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Disney sp12

  1. 1. The Walt Disney CompanyBy: Jessica RabbitPSY 103Spring 2012
  2. 2. Walter Elias Disney• Born in Chicago on December 5th 1901• Died December 15th 1967 of lungcancer• Had 3 older brothers and 1 oldersister• Took up acting in high school• Started drawing in college
  3. 3. Walter Elias Disney• Loved history• Tried to enlist in the Army but wastoo young-became an ambulance driverfor the Red Cross• Left for Hollywood at age 22• Met Lillian Bounds who became Mrs.Walt Disney
  4. 4. Walter Elias Disney• Rarely showed emotion-only interestedin better work, he became ademanding tyrant• He was a heavy smoker and drinker• His wife Lillian gave him the name“Mickey” for his mouse creation
  5. 5. The Walt Disney Company• Founded on October 16th 1923• Walt started with “Alice‟sWonderland” as his first cartoon• Company was originally named DisneyBrother‟s Cartoons• Roy Disney (Walt‟s older brother)took care of the finances while Waltdid the drawing and creating
  6. 6. The Walt Disney Company• Walt had a tendency to push financialboundaries; especially with “Alice‟sWonderland”• Walt created “Oswald the LuckyRabbit” which ended up being stolenby M.J. Winkler who originally boughtthe cartoon• Consumer products started with a guywanting to put Mickey Mouse‟s face onschool supplies for children
  7. 7. The Walt Disney Company• WWII cause the studios to loseforeign markets• From 1932 to 1942, a Disney Cartoonwon an Oscar every year• Now the company owns TV shows,publication companies, cruise lines,resorts, amusement parks an manyother companies
  8. 8. The Extended Disney• Disneyland opened in July 1955 inCalifornia• Walt Disney World opened in October1971 in Florida• EPCOT opened that same day• Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983• Euro Disneyland opened in 1992• Disney Cruise Line
  9. 9. The Extended Disney• 8 Disney Vacation Club resorts• Adventures by Disney• 11 theme parks• Disney Music Group• Walt Disney Records and HollywoodRecords
  10. 10. The Disney Affiliates• Disney- ABC Television Group• ESPN Inc.• Walt Disney Internet Group• Broadway Musicals-Disney on Ice
  11. 11. The Disney Affiliates• Touchstone Pictures• Hollywood Pictures• Disney Channel• TOONDisney
  12. 12. Disney Works• “Laugh-O-Grams”• Alice‟s Wonderland• Oswald the Lucky Rabbit• Mickey Mouse who was going to benamed Mortimer• Flowers and Trees- first all-color film
  13. 13. Disney Works• Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-first full length color film• Man in Space- made 5 years beforethe US started own space program• Steamboat Willie- first cartoon withsound• Silly Symphonies-introducedTechnicolor• Produced propaganda and trainingfilms for the military during WWII
  14. 14. • “It‟s the principle thing I hope to leavewhen I move on to greener pastures. IfI can help provide a place to develop thetalent of the future, I think I will haveaccomplished something.” –Walt Disney• “Disneyland would „never be completed…as long as there is imagination left inthe world.”- Walt Disney• “He brought us closer to the future,while telling us of the past, it is certain,that there will never be a such as greata man, as Walt Disney.”Disney Quotes
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