Compliance assurance services


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Is your company doing enough to ensure safety?

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Compliance assurance services

  1. 1. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryCompliance assurance servicesDanny WalkerVice President, Compliance ServicesLloyd’s Register Energy Americas20 April 2011
  2. 2. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryThe emergence of new regulations in the Gulf ofMexico• The impact of the Macondo well (Deepwater Horizon) incident has been widely felt within the U.S. offshore industry• Currently, operators and contractors can be experiencing…. The heat of Increased Increased the media insurance operating costs spotlight liabilities • The pressure on regulators to counter the sting of lost reputation and community trust has given rise to stringent new measures. • All contractors forming the supply chain are subject to the impact of regulatory change
  3. 3. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryWhat do the new regulations mean? • It is vital to know what these regulations are and the extent of their significance for companies and the industry as a whole Management Minimum Best standards + practice cultural change• It is not enough to simply comply with a set of minimum standards• The responsibility and accountability for Safety lies with the operators• Operators are required to develop their own safety solutions Is your company doing enough to ensure safety?
  4. 4. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryRegulations in more detail• Safe operation of a facility is the responsibility of the facility operator• The primary responsibility for ensuring health and safety lies with those who create risks and those who work with them• All lessees must develop and implement their own Safety & Environmental Management System (SEMS), based on the API RP 75 (SEMP), and make it available upon request Establish Maintain Verify SEMS
  5. 5. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryTo what aspects of the offshore industry do theregulations apply? Drilling Floating Workover Production Operations Structures DOI Fixed MODU regulated Completions pipelines
  6. 6. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industry Lloyd’s Register: providing companies with compliance assurance services• More than ever before, companies require specialist guidance in assurance compliance to help them navigate the complex new operating framework and indeed help them survive• For most companies, responding to the new regime will require long-term cultural change beginning with management structure, as they are forced to focus on the 3Ps of HSE management PEOPLE PROPERTY PROCESS
  7. 7. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryLloyd’s Register’s experience and expertise Determine, plan and implement Effective best course compliance of action assurance Help clients respond to legislative mandates Help companies understand what is at stake and to adapt to the necessary long term cultural changes
  8. 8. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industry Lloyd’s Register’s recommended approach: Total Asset Performance (TAP)• A holistic approach• Planning and implementing long- term operations to achieve Achieve and maintain superior performance compliance within the new GoM regulatory regime Provide safe, secure Reduce unit environment downtime for both equipment and personnel
  9. 9. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryAuditing obligations within the new regulations• SEMS programs are to be audited to ensure that they comply with all requirements • Comprehensive audits examining 13 program elements • Must be scheduled two years from initial implementation • Re-audits at least once every three years thereafter • Audit plans (API RP 75, sec. 12.1-12.4) to be submitted to BOEMRE 30 days before audit
  10. 10. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryLloyds Register• Lloyds Register is a world leader in providing compliance assurance certification and consultancy services to companies operating in the most challenging and hostile environments under the most rigorous regulatory systems• Our experience and expertise means we are well equipped to help companies navigate the new GoM regulations• With over 240 offices in 80 countries, we truly provide a global perspective on local human factors and safety issues
  11. 11. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryEngaging with Lloyd’s RegisterTo contact Danny Walker directly, please visit his LinkedIn more information about how Lloyd’s Register can help you, contact us:Lloyd’s Register1505 Highway 6 South, Suite 100,Houston, Texas 77077, USAT +1 (1) 281 675 3100E energyamericas@lr.orgW