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Lscp LocationOne webinar 3/26/12


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Derek Bush, Economic Development Liaison for the Lake Superior Community Partnership and Upper Peninsula Collaborative Development Council, shared an overview of the LSCP's online program for listing commercial sites and buildings, powered by LocationOne Information System. As part of our economic development efforts, LSCP and the UPCDC markets available commercial properties to site consultants, expanding businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Lscp LocationOne webinar 3/26/12

  1. 1. • LocationOne Information System (LOIS) is a real-time, on-line economic development site selection tool.• LOIS provides you with a GIS-enhanced site database system which gives you a strong competitive advantage in the rough and tumble world of site selection.• Once you are a LOIS user you can enjoy customized websites that showcase the advantages of your community.• It doesnt matter how large you are since any sized community can meet the needs of the site selection community with LOIS.
  2. 2. • LOIS makes your site selection data instantly available to anyone with an internet connection.
  3. 3. • We have completed the set up of the UP-wide LocationOne system (190 localities).• All counties, townships, and incorporated communities in the Upper Peninsula.• We can edit this to include other localities as well.• HTML links are ready to be imbedded to make your county LocationOne system available to anyone with an internet connection.• System is complete and ready for commercial property data entry.
  4. 4. EDOs Live on Website: 9 Commercial Properties Listed: 322 Visits: 93 Unique Visitors: 55 Page views: 222 Avg. Time: 2:56Bounce Rate: 61.41%
  5. 5. • Separates commercial • Listings are searchable by a properties and sites within variety of criteria. the database. • Ability to download either 1• Each individual record page or complete printable includes >1,200 data fields. flyer directly from listing.• Data fields are compliant • “My Properties” feature with the International allows you to compare Economic Development multiple properties at once. Council’s (IEDC) Site Selection Data Guidelines • Real estate professional’s contact information is• Listing can hold up to 12 featured prominently. photos in the viewer
  6. 6. • Various forms of data can be • Same demographic reports are translated into easy-to- available at the county level. read, property-specific thematic map overlays. • If purchased separately, these reports cost about $100• Map layers show available each, but are free through infrastructure around the LocationOne. property. – Users can print these PDF reports and are free to share with their shareholders.• Five mapping modules available • GIS data is accurate within 1• Ability to generate demographic calendar year, gets renewed reports specific to the property’s every August. location. – Radii of minutes or miles – Printable PDFs available
  7. 7. • Marquette County LocationOne• resources/site-selection • Alger County LocationOne • one.php
  8. 8. • The Upper Peninsula Collaborative Development Council is made up of UP county economic development organizations. – LSCP is the lead organization• Through the UP CDC membership, LocationOne is being implemented UP-wide. • Real estate professionals from• The LocationOne service is being across the UP continue to send in provided by a grant from the Michigan Economic Development commercial property information to Corporation (MEDC). be listed in the LocationOne database.
  9. 9. • Building Details Form: • Obtain the appropriate forms from either the LSCP or the – http://www.locationone.c links to the left. om/downloads/Building_ Form.doc • Fill out what information you have available regarding your commercial property, and• Site Details Form: email the completed form and pictures to: – http://www.locationone.c – om/downloads/Site_Detai ls_Form.doc • Listing will be created and entered into the LocationOne system.
  10. 10. Thank you for your time this afternoon! Questions/Comments/Concerns?