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LRQA asks what difference will ISO 9001:2015 make?


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At first glance, Annex SL appears to make the standard writers lives ‘much easier’ but in reality, as organisations begin to understand and appreciate the value of different management systems all speaking a common language, it will be organisations and – and in turn the consumer – who stand to be the true beneficiaries.

This structure will drive management system standard integration, thereby delivering increased organisational benefits and efficiencies while providing a more complete view of an organisation – often spanning multiple sites, geographies and involving multiple suppliers.

The revision of ISO 9001 will also go higher, by requiring greater understanding of the external environment, addressing risk and greater senior management ‘quality leadership’ responsibility tied to closer links between the management system and product/service quality. All raising the responsibility of certification and, in turn, accreditation bodies which should lead to increased confidence from interested parties.

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  • Annex SL is not driving IM - it was organizations that took the lead - ISO are just playing catch-up and taking the first step towards trying to satisfy their stakeholder's needs although I am informed that ISO have no plans to go any further. See research evidence supporting this assertion

    Annex SL although a good idea in my view is not ideally structured - it is a pity that it was not exposed to the degree of critical review that ISO 9001:2015 is receiving.

    The CQI integrated management special interest group has been creating a universal management system standard to be downloadable free on the web later this year and supports third party certification and award at bronze, silver and gold levels. I hope that LRQA will be able to offer certification services using this single standard that addresses the whole functionality of an organization embracing strategy, tactics and operations.
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LRQA asks what difference will ISO 9001:2015 make?

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