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ADAO Letter to Renato Balduzzi Minister of Health


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ADAO Letter to Renato Balduzzi Minister of Health

  1. 1. Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Thursday, January 05, 2012Renato BalduzziMinister of HealthRome, Italysegreteriaministro@sanita.itRE: OPPOSITION TO STEPHAN SCHMIDHEINY EXTENSION AND SETTLEMENTDear Minister Balduzzi,We at the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) have been informed of the offer Mr.Schmidheinys lawyers have made, and that the mayor of the town of Casale Monferrato is considering asettlement with the defendant whereby the City of Casale Monferrato would withdraw from the trial inexchange for a sum of money. ADAO would like to remind the authorities involved – who are typically sovigilant in the protection of their citizens – that no amount of money can replace human life and that this trialis also about the injustice of terrible past human rights violations.TheEternit trial not only affects the residents of the town of Casale, but also serves as a symbol of justice forour international community. We are deeply concerned about an extension and settlement offer fromStephan Schmidheiny, as this symbolically impacts asbestos victims and citizens fighting against asbestosaround the world.We are, therefore, asking you to use your influence on the City Council of Casale Monferrato to support arefusal of Stephan Schmidheinys offer. ADAO has long supported Casale Monferrato’s tireless efforts toprotect its community and applauds your country’s continued support of justice in the criminal case ofStephan Schmidheiny.Sincerely,LindaLinda ReinsteinADAO Executive Director, Co-Founder and Mesothelioma WidowAsbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization is a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization "United for Asbestos Disease Awareness, Education, Advocacy, and Community" 1525 Aviation Boulevard, Suite 318 · Redondo Beach · California · 90278 · (310) 251-7477