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Despereaux quiz

  1. 1. The Tale of DespereauxbyKate DiCamilloKate DiCamilloKate DiCamilloKate DiCamilloLisa Ann Rodriguez© 2013Dr.Lisa.Rodriguez@gmail.com2014Oregon Battle of the BooksSelection
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. What is the story about?A mouse , a princess, somesoup, and a spool of thread-title page
  4. 4. What wasDespereaux’s mother’sfavorite word?disappointment-p. 12
  5. 5. Why did his mom name himDespereaux?for the sadness and the manydespairs of the place-p. 12
  6. 6. What is Despereaux’sfather’s name?Lester- p. 17
  7. 7. What wereDespereaux’s siblingsnames?Toulese (brother p. 12), Furlough(brother p . 14), Merlot (sister, p.14)
  8. 8. Who took Despereaux to themouse council?Furloughp. 49
  9. 9. What wasDespereaux’s mom’sname?Antoinette
  10. 10. What is Despereaux’slast name?Tilling
  11. 11. What is strange aboutDespereaux when he isborn?His eyes are open and his earsare too big.
  12. 12. What wasDespereaux’s aunt anduncle’s names?Aunt Florenceand Uncle Alfred
  13. 13. How was Despereaux’shealth?He was sickly. He coughed andsneezed a lot and hadtemperatures. He fainted at loudnoises.
  14. 14. What did Despereaux like to dowhile his siblings ate?Listen to music
  15. 15. How did Despereauxdescribe the sound ofmusic?It sounds like honey.
  16. 16. What did Furlough try toteach Despereaux?How to scurry
  17. 17. What did Despereauxsee in the castle thatamazed him?The lights coming through thestained glass window in manycolors.
  18. 18. Where didDespereaux’s sistertake him?To the library
  19. 19. Why did Despereaux’ssister take him to thelibrary?To teach him to eat paper.
  20. 20. What did Despereauxread on the page of thebook in the library?Once upon a time....p. 23
  21. 21. Why didn’t the cook killDespereaux?She was happy to see him in thekitchen rather than one of thekings men who would catch hermaking soup.p. 229
  22. 22. Why didn’t King Philliplike rodents?Because his wife died from heartattack caused by a rat falling inher soup.p. 110
  23. 23. What was the king’sname?Phillipp. 27
  24. 24. Why did King Phillipoutlaw soup?Because his wife died when arat fell in her soup.p.
  25. 25. How did Despereauxfree himself in thedungeon?He told Gregory the jailer ahappy story.p. 80
  26. 26. What was Migory Sow’swish?To be a princessp. 136
  27. 27. What was King Phillip’sdaughter’s name?Peap. 26
  28. 28. What did Princess Peado the first time shesaw Migory Sow?She wavedp. 133
  29. 29. What was thethreadmaster’s secret?That the red thread of death wassacred and special but really itwas just thread.p. 71
  30. 30. How did Gregory thejailer die?Roscuro chewed the rope soGregory got lost in thedungeon.p.
  31. 31. Who is the author ofThe Tale ofDespereau?Kate DiCamilo
  32. 32. When Despereaux saw thelight through the stainedglass window, where did hethink he was?Heavenp. 20
  33. 33. Why wouldn’tDespereaux eat thepaper in the book?It would ruin the story.p. 24
  34. 34. What was the storyabout in the bookDespereaux read?A beautiful princess and thebrave knight that honors andserves her.p. 24
  35. 35. What awaits almosteveryone, mouse orman, who does notconform?An interesting fate.p.24
  36. 36. What made the soundthat sounded likehoney?Music: King Phillip playing hisguitar and singing to hisdaughter.p. 26
  37. 37. What was the most basic andelemental of all mouse rules?Never reveal yourself to ahuman.p.26
  38. 38. What did King Phillipthink Despereaux wasat first?A bugp. 26
  39. 39. Why did King Phillipthink Despereaux was abug?He was nearsighted.p.26
  40. 40. What was the songKing Phillip sang forDespereaux about?stardustp.26
  41. 41. What was the secondsong King Phillip sangfor Despereaux about?deep purple falling over sleepygarden wallsp. 29
  42. 42. What incredible thinghappened when Despereauxwas listening to the King’smusic??He fell in love with PrincessPeap.29
  43. 43. Love is....?Ridiculous but wonderful!p. 31
  44. 44. Who saw the Princesstouch the top ofDespereaux’s head?Furloughp.31
  45. 45. When Furlough saw Despereauxstanding at the foot of the king andthe princess touching his head, hiswhiskers got_____?As tight as bow stringsp. 31
  46. 46. What did Furlough dowhen he sawDespereaux with theking and princess?He scurried to tell their dad.p.32
  47. 47. What does Lester thinkis the reason forDespereaux’sbehavior?His wife’s French blood makinghim crazy.p. 33
  48. 48. What did Lester decideto do about Despereauxtalking to thePrincess??Call a special meeting of themouse council.p. 35
  49. 49. What is the drum of thecouncil of the mousemade of?A thimble with a piece ofleather stretched across theopen end.p. 35
  50. 50. How does Lester playthe drum to call themouse council?One long beat with his tail, twostaccato beats with his paws.p. 35
  51. 51. How did the Princessdescribe Despereaux’sears?Like small pieces of velvet.p.37
  52. 52. Why did the King tellPrincess Pea to putDespereaux down?He’s a rodent...related to rats.p.38
  53. 53. What was the last,great, ancient rule ofthe mice thatDespereaux broke?He spoke to a human (theprincess)p.37
  54. 54. What was the first thingDespereaux said to thePrincess?Please don’t cry.p.37
  55. 55. What did Despereauxsay to the princess afterhe told her his name?I honor you.p.38
  56. 56. How did the king react toDespereaux speaking to theprincess?He said rodents shouldn’tspeak to princesses. It wouldmake the world topsy turvy.And that rodents know nothingof honor.
  57. 57. What did Despereauxdrop that the princesspicked up?His hankerchiefp.40
  58. 58. How many mice were inthe mouse council?14: 13 honored mice and onemost very honored headmouse.p.41
  59. 59. What did the mice sit onin the mouse council?a piece of wood balanced onspools of threadp.42
  60. 60. What was the decisionof the mouse council?To send Despereaux to thedungeon.p.42
  61. 61. When the mouse councilvoted to send Despereaux tothe dungeon, what did hisfather do?criedp.44
  62. 62. What was Despereaux given thechance to do by the mouse council?Deny his sins (talking to theprincess) or admit them andrenounce them so he could go tothe dungeon with a pure heart.p.44
  63. 63. What does perfidymean?Treachery or betrayal-but thebook didn’t say! It tells you tolook it up in the dictionary.p.44
  64. 64. What were the words inthe book thatDespereaux wanted toread?Happily ever after.p.46
  65. 65. What does Furlough thinkDespereaux is doing to thepaper when he hears himreading??Talking to the paperp.48
  66. 66. What did Despereauxask Furlough when hecame to take him to themouse council?Do you know what love is?p.48
  67. 67. What three things didDespereaux do that he had toconfess at the mousecouncil?1) Sit at the foot of the king2) Let the princess touch him3) Talk to the princess.p.55
  68. 68. Why didn’t Despereauxrenounce his actions?He was in love with theprincess.p.55
  69. 69. What reason didDespereaux give forbreaking the rules?music and lovep. 54
  70. 70. What does renouncemean?Repent, be sorry for what youdid.p.55
  71. 71. What did Despereauxdo after he refused torenounce his actions?He fainted.p.56
  72. 72. What was the sound ofthe drum for going tothe dungeon?Much more boom and less tat.Boom-boom-boom-tat.p.57
  73. 73. What did thethreadmaster do?Tied Despereaux with red thread.Then asked Despereaux if theprincess was beautiful.p.58
  74. 74. What did thethreadmaster’s breathsmell like?celeryp.58
  75. 75. What was thethreadmaster’s adviceto Despereaux?Be bravep.60
  76. 76. Why was Despereaux’smom so easy to spot inthe crowd?She had put on a lot ofmakeup.p.62
  77. 77. What did they tell Antoinettewould happen toDespereaux in thedungeon?The rats would eat him.p. 64
  78. 78. What was the last thingAntoinette said toDespereaux?Adieu (farewell)p. 65
  79. 79. Who was one of the micewith black hoods who tookDespereaux to thedungeon?His brother, Furlough.p. 67
  80. 80. What was the thread tied toDespereaux called?The red thread of death.p. 71.
  81. 81. What two words didDespereaux keep saying inthe dungeon?Perfidy and Peap.73
  82. 82. How did Despereaux helphimself to be brave in thedungeon?He started telling a story, startingwith “Once upon a time”....p. 75
  83. 83. What did Gregory the jailerhave that was similar to thered thread?A rope around his ankle.p.76
  84. 84. What was the differencebetween the red thread ofdeath and the rope onGregory’s ankle?The rope saved Gregory bymaking sure he wouldn’t get lost inthe dungeon.p. 76
  85. 85. What was Gregory holding thatDespereaux was staring at...thesame thing Roscuro wasmesmerized by?The flame of a match.p. 76
  86. 86. How long has Gregory beenin the dungeon?For decades, centuries, eons,eternities.p. 76
  87. 87. Why can rats find their wayaround in the dark dungeon?Because it mirrors their own darkhearts.p. 77
  88. 88. Why did Despereaux say hecouldn’t die?He loved the princess and had aduty to serve her.p. 77
  89. 89. What was the monument tothe foolishness of love in thedungeon?A pile of spoons, kettles, and soup bowls. Theking threw them all down in the dungeon so hewouldn’t have to look at them.p. 80
  90. 90. Why was Gregory willing tosave Despereaux?Despereaux would tell him a story.And stories are light in the darkness.p. 84
  91. 91. What is Rosuro’s full name?Chiaroscurop.85
  92. 92. Is Roscuro older or youngerthan Despereaux?Older. He was bornb several yearsbefore Despereaux.p.85
  93. 93. What did Roscuro find whenhe was young, and what didhe do with it?A rope, and he chewed itp. 85
  94. 94. What did Gregory wantRoscuro to do?Apologize for chewing his rope.p.86
  95. 95. When Roscuro wouldn’tapologize for chewing therope, what did Gregory do?Burned his whiskers with the flamefrom the match and then threw himback into the darkness.p. 86
  96. 96. What did Roscuro long forand obsess about?Lightp. 87
  97. 97. Who was Roscuro’s ratfriend?Botticelli Remorsop. 88
  98. 98. To Botticelli Remorso, whatis the meaning of life?Torturing prisoners and makingthem sufferp.87
  99. 99. What did Botticelli do whilehe talked?Swung a heart-shaped locket on arope to hypnotizep. 87
  100. 100. How did Botticelli tellRoscuro to tortureprisoners?Convince them you’re their friend.Get them to confess their sins.Promise forgiveness. Then denythem what they want most.p. 88
  101. 101. Why does Botticelli knowthat more prisoners willcome to the dungeon?Because there is evil in the world.p. 90
  102. 102. Why did Botticelli want tohypnotize Roscuro?So he would act like a rat--obsessed with suffering ratherthan light.p. 88
  103. 103. What did the prisoner bringwith him into the dungeon?A red clothp. 92
  104. 104. Why didn’t Roscuro lookaway when light entered thedungeon?He thought the light would enterhim and fill him.p. 92
  105. 105. Why didn’t Botticelli wantRoscuro to go upstairs?Rats don’t go upstairs..only mice.p. 95
  106. 106. What did Botticelli makeRoscuro repeat?I am a rat.p. 95
  107. 107. What did Botticelli tellRoscuro to do to the newprisoner?Take his red clothp. 98
  108. 108. Why was the man in prison?For stealing 6 cows -- 2 Jerseysand 4 Guernseysp. p. 99
  109. 109. What was the prisoner’s firstcrime?Trading his daughter for a redtablecloth, a hen, and a handful ofcigarettes.p. 99
  110. 110. When his daughter wascrying for him, what did theprisoner do?He just kept walking and didn’tlook back.p. 99
  111. 111. Why does the prisoner wantto keep the red cloth?It’s warm and he likes the color. Itreminds him of what he did wrong.p. 101
  112. 112. What was happening whenRoscuro first stepped fromthe dungeon into the castle?Despereaux was being born.p. 103
  113. 113. When Roscuro went into thebanquet hall, who did hesee?King Phillip, Queen Rosemary, Princess Pea,20 noble people, a juggler, 4 minstrels, and allthe kings menp. 103
  114. 114. What was the Queen’sname?Rosemaryp. 103
  115. 115. Where did Roscuro go in thebanquet room to seeeveryone?Into the crystal chandelierp. 106
  116. 116. Who saw Roscuro hangingfrom the chandelier?Princess Peap. 106
  117. 117. What happened whenPrincess Pea yelled, “A Rat!”Roscuro fell into the Queen’s bowlof soupp. 108
  118. 118. What did the Queen morethan anything except theKing and Princess Pea?soupp.110
  119. 119. What kind of soup didRoscuro fall into?chicken, watercress, and garlicp.110
  120. 120. What did the Queen say anddo when she saw Roscuro inher soup?She said, “There is a rat in my soup”.Then she had a heart attack anddied.p. 111
  121. 121. What did Roscuro see whenhe looked back as he ranout of the banquet hall?The princess’s eyes filled withdisgust and angerp. 111
  122. 122. What happened to Roscurowhen Princess Pea lookedat him with anger anddisgust?His heart was brokenp. 111
  123. 123. What did Roscuro wear as acrown?The Queen’s royal soupspoonp. 114
  124. 124. Since the queen died whileeating soup, what did theking do?He outlawed soup and everythinginvolved in making and eating it.He also ordered every rat to bekilled.p. 117
  125. 125. What did Roscuro do withthe scrap of red tablecloth?He made it into a robe like a king’srobe.p. 118
  126. 126. What did Miggery Sow’sears look like?Pieces of cauliflower from beinghit.p. 120
  127. 127. How did Miggery Sow get tothe castle?She came on a wagon with theking’s soldier.p. 120
  128. 128. Who was Miggery Sownamed after?Her dad’s prize winning pig.p. 125
  129. 129. How old was Miggery Sowwhen her mom died?6p. 125
  130. 130. No one cared what MiggerySow....wanted.p. 126
  131. 131. What did Miggery Sow callthe man who bought her?Unclep.128
  132. 132. Why did the man buyMiggery Sow?To cook and clean for himp. 128
  133. 133. What happened to MiggerySow from being hit in theears so much?She lost her hearing and couldn’tunderstand a lot of things peoplesaid.p. 129
  134. 134. What did Miggery Sow seeon her 7th birthday?What did Miggery Sow seeon her 7th birthday?King Phillip, Queen Rosemary,and Princess Pea riding on a whitehorse.p. 131
  135. 135. When Princess Pea sawMiggery Sow, what did shedo?She waved.p. 131
  136. 136. When Miggery Sow saw theprincess going by, what didshe start to feel?hopep.133
  137. 137. What did Miggery Sow hopefor?To be a princess and wear acrown.p.136
  138. 138. What did “Uncle” do whenMiggery Sow said shewanted to be a princess?He made fun of her. He put akettle on his head and dancedaround saying it was a crownp. 136
  139. 139. Why did the soldiers cometo “Uncle’s” house?To get the spoons, kettle, andbowls because soup wasoutlawed.p. 139
  140. 140. What did the soldier tell“uncle” they should eatinstead of soup?Cake with a fork.p.140
  141. 141. Why did the soldier takeMiggery Sow?It’s illegal to own another hman inthe Kingdom of Dor.p. 140
  142. 142. What was the name of thekingdom in the Tale ofDespereaux?The Kingdom of Dorp.140
  143. 143. What would Miggery Sow doin the castle?Be a paid servant.p. 142
  144. 144. How old was Miggery Sowwhen she became a servantin the castle?12p.142
  145. 145. What was the first thingMiggery Sow had to do as aservant?Deliver a spool of red thread to theprincess.p.145
  146. 146. What did Miggery Sow needto do when she greeted theprincess?curtsyp. 145
  147. 147. Why didn’t Miggery Sow gointo the room when theprincess said, “Enter”?She couldn’t hear herp.145
  148. 148. What happened whenMiggery Sow tried to curtsy?She dropped the spool of thread,slipped on it, and fell downp. 147
  149. 149. Why did the princess needmore red thread?Every spool kept disappearingp.148
  150. 150. How old was Princess Peawhen her mom died?12p. 149
  151. 151. Who was the head of theserving staff?Louise
  152. 152. What did Louise never do?laughp.151
  153. 153. Describe Mig after lived inthe castle for a while.plump (chubby), lazy, not smart.p. 152
  154. 154. What were the different jobsMig tried in the castle?lady in waiting, seamstress,chambermaid, cook’s helperp.153
  155. 155. What did Mig do wrong as alady in waiting?She was caught trying on thegown of a visiting duchessp.152
  156. 156. What did Mig do wrong as aseamstress?She sewed the cloak of a ridingmaster to her own frock andruined both.p. 152
  157. 157. What did Mig do wrong as achambermaid?She was sent to clean a room, butspent the whole time lookingaround.p. 152
  158. 158. What did Mig do wrong as acook’s helper?Dropped egg shells in the cake batter,scrubbed the floor with cooking oilinstead of cleanser, sneezed into theking’s pork chopsp.153
  159. 159. What job did Louise give Migsince she messed up somuch?Take Gregory the jailer hisnoonday meal.p. 153
  160. 160. Why wasn’t Mig afraid of thedungeon?She couldn’t smell or hear well.p. 158
  161. 161. What made Roscuro cometo Mig?The song she was singing aboutwanting to be a princess.p. 158
  162. 162. What did Mig call Gregorythe jailer?Mr. Deep Downsp.159
  163. 163. Why did Mig think Gregorywas ferocious?He ate even the bones of thechicken.p. 160
  164. 164. What did Gregory say intothe napkin after he sneezedinto it?“Back to the world of light”p.164
  165. 165. Why was Mig able to hearRoscuro speak?The pitch of his voice was perfectfor her to hear.p.166
  166. 166. When Mig met Roscuro,how was he dressed?The queen’s soupspoon on hishead and a piece of the red clotharound him. p. 166
  167. 167. What did Roscuro do toGregory?He chewed his rope, so he endedup getting lost and dying.p.169
  168. 168. How did Despereaux get outof the dungeon?He was hidden in the napkin onthe tray that Mig brought up
  169. 169. What happened when thecook lifted up the napkinfrom the tray?Despereaux fellinto a cup of oil.p. 171
  170. 170. What did Mig do toDespereaux?She told him to run, then she cutoff his tail instead of killing him. p.178
  171. 171. Where did Despereaux hideand sleep in the kitchen?On a sack of flour in the pantry. p.180
  172. 172. What did Mig take into thePrincess’s room?Roscuro, a candle, and the kitchenknife she used to cut offDespereaux’s tail.p. 184
  173. 173. Why didn’t Mig want to hurtthe Princess?She wanted the princess to be herlady in waiting.p. 185
  174. 174. What was Roscuro’s realplan?To leave the princess in thedungeon forever.p.187
  175. 175. Why does the Queen givethe princess a taste of soupin her dream?So she will remember her.p. 187
  176. 176. What did the Princess feelwhen she saw Roscuro?ragep.190
  177. 177. Who buttoned the Princess’sgown buttons on the back?Roscuro - because Mig wouldn’tput down the knifep.194
  178. 178. What did King Phillip dreamabout?That his wife was a bird with greenand gold feathers that called hisname.p. 194
  179. 179. What was the dark and thelight in the princess’s heart?Dark - hatred for the ratLight - empathy - caring of others’feelings.p. 197
  180. 180. What surprised Despereauxabout the cook?That she was also heart-brokenabout the princess being missingp. 201
  181. 181. Why did the mouse councilthink Despereaux was aghost?He was covered in flour and stillwearing the red thread around hisneckp.206
  182. 182. What did Lester do when hesaw Despereaux?He told him he was sorry and thathe had destroyed the drum. Heasked for his forgiveness.p.207
  183. 183. Why did Despereaux forgivehis dad?To save his own heart--to stop itfrom breaking in two.p.207
  184. 184. What did the Mouse Councildo after Despereaux left?Voted that they had NOT seenwhat they had seen. Voted thatthe visit did NOT occur.p.208
  185. 185. Why did Lester cry?Because he had been forgiven.p.208
  186. 186. How did Despereaux havethe flour off his fur?The king’s tears fell on himp.212
  187. 187. Why didn’t the king trustDespereaux?He said they had alreadysearched the dungeon. Alsobecause Despereaux is a rodentand, therefore, a liar.p.213
  188. 188. Why was the suit of armorempty?It was waiting for Despereaux(symbolically) to fill itp.213
  189. 189. Who did the king hire to helpfind Princess Pea? Who didhe trust?Fortunetellers and a magicianp.213
  190. 190. Who did Despereaux go tofor help?The Threadmaster with celerybreath.p. 217
  191. 191. What is a quest?An important but impossible taskp.217
  192. 192. What is Despereaux’s planto save the Princess?Use the red thread to help themfind their way back out of thedungeon.p.218
  193. 193. What is the Threadmaster’sname?Hovisp. 218
  194. 194. What did Hovis giveDespereaux?The spool of red thread and aneedle to use like a sword.p.219
  195. 195. Why did Hovis bite the redthread off Despereaux’sneckBecause he was going into thedungeon because he wantedto...not because he had to. .p. 220
  196. 196. How many flights of stairsdid Despereaux have to rollthe spool of thread down?threep.222
  197. 197. How much did Despereauxweigh?2 ounces....1/2 of a normal mousep.220
  198. 198. What was the cook doing inthe kitchen whenDespereaux had to sneakthrough?Making soupp.223
  199. 199. What did Despereaux hidebehind in the kitchen whenthe cook heard him?The spool of threadp.227
  200. 200. Why was the cook happy tosee a mouse in her kitchen?Because it wasn’t someonecatching her making soup.p. 227
  201. 201. How did Despereaux feelwhen the cook laughed athim?It hurt his feelingsp.228
  202. 202. When the spool of threadrolled away fromDespereaux, where did itland?At the paw of Botticelli Remorsop. 237.
  203. 203. What did Botticelli Remorsosmell?soup, tears, flour, oil, and mousebloodp. 238
  204. 204. How did Botticelli try to trickDespereaux?He tried to hypnotize him with hislocket and to convince him to lead himto the princess.p. 242
  205. 205. What did Roscuro do withMig and the Princess?He put them in a secret hidden chamber andmade them change clothes.p.252
  206. 206. What did the princess askMig that no one had everasked her?What do you want?p.253
  207. 207. What did Miggery SowREALLY want?Her momp.253
  208. 208. Why did Mig refuse to chainup the princess?She realized Roscuro had lied toher.
  209. 209. There is nothing sweeter inthis sad world than....The sound of someone you lovecalling your namep.257
  210. 210. Mig tried to cut off Roscuro’shead, but she missed andcut off what?his tailp.261
  211. 211. What did Roscuro smell thatmade him cry?Soupp. 263
  212. 212. Why did Roscuro bring theprincess to the dungeon?He wanted some light and beautyp.263
  213. 213. Why didn’t Despereaux killRoscuro?The princess asked him not to.p. 263
  214. 214. What did Pea have to do tosave her own heart?Forgive Roscuro.p. 263
  215. 215. What did Princess Peapromise to Roscuro if hewould lead them out of thedungeon?soupp.263
  216. 216. How did Roscuro bring lightinto another life?He told Princess Pea about theprisoner with the red tableclothand she got him released.p. 266
  217. 217. What happened to Mig atthe end?Her father treated her like aprincess for the rest of his days.p. 266
  218. 218. How did Despereaux livehappily ever after?He and Princess Pea were friendsand had many adventuresp.266
  219. 219. Who was at the party at theend of the story eatingsoup?King Phillip, Princess Pea, a serving girl with acrown on her head (Mig), a rat with a spoonhis head (Roscuro), and Desperaux in theplace of honor.p. 267
  220. 220. Who were looking at thebanquet at the end of theTale of Despereaux?Antoinette, Lester, Furlough, andHovis.p. 268
  221. 221. Who did the author, KateDiCamilo, want you (thereader) to think of her as?A mouse telling you a story like Despereaux toldto Gregory, to save you and herself fromdarkness. Because stories are light.p.270