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Games in the past


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Games in the past

  1. 1. CeltsCelts would have played simple games, usuallymade from animal bones.
  2. 2. Ancient RomeIn ancient Rome many children would haveplayed role play games. They would pretend tobe gladiators or at out weddings.
  3. 3. TesseraeMany children also played dice games. One oftheses games was called tesserae. Shaken in a cup then tossed Bets were placed The government restricted gambling because it became such a problem; so people started playing gambling game secretly
  4. 4. MancalaThis is the oldest Roman Game.It is a race game where thr players try to get themoststones in theor Race game, Trying to get the most stones in your big square
  5. 5. Here you can listen to some children’s skippingrhymes from the 1950’s:
  6. 6. • Video: eY&feature=related• Discuss differences and dangers. New Safety Precautions etc (Springs, less bounce, soft ground)
  7. 7. • Video: d3s Whats the same/Different
  8. 8. Here is an advertisement for hula hoops
  9. 9. Another playgroung game people played was cock a rooshkie.Tig and Cock-a-Rooshkie. Here Mrs. Elsie Cullen remembers playing the game in the schoolyard in the1920s:"A crowd lined up at one wall and two stood in the middle, and then they would be called to come acrossand everyone would rush and the two in the middle would try to grab a few of them as they came alongand that was it. It was great excitement to try and get across. They would always catch the slowest onesfirst, so I dont know when the game finished, probably when the master came out and said, "Come in,thats enough of that." Id imagine the half hour lunchtime would be up by the time wed finish."
  10. 10. • VIDEO: uP1VtKCk&feature=related
  11. 11. • FIRST BARBIE AD: avPUxyno• Leads to Toys from the Past