    11. 11. SMS Text MessagingCampaigns- Increasing AccesstoLegal Information andReferralsState Bar of Georgia Pro Bono Project________Georgia Legal Services Program
    12. 12. SMS Text Messaging Campaigns• Legal Services Corporation TechnologyInitiative Grant• Partners•Pro Bono Net•Georgia Legal Services Program•Illinois Legal Aid Online•Northwest Justice Project•LawHelp/NY Consortium
    13. 13. Statewide LegalInfo Website• Legal Information• Legal and Social Services ReferralsSMS TextingPlatform• Select Content• API FeedsMarketingServices• Marketing Materials Development• Local Campaign Development
    14. 14. • Text a keyword to anassigned SMS number• Receive back tailoredinformation based onresponses to a set ofquestions.Text “Protective Order” to99699!
    15. 15. Outreach Tool Kit,including a generic setof marketing collateralfor each state’s localcampaigns
    16. 16. Appointment Reminder System2012 LSC TIG GrantRaquel ColonDirector of DevelopmentLegal Services of Northern Virginia
    17. 17. Appointment Reminder System• Based on the concept of notifying clients viaSMS message, email or voice message of theirupcoming office appointments or courthearing dates.• The system will use a cloud telephonyplatform that will interface with KEMPS casemanagement system.
    18. 18. Need for the Project• To reduce the number of no-shows• To integrate legal aid and technology• To enhance access to services for low-incomeclients who have smartphones with SMS,voicemail, and email capabilities.According to a February 2012 survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, “nearly half (46%) of American adultsare smartphone owners, an increase of 11 percentage points over the 35% of Americans who owned a smartphone lastMay.” In addition, a September 2011 Pew Internet & American Life Project survey indicated that “73 percent of allAmerican now use their cell phones for text messaging.”
    19. 19. What are the goals?• Increase efficiencies in the intake and client servicesdelivery process.• Increase utilization of our telephony system byreducing the number of calls for missed and/orrescheduled appointments.• Minimize the amount of time an applicant has towait for a new appointment.• Increase the efficient use of our case handlers’appointment stock.
    20. 20. How will it work?LSNV will work with a developer to create anapplication programming interface (API).Companies that provide telephone platforminclude Twillio Cloud Communications, TelAPI, andTropo. For example Twillio provides a cloud APIfor voice and SMS communications that easilyintegrates notifications with existing software andworkflow through Twillio’s simple APIs and markuplanguage.Develop a customized appointment calling system that will consume extracted appointment data,place daily appointment reminder calls, log transaction data and expose call log information for callplacement reporting and metrics.
    21. 21. Case Management System• KEMPS is an important component of theappointment reminder system as it serves as abridge between the API functions and the database.• Merge the messaging system to mapping fields in theKEMPS Clients tables.• Develop coding and fields within the mappingstructure that will not send messages to domesticviolence victims who are not in a safe environment.
    22. 22. PROJECT PLANSPHASE 2DesignPHASE 4Cut-overPHASE 3ConstructionPHASE 1Requirements Planning
    23. 23. Appointment Reminder SystemRaquel ColonDirector of DevelopmentLegal Services of Northern Virginiarcolon@lsnv.org703 778-6803
    24. 24. Mobile Apps
    25. 25. The Illinois Legal Aid AppGwen DanielsDirector of Technology DevelopmentIllinois Legal Aid Online
    26. 26. How We Built The Illinois Legal Aid App• 2010 TIG Grant• Launched September 2011• 7500 iOS downloads; 2000active Android installs
    27. 27. Project Charter• Purpose• Who’s Responsible• User Scenarios• Basic Requirements• Promotion• Timeline
    28. 28. Prototype…• Paper, PowerPoint,Illustrator…• Balsamiq Mockups• Axure RP
    29. 29. Technical Considerations• What Platform?• Will Apple approve it?• Who is going to build it?• How will you maintain it?
    30. 30. Content Considerations• Existing content• “Mobile friendly”• More than a mobilewebsite• Content restrictions
    31. 31. Usability Testing• Design scenarios• Observe• Record• Act
    32. 32. Lessons Learned• Set scope• Expect Ongoing Work• Test early, test often• Plan for the launch• Is the ROI Worth It?
    33. 33. For More Information• Our documentation:
    34. 34. CitizenshipWorks Mobile AppLSNTAP Mobile App WebinarJune 19, 2013Immigration Advocates Network
    35. 35. Presentation Preview• Brainstorming and Requirements• Wireframes and Design• Content strategy• Building and Testing• Demonstration
    36. 36. Brainstorming and Requirements
    37. 37. Brainstorming•Clearly define the scope of app - avoidcreep•Features can always be added later•Don’t take the kitchen sink approach
    38. 38. Business Requirements•Assess your team•external coders will require very specificrequirements•Do a thorough scenario map•Create a comprehensive requirementsdocument
    39. 39. Logic Workflow Diagram
    40. 40. Wireframes and Design
    41. 41. Wireframes• Wireframes: the skeleton of the app• Easy to create: use PowerPoint (or Keynote)• Can spot many UI/UX issues early on
    42. 42. CitizenshipWorks Mobile AppContent IDTitleSubmittedLast UpdateLearn About NaturalizationThe Physical Presence Requirementfdkvp12820ve3xmpText Additionally, in order to qualify for naturalization,you must show that you have been physicallypresent in the United States for a certain number ofdays in the past 3 or 5 years (this is calleddemonstrating ?continuous physical presence?). Ifyou are applying based on 5 years of residency, youmust show that you have been physically presentinside the U.S. for at least half of all the days in thepast 5 years (at least 913 days). If you are applyingSubmit11/25/2012 by Tony Lu tlu@probono.net11/25/2012 by Tony Lu tlu@probono.net988character countTitle El requisito de presencia físicaText Además, con el fin de calificar para lanaturalización, usted debe demostrar que usted haestado físicamente presente en los Estados Unidospor un cierto número de días en los últimos 3 o 5años (esto se llama demostrar? Presencia físicacontinua?). Si usted está solicitando basa en 5 añosde residencia, usted debe demostrar que usted haestado físicamente presente dentro de los EE.UU.por al menos la mitad de todos los días en losúltimos 5 años (por lo menos en 913 días). Si1109character countSpanishCancelApp LinksApp LinksAvailable App Linksphysical_presence_calculatorreading_testwriting_testcivics_testphysical_presence_calculator
    43. 43. Design• Unifying design elements• color scheme• typeset• images• icons• Merging design and UI• Turn design elements (logos, etc.) into userinterface elements
    44. 44. Content Strategy
    45. 45. Content Strategy• Static Content•Front-load the work of preparing static content•Brevity and design: wire-frames and mock-ups help• Flexible content•Content management + Feed•Delivery workflows• Staging & production•Content management systems• Dynamic content•API feeds and calls
    46. 46. Building and Testing
    47. 47. Building• Regular communication: developers andproduct owners (depends on requirementsdocument)• Collaborative project management system iscrucial• Be flexible in requirements and design
    48. 48. Testing• Dedicate lots of time for testing• multiple devices• emulators• Fragmentation will always be an issue• Emulators: love/hate
    49. 49. Demonstration
    50. 50. Mobile Optimized Content
    51. 51. Legal Aid Services of NortheasternMinnesota“Pro Bono to Go” TIGLiz KeithLawHelp Program ManagerPro Bono Net
    52. 52. Project Overview• 2013 TIG to Legal Aid Services of NortheasternMinnesota• Partners: Legal Services State Support, MSBA & ProBono Net• Goal: Create a mobile version of ProJusticeMN.orgfeaturing mobile-optimized settlement checklists andclient interview guides
    53. 53. Why mobile checklists?• Settlement opportunities can ariseunexpectedly, often at court• Good settlements can havetremendous benefits to the client• But settlements have benefits andpitfalls that an inexperiencedattorney might overlook• Checklists can help with issue-spotting and make volunteers moreconfident taking cases outside theirarea
    54. 54. Why mobile interview guides?• Walk-in clinics are a staple ofvolunteer attorney work• Standardized interview guidescan help practitioners get betterand more complete informationfrom clients – and providebetter advice as a result• The guides can also speed upissue-spotting, making sessionsmore efficient
    55. 55. The technical approach• PBN is developing an HTML5 mobile website applicationfor the / ProJusticeMN CMS and a mobile-specific UI• Content authoring and publishing tools will beintegrated with ProJusticeMN and support cross-publishing• After a pilot stage in MN, the mobile capabilities andauthoring tools will be available to other probono.netsites through the API.
    56. 56. Content Priorities SurveyMay 2013 survey by MLSC of pro bono coordinators and volunteer attorneysIn which areas would you find / have you found asettlement checklist most useful?• Divorce (x12)• Child custody (x8)• Child support modification• Parenting time disputes• Employment• Landlord-tenantIn which areas would having a mobile settlementchecklist make you more likely to do pro bonowork?• Divorce (x5)• Child custody (x4)• Bankruptcy• Landlord-tenant• Small claims• Trusts and willsTop answers – attorney respondents
    57. 57. In which areas of law would having a mobile client interview guide availablemake you more likely to do pro bono work? (Attorney respondents)Content Priorities SurveyMay 2013 survey by MLSC of pro bono coordinators and volunteer attorneys• Divorce (x6 )• Child Custody (x3)• Landlord tenant (x3)• Bankruptcy (x2)• Wills and Trusts (x2)• Child support• CHIPS• Domestic abuse• OFP• Family law• Housing disputes• Eviction defense• Housing law• Small claims• Real Estate• Any forms for business• Citizenship applications• U visa applications• Immigration cases• Unemployment compensation• Probate• Estate Planning• Elder Law/competency• Transactional
    58. 58. How volunteers want to work with the resourcesI want to be able to:Read them on my phone / tabletEmail the resources to myself or othersDownload the resources to use and accessofflinePrint resources where availableCheck off, hide, annotate sections addressed,need more info about, don’t apply, etc.Save favorite resources to online briefcase foreasy access later
    59. 59. Project Contacts• David Lund, Legal Aid Services of Northeastern• John Freeman, Legal Services State• Steve Marchese, Minnesota State Bar• Liz Keith, Pro Bono
    60. 60. Additional technologies to consider
    61. 61. GeoLocation• Collect data• Crowd source mapping for informationwith an SMS program• Provide maps• Create static google maps optimized formobile browsing• Deliver services•Interactive geolocation for offices orcourts• Source: Responsive Mapping Techniques And Mobile Geolocation
    62. 62. Mobile Video• Mobile Video on a Smart Phone• YouTube/Facebook other hosts are mobileaccessible• Special considerations• Video that interacts with cell phone users• Interact via text with video viewers• Opportunity for user-generated content• What could your clients, volunteers or attorneysadd to your video collections?
    63. 63. Integrated Voice Response (IVR)• Allows a computer tointeract with humansthrough the use of voice• Users can select options toreceive specific information• Can receive information in avariety of languages• Can be accessible on mobiledevices and landlines.
    64. 64. THANK YOU FOR ATTENDINGTODAY!Next up by PBN:Online Resources to Assist Self-Represented LitigantsAugust, 2013More information at
    65. 65. Contact InformationBrian Rowe ( or via chat on www.lsntap.orgDon’t forget to take our feedback survey!